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Looking for the best 50 Monster Movies? Confused about which monster movie to watch? There is a list of all stalkers, smashers, growlers, voters, and cinematic. It is quite difficult to decide, which is the best monster movie. So to make this work east, here is the list of monster movies in a precise manner. We largely listed vampires and zombies because all genres are best for different features on their own.

Best Monster Movies-All Time Hits

We have chosen all the dangerous rabbits, killer fish, killer plants, killer desserts, and killer clowns. Here is the collection of best monster films from the classic (1958’s) to the Modern (2021’s).

So let’s dive in.

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List Of Best Monster Movies: All-Time Hits

1. The Fly (1986)

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David Cronenberg directs it. This movie is the sign that provokes high emotions rather than simply mere horror. It is a masterpiece. The emotions for the sudden Brundlefly run too much wider than even pity or mere disgust. The director’s goofy, scientific genius sympathizes with romance with uncertainty, loquacious charm, and adolescent jealousy. The grotesque recoil transformation in the mind and body. Finally, weep at the heuristic instead of inevitable destruction.

The Fly

It is an ironic movie that is on the top list. It is the painfully human creature of the monster movies. In the first half, Cronenberg shares the bloodless patiently so that the audience can deeply, entirely in a genuine way, in the scene. The romantic scene for which Preston Sturges might be proud. Funny, fucked up, beautifully, and funny performance Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum double the act.

Cronenberg’s other strengths are the way the theme is introduced. Calmly at first, then increasing ferocity and force. One thing is sure that Cronenberg’s most movies from the era it’s all about flesh. The way it defeats us and defines us. It conspires against the mind, the self, in the battle for the bodily dominance which seems to lose.

The scenes are woven perfectly into the movie, voiced calmly, the computer knows about flesh, and reach fever pitch. The Brundle choose powerless against the increasing demands of the rebellious and corrupted body. The primary lesson of the movie is that life is a losing game.

2. Jaws (1975)

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Steven Spielberg directs it. It endures shark-tale that addresses the key factors which make monsters more monsters. Firstly, there is the danger of an unknown. A primordial and dreadful force that lurks the wide reaches of the imaginings, the unnameable horror for the abyss from which the sprang can never hope to hide. After that, there is the danger experienced when the encounter is forced beyond the ability to hold. Ultimately there is the profound and intense terror on the audience’s face with the uncontrollable fury that can’t be bought or bargained.


These can be counted in case not placed for the gifted storyteller and master technician as Spielberg. Despite arduous shoot and a Magic beard controlled to fashion the streamlined and effortless example of pure cinema, it creates elemental and durable horrors.

3. Cat People

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Jacques Tourneur directs it. The main lesson is how horror films have tackled subject content drama that was petrified to touch. The albeit is allegorical terms. Here ‘Cat People’ can’t be largely what it is regarded. It is the view of the female suspecting others. It is a heartfelt and sympathetic picture that the description suggests. It is the true story of a girl who turns into a ferocious beast after being sexually aroused.

Cat People

It is just the single side of a movie, whereas ‘Cat people’ is dedicated to exploring every angle: the female and the male, the monster, the human, the murderer, and the victim. Such as the destructive psychology of childhood legacy abuse. The movie has become the study of the woman’s awe of the violent impulses, seething sexual and emotional potential. In simple words, it is the story of a lady so constructed by the social appropriateness that the lady becomes the monster. It is not less challenging and rigorous. It offers different significance to all viewers and delights all equally.

4. Alien (1979)

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Ridley Scott directs it. It is modeled on the design idea of Swiss sculptor and painter HR Giger. There is the fact that an Alien itself is assembled from the huge arsenal of levers, pulleys, and the tubes from the Rolls Royce don’t make it real and repellent.


Ridley Scott is the ultimate great Director of Hollywood. He can make such an eloquent space and impeccably modulated opera in that structured, intricately drawn, and exposition characters help end the nightmare of a situation far better than the slap-dash effect and crummy gore set-pieces.

Beyond the majestically sculpted that takes down the human prey steady but surely. People should give a salute to all-time best and rare writer Dan O Bannon, who tries to write the image on paper that reaches the galaxy and returns with the freak in scary, triumphant, and credible tales.

5. The Thing(1982)

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John Carpenter directed it. Kurt Russell was the maverick Antarctica Chopper cowboy, and MacReady is the ludicrously amusing horror-film creation. It is entirely engaging and wholly implausible—fighting infestation of an alien parasite through the Arctic station’s comfort.

The Thing

As MacReady’s cabin scientists club, the whittled series of wondrous/ increasingly sickening set chunks until the horrifying selection becomes necessary. The most remembering scene in the film is the kennel scene. But the ending of the intelligent monster is great.

6. King Kong (1933)

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It is directed by Ernest B Schoedsack and Merion C Cooper. Special effects Willis O’Brien had on Kong’s very few movie monsters to have the movie’s narrative and emotional heart and the towering achievement. It is still a benchmark for those who have the myth of the reopen monster yarn.

King Kong

It is the ‘Love-Boat’ soap with the inexplicable money of green color. When Jackson goes close to capture the original wonder, then the fairytale is unmatched through modern pretenders.

7. Frankenstein (1931)


James Whale directs it. Arguably defining the past of Hollywood horror movies, Karloff’s Monster, the sutured skin, childlike expression, and neck-bolts remains a best ‘sympathetic’ monster. Even though the monster kills children, the audience likes him because of his cute and lumpy expression. It is a better film as it has sweeter, funnier, and Lanchester’s hair.

8. The Evil Dead (1981)

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Sam Raimi directs it. It is wrong to talk about Evil Dead without another as it increases expenditure that separated the two films. As both the book tell schlubbish slave Ash and the blood-splashed fight with the tranche of sudden awoken Kandarian monsters who can’t swallow the soul.

The Evil Dead

Both offer the most revoltingly tactile, lovingly crafted, and inventive gore effects to watch in the movie. The monster is a howling spirit that can take many forms. It brings life to the tree and tries to rape the teenage girl. In the second part, it takes Ash’s broken hand and tries to strangle them. It has the best spectacular death scenes that can be witnessed as the actor covers flaps pool bubbling Plasticine.

9. Godzilla (1954)

Available on: HBO Max

Ishiro Honda directs it. The Japanese person in the rubber suit is mainly a foul-tempered but oddly submissive actor of the ’70s. It is a fearsome proposition. It is often vengeful, sometimes heroic, always browned, and occasionally topical that expands comfortably to take on all monsters on the list.


Despite a somewhat spurious and huge list of haters that includes King Ghidora, Mothra, Monsters reserves the bitterly held Ire.

10. An American Werewolf in London (1981)

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John Landis directs it. The first 18 polling data shows exactly how fortysomething Brits remember Landis’s gore-splattered as the essential pubescent ceremony of passage. Well, a few years back, the folks at BBFC went and ruined everything that reclassifies the film that made all the childhoods look a little less dangerous. There is no reflection of this in the movie.

An American Werewolf in London

Nowadays, horror- funniness is overfamiliar, which makes Landis’s achievement much impressive. Not only funny but clever, not only glorious but frightening. But this is outweighed through the film, mighty strength: its astounding soundtrack, performances, and characterization.

11. Q: The Winged Serpent (1981)

Available on: Vudu

Larry Cohen directs it. The story of monsters and gods. The great loopy Cohen heard the movie criticism water holes nowadays as the director is remarkable. The TV drone became the blaxploitation legend as the gritty Fuller enthusiast turned Romanesque splat. This might be the finest hour.

Q: The Winged Serpent

With the Aztec god’s tale, the citizens create the old monster movie such as the one who is seen as the boy, and Cohen cannot go off the pet themes like racial tension, male insecurity, social inequality, and short-sightedness long enough.

12. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Rouben Mamoulian directs it. The marking key innovator has Gary Cooper and Applause gangster thriller Rouben Mamoulian, City Streets proven wasn’t just the movie director and tense monster movies.

13. Society (1989)

Brian Yuzna directs it. It is released at the end of a horror cycle; the film needs to go a few ways out gross a stomach-churning The Brood, The Fly, and Re-Animator. Baywatch finds that knee-deep family entanglement as he discovers the blue-blood and all preening yahoo family and friends are just facts, not the pack of self-obsessed, wheedling, mutant sub-species, body-melding to orgiastic, eating their ghastly and poor practice known for shunting the looks slightly inviting the girding genitalia. In the finale, Billy inducted society.


14. Jurassic Park (1993)

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Steven Spielberg directs it. The irradiate drag or reanimate screaming and kicking the darkest of aid,  but the never going for mother nature best and first tilt a monster mash.

Jurassic Park

The dinosaurs so utterly took nothing more than complete cataclysm to pay the one-sixty million years back. The number of guts, gore, and goo flying around the movie is the red claw and tooth as anything to the list.

15. La Bête (1975)

Walerian Borowczyk directs it. This monster movie deals with the sexual impulses with garish candor censor-baiting that dares to stare censor-baiting with cheeky eyes. As two horses doing sex in the steaming, wagging, and steaming genitalia filmed in close-up, and the suspicious stumbled onto illicit and stumbled.

La Bête

There was the 30-minute finale in which the comedy maiden chases around the woodland and rapes. The beast with the obscenely large phallus nervously tries to bell the regular mail chortling or news desk with the crass.

16. Gremlins (1984)

Joe Dante directs it. For bone-crushing violence and unchecked malice is the boom-time for children’s entertainment, and nothing came across the mayhem of Dante chaotic at conformity, conspicuously, and consumerism observed values.


The allegories’ manner can be drawn from a carnage wrought through the punky fur bags that lose control and fast.

17. Predator (1987)

Available on: Netflix

John McTiernan directs it. No-brainer is there in the Predator for collecting amazing monsters film but ever ceased to have that why many feel-good accept this movie as there is subtle subtext regarding US racial anxiety and military imperialism.


The fact Arnie goes against a beast with a diverse crew of grunts does that theory. If anyone finds proof for the dreadlocks above has style love, then the pretty idea to forget completely.

18. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Available on: Disney

Pete Docter directs it. The purists question relentlessly cuddly and upbeat Pixar classic of lurchers from the end. It is just said that for monsters, words in a title, by definition, have a place on the list. Monsters are also running the draft, comic genius, too few sophisticated visual comedies ever produced.

monsters inc

Don’t mention the wild creature, wonderfully characterization, and current gold in the climactic chase.

19. Hellraiser (1987)

Clive Barker directs it. It is the best otherworldly and absorbing horror film with a budget of £1 million of recent memory. There is a balance between quipping icons such as ickiness and Freddy Krueger of Lovecraft, but the S&M aesthetic is their own.


Cenobites are horror cinema’s unnerving and memorable creations. Barker tries the trick again along with the ‘Nightbreed.’

20. The Host (2006)

Available on: Netflix

Bong Joon-Ho directs it. If there was ever a bracing tale explaining tainted formaldehyde’s hazards in a kitchen sink, the Bong ‘The Host’ it is. Introduce the beast and the stylish attack on government bureaucracy, and it pulls the trick of old-school in the intricate human drama.

The Host

21. The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

Jack Arnold directs it. What will happen if primeval beasts attack the chicks in bikinis? Though sex is the primal urge than the dawn, studs like the Jaws, King Kong, and fish-face person of the ’50s frightener may have terror tactics for luring the opposite gender. But suppose someone is the lungfish and bastard son and born with an inferiority complex.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

In that case, these kinds of celebs are not remembered like Julie Adams and Richard Carlson because of the multi-fronded ’50s horror defining image.

22. Piranha (1978)

Available on: Netflix

Joe Dante directs it. The jewel jaws were known as the greatest and last film movies from the Roger New Pictures in the ’70s heyday. The film irony is that it is responsible for the existence of Piranha, Spielberg’s box-office world-masticating behemoth; the film unwittingly wiped everything the New Era stood for.


As the B-movie turns the A-movie, there is less kind of subversive undertow and madcap invention that John Sayles and Joe Dante packed the grisly, giddy fish story.

23. Pan’s Labyrinth (2007)

Available on: Netflix

Guillermo del Toro directs it. Finally, we can accept Guillermo del Toro’s historical fantasy is not the best, as everyone said. However, it seems like a good movie to be settled mid-table in the list like it. Being an impressive overreaching allegory whose trump card has the most ornate model work in the new cinema.


The fast joining Starring Jones ranks the Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Nicolas Cage, and Boris Karloff in the classic screen of pantheon demons, as a fun serves inquisitive young Ofelia three task to get reunite by the absent father, that’s why movie can’t find the happy way between reality and fantasy.

24. Tremors (1990)

Ron Underwood directs it. Kevin Bacon tries to cast off a pin-up man-meat shackles become bound in the result of movies such as Footloose, Quicksilver being the charming huckster who keeps on the flesh-eating, giant, and wins. It considers B-movie’s revivals; Tremors place the dustbowl town of the perfection, Nevada the small populace fall prey of hulking worms which slithers around the foot.


It is very radical about this movie, how unabashedly it is, the coming action of rock-solid set-pies, the monster, and whip-smart that is as terrifying and revolting as it comes. Also, it has a MOR songstress performance as the utterly white survivalist.

25. The Mist (2007)

Available on: Netflix

Frank Darabont directs it. In the era of unnecessary remakes and torture porn, the American Director took the risk to buck with an old-school politically motivated schlock monster and styled the unfairly overlooked film of the Noughties.

The Mist

It is the fusing anti-social, rip-roaring commentary success with fabulously icky fountains and effects of gore. But the hell sticks in the memory of the infamously shocking, bleak ending opinion.

26. The Stuff (1985)

Larry Cohen directs it. Though, as the director-writer, Larry remained if bad health did not occur. The greatest and last provocative statement of the Stuff was the last work of Larry. Turning the laser-sharp eye on the American culture of boundless customers. Cohen presents the mysterious sentiment dessert substance The Stuff that conquered the mind, stomach, and heart of the increasing populace.

The Stuff

The main role played by Michael Moriarty is more featuring shambling corporate spy Rutherford, hilariously mock ads, and the movie skewers target with the slew of excellence constructed.

27. Re-Animator (1985)

Stuart Gordon directs it. It is a mixture of Lover crafts 1922 TV series. The denominator is Herbert West; Director is  Stuart Gordon. Educating Rita is Willy Russell’s to Massachusetts’s Miskatonic School campus to tell about the (Jeffrey Combs) mad scientist believes that Combs bridged between the gap of death and life with some lime goo.


Alongside a movie, Evil Dead is the best horror-comedy that delivers every scare. Though it won’t contain the monster, the reanimated gives a neurosurgeon stuffed-shirt as the example of lower-budget work a the ketchup-soaked. It is worth noting the re-appropriation sly of Herrmann’s seminal score in 1985 and the augmented echo drum with some beats.

28. Hellboy (2004)

Available on: Netflix

Guillermo del Toro directs it. There have been long to see intelligence and wit of the comic fan of the favorite stories excised by Hollywood zoot-suited bean counters. The faithful Hellboy vivification of Del Toro of the landmark for analyzing the audience to some way the high-functioning. Along with the creator, Ron Perlman and Mike Mignolaonboard, at best since the ‘Penitenziagite!’ in the film tapped the rich outsider teeming, and humor ideas that could throw on the prologue story of Spielberg made a franchise of three-picture.


The glorious moment that when Niles Carnes transformed into the aquatic superhero. Spain’s disdain for the watery and dry sherry’s inability to attend a Philharmonic opening that perfect illusion and the bending monstrous action and humanity of the monster sequel raised to bring inky thinking the screen.

29. Cloverfield (2008)

Available on: Prime Video

Matt Reeves directed it.  The big set-up of the party of the bunch of NY twentysomethings is itself the brave stylistic option. Hence, the horror eventually hits the real way of sudden, actually the heavily armed chopper characters. With no mercifulness and explanation of few sightings of scarcely duff monster, in huge haunted house effect, New York becomes in the perplexed populace on the Screaming babysitter.


As a result of the movie as morally equivocal, randomly violent, and paranoid as the era that provided its birth.

30. Island of Lost Souls (1932)

Erle C Kenton directs it. In an ideal way, listing Stanley’s take on Wells’s as anyone, Michael Herr and Stanley’s original story can attest, as it would’ve been amazing.

Island of Lost Souls

Instead, the perfect surviving adaptation, the Charles Laughton, in the proper effects and the hokey subplot is made up by Laughton’s and Kenton’s sweaty, grotesque performance and seedy.

31. Basket Case (1982)

Available on: Tubi TV

Frank Henenlotter directs it. As the byword for cinematic sleaze, Frank Henenlotter’s name has been forgotten by horror enthusiasts. Basket Case is the 80s tale of the morally ambiguous and the homicidal, vestigial twin. The mission against vengeance separated doctors against their wishes.

Basket Case

Like the darkly comic monstrous love, the modern fan is fascinating in depicting the hideous heyday of New York, the shattered populated almost by hookers, murderers, junkies, and thieves, lit by flash and neon of the ambulance sirens.

32. The Mummy (1932)

Available on: Twitch TV

Karl Freund directs it. Brendan Fraser has been co-opted as Indiana kid-friendly star in Sommers’s modern franchise, the ‘Mummy,’ but 1932 original Karl Freund’s remains the stab of that iconic zombie killer on the screen.

The Mummy

It looked like Boris Karloff, the Egyptian priest, springs back the British team’s life interrupting the slumber and marking another quality in Universal’s canon of horror yarns.

33. Pitch Black (2000)

Available on: Netflix

David Twohy directs it. A peerless such as the filmmaker turning obstacles into advantages, the angular inhabitants of desert Hades much smaller but formed thriller.

Pitch Black

The savage Richard B Riddick an agreeable band of survivors to contend the desert wastes; at night, the fun begins as darkness comes alive along with fury. Of course, Co and Diesel’s easy content are the monsters of the piece and invaders’ attack.

34. The Wolf Man (1941)

George Waggner directs it. The werewolf has got the number of outings from Nicholson prancing as a sex pervert in 1994’s, by menstrual tension teenwolf traumas and the underrated in Joe Johnston’s megabudget remake selected for the list.

The Wolf Man

As the classic horror movies, the curse comes into play when hapless Talbot gets fending off as the moon rises and the revolting transformation hold on the track of the human blood.

35. Lake Placid (1999)

Steve Miner directs it. Let’s examine Steve Miner’s career. Heaving cheap thrills with ‘Friday 13th’ and skeletons closet charmer much-loved ‘House,’ then Miner tries social comedy and notorious misfire. Before bouncing, Miner spends the 80s with daft romp ‘Warlock.’ Once teen beckons, TV deliverance arrives from severely underrated installment ‘Halloween: H20’, its success leads directly to cast, entertaining superbly.

Lake Placid

The work of the equation in Dawson’s Creek or Crystal Lake. It even forgives for the ‘Soul Man.’

36. The Blob (1958)

Available on: HBO Max

Irvin S Yeaworth directs it. One can fondly remember the fusty, cheesy proto-teen featuring the young McQueen, but nothing less than the ground rules for a budget disaster film that came for annihilating humanity, disbelieving authorities.

The Blob

The Blob itself was scary as the plastic bag of fruit jam that crack film nonetheless oozes drips and thrills with charm.

37. Little Shop of Horrors (1985)

Available on: Amazon Prime

Frank Oz directs it. The new movie version of adaptation the low-cost stage the Roger Corman should have the complete trainwreck, as ex-Muppet Frank Oz anyhow delivered the intergalactic carnivorous musicals plant of the 80s. Big Apple Rick Moranis a nondescript, ravenous horrifying monster with the taste of music and human blood before realizing the fact of colonizing Earth to plans.

Little Shop of Horrors

Abel Ferrara’s funnier and catcher tunes than Shyalaman’s is still Daddy of vegetation vehicles.

38. Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Available on: Netflix

Victor Salva directs it. Another film like ‘The Howling’ gets scary as the monsters come. The first 30 minutes’ surprise sleeper hit is extraordinary as the thunderous followed by the great sequences, as the plucky teen descends the grimy pipe that leads directly in the lair.

Jeepers Creepers

In the Noughties comes close to the clammy, the dread of the sequence; sadly, the director, Victor, quite applies the remainder, and the winged shows up trundle towards the bleak as breath finale.

39. The Howling (1981)

Joe Dante directs it. Following the apprenticeship with Corman and World Pictures, the bore ample ‘Piranha,’ knuckled down Joe Dante and serious with the tribute to know and loved.

The Howling

That transpired precisely the public want as massive success in John Landis has the subversive slapstick splatter; Dante conscientiously avoided the movie that would define the career.

40. The Monster Squad (1987)

Fred Dekker directs it. Essentially the other version of behemoth ‘Ghostbusters’ with little league slobs; Fred Dekker’s kiddies caper permits the panoply of stock, free to resign Delaware suburb.

The Monster Squad

The work looks like something you might see as the fancy dress party housing project that stands for inventive creations in the list.

41. Swamp Thing (1982)

Wes Craven directs it. Does the green pulp get when spinach boils too long? This appears the inspiration embittered Swamp Thing, created the comics pages that when the environment, the hideous avenging vegetable as fresh bunches and majestic redwoods of azaleas.

Swamp Thing

To protect the quagmire, pondweed is called evil government, made the way in two films that are originally Wes Craven directed and inevitably the buff.

42. Willow (1988)

Available on: Disney Plus

Ron Howard directs it. It doesn’t head the monster’s head resemble the pair of puppets balanced at the end of camouflage bags? It’s a scary plonk before showdown versus evil for the child’s movie when it selects to wolf some extras between breaths.


The kind of mild flesh the sword causes to explode any terror allows the straddled by the straddled in the write-up to be SFX—shot.

43. The Toxic Avenger (1984)

Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman direct it. Recall that when low-cost horror films were interested in invention and with than gore? As Toxie ruled, the adventures capturing minds, guts, and hearts of the splat-crazy terror heads?

The Toxic Avenger

Those times are long, but the sweet memory recalls the time of drink could reverse kid’s head as the extra poorly supposedly arm under the jacket without batting when the musclebound, grotesque could have sex with the blonde and fans just go with it.

44. The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

Jim O’Connolly directs it. Inspired by logic-free things enjoyed through the rare gem cowboys against the dinosaurs in New Mexico. An unrealized creator Willis O’Brien the great protege Harryhausen lent life to the host of gobblers’ show, discovers the tiny prehistoric in a desert valley.

The Valley of Gwangi

As the dollar cowpokes, the equine wonders the prey ‘Gwangi,’ an Allosaurus on bringing mayhem to the West.

45. Dragonslayer (1981)

Available on: YouTube

Matthew Robbins directs it. Before Jackson gave Sorcery and Sword an irresistibly sheen 1981 effort cod-medieval through dragon/ damsel territory, it became a dark-tinged fantasy family.


The trailer has intoned, the hovel as the housing unit, the brink manhood stands between the breathing beast aristocrats bent up the virgins. The ideal arrangement well-worked until Richardson’s permanent wizard turns and sets a revenge saga for the young apprentice.

46. It (1980)

Tim Curry directs it. Tim is always Pennywise the clown, the manifestation of horror itself. In 2017 adapting Stephen King’s, replanted in the ’80s instead of the ’50s, the Bill Skarsgård scares the witless. Skarsgård’s eyes move in different directions that make the character seem truly deranged and monstrous.


When interactions occur with children, the drools starve to consume all of them and the fear. This was a great performance by the young cast and the theme of reminiscent, innocence, and friendship of ‘ET’ and ‘Stand By Me.’ The clowns were horrifying.

47. The Day of the Triffids (1962)

Available on: YouTube

Steve Sekely directs it. All those who watch TVs know well the definitiveness of Wyndham’s template-setting masterpiece has to emerge. The manifold stands out; there is no way to make plants scary. Just the M Night Shyamalan, the British effort decent fist, particularly in early scenes, the psychedelic meteoric show’s global population was blinded.

The Day of the Triffids

Once the villains fall into pieces, they exist eight feet blessed and homicidal with the variegated suckers of red-blood. But still, they are plants.

48. Legend (1985)

Available on: Prime Video

Ridley Scott directs it. It’s emblematic of the confusion run by Scott’s fairytale that never truly Curry’s camp, archfiend is actual Devil, the Dark Lord, and horny git as a cape. The persuasion, utterly captivating the film, otherwise betrays an understanding of a fantasy genre.


The visuals sumptuous, a script is then the clutch and an actor the overarching wit and innate vivacity of Curry the work cut lines.

49. Nightbreed (1992)

Available on: Amazon Prime

Clive Barker directs it. After the success with an inimitable ‘Hellraiser,’ inevitable erstwhile novelist Barker would direct secure again. Dumped and recut on the disinterested public remains Barker’s real vision. Given subsequent work, including the awful books written, it was unwatchable.


50. Night of the Lepus (1972)

William F Claxton directs it. There are the killer rabbits headed the way. Narrow beating Grizzly and Frogs to take a coveted spot in the bushy-tailed, bright-eyed nunsploitation classic.

Night of the Lepus

People might be assuming what is horrifying about rabbits, that exactly Mr. Burns and Janet Leigh icon Calhoun guessed until those floppy-eared, twitchy-nosed, started talking, leaving in the holy shit with the handlebar


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