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Minecraft Texture packs help you in redefining the visual experience the game provides. Most of these packs are for older versions where the graphics weren’t as intricate today. However, these also exist for the latest versions, especially if you seek to change gameplay style, have some casual fun, and whatnot.

Best Minecraft Texture Packs

However, there are just too many textures out there. You will find some that try to bring you a hyper-realistic appearance and others driven by famous cartoons, shows, games, or anime. As Minecraft exists for a long time, there are countless texture packs available for you to shuffle through. Relatively, Minecraft Catalog presents you with a lot of options for the new Bedrock Edition. However, it can be a little challenging to find some for the all-time best Java Edition.

Therefore, we have decided to take it up to ourselves to bring you some of the best Minecraft texture packs available online or in the database libraries. You can find them conveniently by just searching. Let’s check them out:

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List Of Best Minecraft Texture Packs:

Here is a list of the 12 best Minecraft Texture Packs. Let’s dive in:

1. John Smith Legacy

If this were a review or ranking contest, John Smith Legacy would be standing at the top. Almost every avid Minecraft player knows about this brilliant fantasy Minecraft texture pack. It brings you the freedom to build almost anything from western kingdoms to fantasy lands, even incorporate robots in the world.

John Smith Legacy

Almost every Minecraft Building Guide will most-likely utilize John Smith Legacy. The complete array of customization, somber colors, and neutrals truly make it stand out. Of course, the proper fantasy elements waken during the night time.

2. Glimmar’s Steampunk

Apart from the Fantasy world, another visual overhaul for the entire Minecraft will take you into another otherworldly experience. Glimmer’s Steampunk presents you with an opportunity to incorporate victorian style architecture and designs to the steampunk settings’ sci-fi appeal. If you are one of those who just love the Steampunk genre, this texture pack brings you everything.


From customized technology and resources overhaul to map changes that bring you factory settings and much more. There are robot factory workers, mechanical horses, and that’s just scraping the surface. It is so immersive that you will feel like you’re playing another game, and that’s what makes it fantastic.

3. Jolicraft Whimsical Texture Pack

Jolicraft Whimsical Texture Pack is another one of the top contenders other than the two mentioned above. It is almost on par with John Smith Legacy. This Minecraft texture pack is also another full-scale graphical overhaul. It will give emotions to everything around, making it seem more ‘toony’ or ‘wonderland’ in appeal.

Jolicraft Whimsical Texture Pack

In other words, the Sun will have a face (moody), and so will clouds. Wolves won’t look as threatening. Everything becomes more ‘cute.’ Sure, the game is still the same old survival, but instead of giving you that dark and bland feeling, it makes things fun by livening up the spirit. That’s what makes it one of the best Minecraft texture packs on the list.

4. Faithful Minecraft

If you aren’t looking for major graphic overhauls or massive changes in aesthetics, designs, and settings, then Faithful Minecraft Texture Pack might be suitable for you. It doesn’t do too much but reinforces and enhances the visual treat of the vanilla texture of Minecraft. In other words, it simply increases resolutions and refines most of the unpolished graphics and edges.

Faithful Minecraft

As a result, you have the choice of up to 64 x 64 resolution for HD experience. Sure, the graphics remain ‘pixelated’ or ‘blocky’ as that is the Minecraft game’s primary appeal. However, they will smoothen out and become as appealing as possible, coming as close to reality. Faithful Minecraft is one of the most popular texture packs for simple resolution and quality change.

5. Retro NES

Retro NES, also known as NES Retro, is a fantastic Minecraft texture pack that focuses on lowering the graphical overlay. What’s the purpose behind this decline? Well, it is to bring you a more authentic appeal to the classic Nintendo Emulator for Video games, known as NES. It was one of the most popular gaming consoles and something that people have admired throughout the years.

Retro NES

Therefore, if you feel like reliving the old nostalgia, this is one of the best Minecraft resource packs. It redefines the entire visuals and game to turn it into a visit down memory lane. You have things like Mario’s texture, Donkey Kong World, and much more. The pack is so intricate and well laid out that it doesn’t feel like you’re playing a ‘Microsoft Minecraft.’ It feels like this is a Nintendo game.

6. Dokucraft

Dokucraft is one of those texture packs in Minecraft that isn’t a work of a single person. It is a result of the collective work of the Minecraft community. They have strived to keep it alive and to go. Because of these efforts, it is one of the most up-to-date Minecraft texture packs available for you to download or use.


More importantly, it has three different variations: Dark, Light, and High. Therefore, you can choose them according to your taste for the color palette, themes, and textures. These packs keep things quite blissful. Of course, you can always change them and try the other ones. From casual Fantasy RPG elements to heavy Fantasy RPG, Dokucraft brings it all to the table.

7. Improved Default

Improved Default is another one of the vanilla texture packs for Minecraft. It is similar to Faithful, but instead of delivering HD graphics or making them smoother, it works more intricately. Basically, it will refine the graphics and make sure that you don’t have that pixelated or blocky appearance, which could be a turn off for many players.

Improved Default

There aren’t many notable changes, but the blend of blocks for definition certainly sees some improvements. This is one of the low-scale Minecraft texture packs that will keep things simple and barebones.

8. BareBones

Talking about the Barebones texture pack from Improved Default, here’s another one with a seemingly minimalist approach in its appeal. Barebones texture pack removes all that blocky and pixelated appearance you would see in the graphics. For example, the block of leaves on the trees are flattened, so are the mobs, cows, and much.

barebones texture pack

The colors are flat and straightforward. Therefore, it looks like you’re playing in a ‘cartoon’ world where everything has a square shape. That is the only defining aspect of Minecraft that remains. Anything like the annoying grainy appeal of pixels completely disappears. While it might not sound like much, it is a great revamp for more playful graphics.

9. Realistic Sky

Here you have another minimalist and straightforward texture pack for Minecraft. This one doesn’t change any graphics in the game, per se. However, it does provide a revamp for the entire sky. In other words, you will have a realistic sky scenery, and that can make a huge impact on the gameplay to make it appear fresh.

Realistic Sky

The sky isn’t constant either. It changes with time and weather. Therefore, you will see a starry night sky, cloudy weather, sunshine, and much more. It is a great revamp for the sky, which truly makes the game highly appealing. It is simple, but with the landscape view of Minecraft, you will notice just how significant of a difference it can make.

10. LB Photo Realism

If you’re an HD lover and seek a highly detailed Minecraft Texture Pack, this one would be a fantastic choice. Years of development have led LB Photo Realism to bring you realistic graphics and experience. It is almost like playing the latest game or if Microsoft had released Minecraft for Next-Gen Consoles.

LB Photo Realism

Of course, the blocky appearance remains as there’s no way to change that. However, if you can get over that or love that, this is a fantastic HD pack that works on Minecraft’s vanilla texture.

11. The Wind Waker Texture Pack

Do you love The Legend Of Zelda game? Then you might remember The Windwalker installment. This texture pack brilliantly brings you the colorful, elaborative, and immersive world of The Legend Of Zelda to play on the Minecraft platform. Villagers, mobs, and the graphics, almost everything is redefined to become more identical to the legend of Zelda.

The Wind Waker Texture Pack

Sure, it won’t give you the story, mods, and characters of the game, but it maintains that colorful appearance right down to the bare basics, and that’s what makes it quite an appealing choice.

12. Anemoia

Anemoia is another one of those quick color palette changes that will instantly change the entire appeal of the game. With a vibrant mix of blue, purple, and other color shades, it makes the world look underwater. It is exquisite and almost feels like a dream world. You can compare it to a magical land.


It does have some cartoony appeal, but it is quite soothing for the eyes and gives that cool vibe. However, the appearance of dogs, villagers, and such have changed as well. It truly feels like that you’re either in a world underwater or another planet. That certainly brings a unique appeal to the game.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is There A Difference Between Resource Pack And Texture Pack?

The Minecraft texture packs are known as one of the parts of the resource packs. Minecraft resource packs can have more than just texture and graphics. They might bring additional items, ingredients, and other things to enrich the game.

However, a Minecraft Texture pack primarily focuses on delivering a visual experience. Most of these utilize the pre-existing mechanism of the game without any real addition of features or functions. Initially, it’s like changing the skins of the game entirely.


How To Install Minecraft Texture Packs?

Assuming that we are talking about the Java Edition (as this list is about it), here is a step by step guide to help you download and install the texture pack:

  • Download the texture packs from the above-given links (or find others to download.
  • If it is in Zip file format, make sure to extract it.
  • Launch your Minecraft game and go to Options.
  • In options, you will find the ‘Resource Packs’ option. Click on it.
  • It will allow you to ‘Open Resource Packs Folder’
  • Now. Remember where you’ve saved the texture pack that you’ve downloaded.
  • All you need to do is drag and drop the texture file into the folder.
  • Now you can use it as an add-on and immediately change the complete appearance of your Minecraft.

Remember, there are various texture packs in Minecraft and also available for different versions. Before installing Minecraft texture packs, make sure that you have found the one compatible with your version.


Is It Legal To Use Minecraft Texture Packs?

Most of the Minecraft texture packs are legal and even supported by the company itself. It’s because Minecraft is a sandbox game that focuses on freedom for players to create almost anything. Therefore, you can use a resource pack or a texture pack without worrying about any legal problems.

However, some Multiplayer servers might prevent the use of specific packs for both texture and resources. Therefore, you might want to double-check before using them. For example, an X-ray pack is highly frowned upon. You won’t get into legal troubles in real life, but you might get banned from the server.


What Are The Vanilla Textures?

The vanilla texture is a terminology used primarily for Minecraft’s default version, appearance, and experience. The same blocks and pixels. Therefore, when you get a texture pack that redefines the ‘vanilla textures,’ it essentially improves pre-existing graphics of Minecraft without any massive change.



That completes the list of the best Minecraft texture packs. AS mentioned earlier, it is according to the Java Edition and not other editions. For different versions, you’d have to double-check to make sure that it works. Almost all of these packs available for Minecraft are free and wouldn’t cost anything. You might even find some on the official website and their catalog.

From old-school vanilla textures to the high resolution and even an appeal of a different game, we have tried to help you get the best texture pack in Minecraft. So, go ahead and elevate your Minecraft experience. You can download them through the links provided.

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