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Are you looking for the best free music production software? Well, audio editing isn’t that easy and requires a lot of phrases. Hence, to unlock all the potential tools of an audio editor, you need to spend money because many audio editing software is not easily accessible.  Fortunately, we have some free music production software that is quite handy. In this post, we’ll tell you about 25 free audio editing software that you can use on your Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Best Free Music Production Software

We’ve covered some simple to use tools and feature-rich ones that help you to sort out your audio editing work to an extent. Let’s read the entire post and find the best one for you.

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List of Top 5 Free Music Making Software:

  1. GarageBand 
  2. Audacity 
  3. Reaper 
  4. AmpliTube Custom Shop 
  5. Cakewalk by Bandlab

So lets’ dive in.

List of 24 Best Free Music Production Software:

1. GarageBand

GarageBand is Apple’s digital audio workstation, which offers enough features to make an excellent music track for you. This free music production software constitutes features like Drummer and has done a good job in music production.


Besides that, it is easy to use, includes multiple genres styles, and has tons of fill variation and patterns, too easy to control. Although it lacks features like MIDI export and external control hardware, it still offers you 255 tracks of editing. Above all, it is powerful and goes better with time.

2. Audacity

Undoubtedly, Audacity is the best free music production software for all computers. This music-making software has a lot of features that make it an excellent audio editing tool. Perhaps it is one of the oldest free music editors available right now; it still supports all file formats and works impressively with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac.

Audacity - music production software

Moreover, Audacity receives updates and has various useful plugins for music editing. The only limitation is it has a complex interface, which might be suitable for limited users.

3. Reaper

Reaper is another best free Daw software for music editing on Windows. It runs on open-source so that you can use it on any network drive. Besides that, it offers many music plugins and virtual instruments for adding various effects. This workstation also supports 64-bit internal audio processing for advanced mixing and mastering.


In the meantime, you can record any audio format just by dragging and dropping files. Moreover, Reaper is also good for applying real effects within real-time.

4. AmpliTube Custom Shop

AmpliTube Custom Shop is one of the best music production software options with 24 models, including nine stompboxes, a digital chromatic tuner, five cabs, four amps, three mics, and two rack effects. Above all, there is plenty of guitar rig and AmpliTube tones, which further help customize your audio files to make them more impressive.

AmpliTube Custom Shop

Another benefit of using this free music editor is that it has a custom shop feature to create your tool collection for editing your music files.

5. PreSonus Studio One

PreSonus Studio One is another audio workstation that offers pro tools for sound editing. It allows you to edit unlimited tracks and has various virtual instruments.  Besides that, it also helps in managing the speed of the audio track. And also help to reduce the repetends of music creation.

PreSonus Studio One

It has various mixing and mastering tools that allow you to have printable notations, and your files can be saved in Advanced Authoring Format. This also has an application that will enable you to edit the musical harmony.

6. Cakewalk by Bandlab

Cakewalk by Bandlab is the first-ever free digital audio workstation. Thankfully, music-makers can use this free software to create unique audio files. Bandlab is a complete music production software comprising advanced mixing and mastering tools, Audio and MIDI, and signwriting tools.

Cakewalk by Bandlab - music production software

The pro tools make Cakewalk Sonar the best software free to use, and once you have done your editing, you can immediately publish your audio tracks on social media platforms directly from the app.

7. Ableton Live

If you are looking for the best free music production software, then Ableton Live is for you. This free daw software enables you to edit music and record audio files with less effort. From sound effects and instruments, the music producer can edit their files.

Ableton Live

Besides that, it also allows you to shift pitch and sequence delays and melodies. This is one of the best music creation software that helps to make music ideally.

8. SyndtSphere

SyndtSphere without any exception, is one of the most accessible music software synthesizers out there. This audio workstation is loaded with more than 70 presets to be a fun more morph, and sphere-like object at the center of the app.

SyndtSphere - music production software

Nowadays, music producers require a beginner-friendly feel. This is the most impressive array of sound prowling within. Plus, it allows the music producer to create some rock-solid sound design. The individual will fine be playing around with interesting music features.

9. Waveform Free

If you are looking for the best free music production software options, then take a look at Waveform free. This is when the folks at Tracktion T7 seem to make the audio version two iterations before the current one is available.

Waveform Free 

The Waveform free also features audio and MIDI tracks, which depend on the hardware capabilities. You will also get multiple plugin formats, including audio units and VST. However, before you run this free daw software for the first time, you will get a notification to unlock some impressive features; after unlocking, you can use the features. It has everything you need to edit your files.

10. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is the best music editing tool that can turn your Mac Pc into the professional digital audio workstations—making music and midi tracks never seem to be easier before the arrival of this music-making software. The best part of this software is it allows you to create DJ-style effects and transactions for your music tracks. Moreover, it also enables you to use free music creation tools for music on your windows easily.

Logic Pro X- music production software

In addition to this, you can also quickly build melodic parts, drum beats, bass lines, and many more. You can also play various onscreen instruments like drum pads, guitars, and keyboards. Moreover, one can manipulate the Midi and audio performance too.

11. Power Sound Editor Free

Power Sound Editor Free is another best free music making software by Power Media. It is specially developed for music studio and home studio production. So, even though it is free to use, you will still find various essential features, quick guides, and capabilities. Moreover, it also allows you to record the sound from the sound card, other input, and microphone.

Power Sound Editor Free

The free version helps you to make music more appealing. Along with this, the user interface of the tool is easier to understand and use. Above this, you can visually operate editing tasks like cut, mix, copy, and many more.


Audiotool is another best free music production software that runs on windows ideally. Although it is not an editing tool but has an audio editing chrome plugin. So, you have to add this to your chrome extension to start editing your music.

AUDIOTOOL - music production software

Meanwhile, it is quite simple to access and has an easy installation setup process. If anyone has seen Apple’s GarageBand, you probably find that it is nevertheless better than the GarageBand. It offers some pro tools like mixing, editing, supporting audio files, and some digital instruments.

13. MP3DirectCut

If you want free and straightforward music production software, then this is for you. MP3DirectCut is a simple audio editor that helps to trim your audio files and merge them accurately. Besides that, it’s a perfect audio workstation with several features like automatic pause detection, recording audio, batch processing, and many others.


If you don’t want any complex interface, then this could be ideal for your music production.

14. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is one of the best music production software that runs on windows ideally. This is entirely free to use. Everyone loves this because it’s an open-source software like Audacity, so you can also use this on Mac and Linux without any trouble. It’s a perfect audio editor for making music.


Above this, you can also preview the music effects in real-time and alter them by adjusting the playback parameters. It also supports editing online files and has outstanding features too.

15. Ardour

Ardour is one of the best music production software options with the best free DAW program to run on Linux that allows you to edit, mix, and record audio with ease. This is an ideal digital audio workstation that enables you to use plugs in the keyboard or the microphones. Moreover, it also allows you to import MIDI files from the computer.

This music software is also ideal for window 7 and allows you to cut and stretch the music files. Above this, you can also fade, mute effects, and bring solo edits too.

Ardour - music production software

SoundTrap is the best music production software that has Daw features. This enables the music production studio to create audio tracks quickly. There are a set of extensive applications like beats, loops, and instruments. This allows you to record the song from any device. SoundTrap also enables you to connect your guitar, microphone, and other instruments and even modify your voice. In addition to this, it also has a similar interface to GarageBand and also has more than 4000 high-quality beats.

16. MPC Beats

Are you finding the free software recording platform? Then MPC beats are best for you. It has everything you need for editing your music and available for windows and mac. With this, you can quickly edit and cut the music files with less effort. You can create remix songs with the provided plugs and templates like dance, pop, trap, and many more.

MPC Beats - Beat Making Here

MPC beats have built-in virtual instrument plugins to make sounding beats and record the music files.

17. LMMS

LMMS is free software that runs on open-source and helps you to produce music with your windows and Mac. It has daw features that offer user-friendly applications to create melodies and beats.

LMMS - best music production software

The music producers can create any music without hassles with the help of effects instruments and plugins. It offers you track-based automation that allows you to sequence, mix songs, and compose your files seamlessly. Moreover, it also enables you to import your MIDI files from the PC.

18. Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus

Cherry audio voltage modular nucleus is a free music production platform that enables you to edit unlimited audio on Windows and Mac. This digital audio workstation offers custom module categories that are simple to use, like Cakewalk by Bandlab. It offers more than 551 presets and 15+ audio electric drums that offer a clear virtual interface.

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus

Above this, it also has Pro Tools first for creating unlimited audio. The cross-platform of music editing is also ideal for mac users and Windows users.

19. DVDVideoSoft Free Audio Editor

If you don’t want to take the music production package, let’s get started with this prime editing program. The audio editor is easy to use and simple editing software that usually prefers to do prime editing like trim and cover the music files in the simplest format. Moreover, you can also download the MIDI files.

dvdvideosoft Free Audio Editor

Along with this, the prime user can also get different editing operation capabilities for free. If you are a beginner, then you can go with a free trial.

20. WavePad

WavePad is another brilliant digital audio workstation from NCH software. It has the coolest interface and tools that you love to use. With this, you can blend your files and tracks for music production. It has the most straightforward user interface like GarageBand. Moreover, you will also find different music tabs, plugins that increase the functionalities.

WavePad - music production software

Waveband is a cross-platform that works efficiently on Windows and other platforms.

21. Rosegarden

If you are looking for free software for music production, then Rosegarden is ideal for you. It enables you to add the midi files and recordings quickly. You can quickly mix the music, and the best thing about this software is that it is available in different languages such as Russian, Spanish, German, Swedish, and more languages. It can support unlimited audio tracks and more than 100 midi devices.


It also supports DSSI for a smooth interface.

22. FL Studio

FL Studio is another music production environment that enables you to edit, compose, arrange, record, and mix music files. Moreover, it enables you to create the sequencing sound pattern and various applications to add music harmonies and melodies to the music files.

Fl studio - music production software

Moreover, it also includes 80 plugins, which allow you to compose different music variations and even resize the audio track. Users also get free updates from the app and have drawable software for windows.

23. Reason

The reason is another virtual studio platform that enables you to craft the sound for your tracks. It also offers various effects, synthesizers and instruments, and many more. This tool also supports some major files like AIFF, Wave and mp3, and many more.


More than that, it also supports the VST plugin and high-quality real-time audio transpose facility for professional style music creation. With this, you can also export the tempo track and channels.

24. Adobe Audition

Adobe is an excellent free platform for track editing. It constitutes the daw that includes the waveforms and the multi-track audio display to restore, create, mix, and edit the audio content. This is the ideal workstation that is specially designed for accelerating video production and audio workflows.

Adobe Audition

In addition to this, it also allows you to break the audio into different parts with perfection. The platform is also ideal for creating the podcast and integrating it with the audio recording to make it more perfect for windows and Mac platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which is the best software for music editing for free?

GarageBand, Audacity, and Cakewalk by Bandlab is the best software for music editing for free.


Which is the simplest music editor software?

LMSS, Cakewalk sonar, and FL studio is the easiest music editor software.


Which is the ideal music editor software?

Apple Logic Pro X, Ableton Live. PreSonus Studio One is the best music editor software.



So, here we sum up our list of best music production software which are free to use. With these best editors, you can create pro-style music albums and melodies, which we love to listen to repeatedly. All this software comes with the most straightforward interface; even a beginner can quickly integrate with it and use it accurately. So, please don’t wait, and let’s get started to create the most memorable songs.

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