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In a world where everything happens so quickly in the blink of an eye, it is hard to keep yourself updated with all the recent events. Moreover, the traditional approach towards news through the medium of television or newspapers is not helpful as these methods have become time-consuming. So let’s dive in to find out the best news apps for iOS and Android.

Best News Apps for iOS and Android

Therefore, in this article, you will find some of the most useful apps which deliver news and keep you updated all the time. Here are the top 12 news apps for iOS and Android.

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So here is a list of the 12 best News Apps. Let’s dive in to check which one is best for you:

1. Google News

google news app

Google News is for those who want real-time full coverage on any topic. According to your interest, this app provides you with Five hot topics of the day, which means the news is highly personalized to your preferences. Moreover, if you wish to see the full coverage, then with one click, you can have all the articles related to the topic you want information on.

2. Apple News

Apple News

This app gives access to all the digital content regarding news available online, such as magazines, newspapers, or any news-related publication. You can also listen to an audio briefing for which no subscription is needed. Furthermore, it also offers you an option of saved stories so you can save the news to read it later when you have time.

3. The New York Times

The New York Times

This app keeps you updated on all the latest events from 50 news providing services around the world. Furthermore, you can also save your favorite news article for reading it later. It also has a distinctive feature called Augmented Reality, which gives you all the insight into fashion and sports-related news.

4. SmartNews


With its user’s friendly interface, the app provides you with trending news across the globe. You can access the news with or without the internet, which means that the app offers you the services through which you can have the news online and offline both. Moreover, you can also customize the news channels according to your preference.

5. Reuters


This app mainly focuses on worldwide news, making it easy for you to choose your preferred area news. Not only this, it collects news from more than 2,000 journalists spread in around 180 countries. Therefore, it has strong resources of relevant news. Moreover, the app allows you to save the news articles so that you can read them later when offline.

6. BBC News

BBC News

BBC is a well-recognized news corporation which is a source of a wide range of news itself. Therefore, its app also provides you with a wide variety of the latest news. You also get the live-streaming news option through which you get the news in real-time. Furthermore, this app also provides you with highly demanded videos, thus giving its clients exactly what they want.

7. AP News

AP News

It is an international news app that firmly works on the not-for-profit objective. The news is provided in two languages: English and Spanish. Moreover, you can personalize your news feeds and news alerts according to your interest. While it gives you international news, you can also access the local news at the same time.

8. Flipboard


If you are into visual details of the news, then this app is for you as it provides excellent quality images and videos. Therefore, this application is prevalent among people who put visual aspects as their top priority. Moreover, it also provides you with the information circulating on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

9. Feedly


With its in-built artificial intelligence feature, the app provides you with the news of your interest according to your search history. Furthermore, it makes your reading experience more enjoyable and easy with its RSS reader. It also allows you to share news in your own and simplistic way with your colleagues or friends. You need not have a subscription to enjoy the above-mentioned perks of the app.

10. theScore


This app provides you with worldwide coverage of sports with a fast recap feature, which gives you a quick recap of the previous game. Moreover, you can chat with people of the same interest. It also gives you the news behind the scenes, such as on controversial incidents that often take place in the sports business. However, the app is strictly oriented on the sports news.

11. Pulse


This app is very popular which collects its news from various sources. Moreover, it is controlled by LinkedIn. The app was originally released in 2010, thus making it more reliable. It provides you with the news according to your interest. Furthermore, the app processes humongous data as it offers a wide range of news. The app is similar to Flipboard regarding its visual quality.

12. Microsoft News

Microsoft News

This app provides you news from well-trusted sources; thus, you need not worry about the news’s relevancy. Also, the provided news has an in-depth insight, which is very helpful in knowing the whole story of an event. Furthermore, you can use the app in dark mode at night. It also has a sync feature, which is good to retain knowledge on any news.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can you use these news apps?

All the above-mentioned apps are compatible with iOS as well as Android phones. Therefore, you can easily download any of the apps on your smartphone. However, the exception to the list is Apple News, as it is only compatible with iOS devices.


Who should use news apps?

Anyone can use news apps as being a citizen of a country, everyone wants to know what’s going on around them, and they have every right to know as well. Therefore, news applications do not have any limitations on a person’s age, gender, or nationality.  To access the news, all you need is an electronic device that is in good condition, and you are good to go.


Are News Apps Better Than Newspapers?

Oftentimes, it is being debated on what’s a better newspaper or a news app. While both things provide you with relevant information, it would be wiser to choose a news app over the newspaper. Moreover, the newspaper provides you with selective news within a limited time frame. However, news apps provide you with unlimited news backed up by international resources.


Can you read the news for other regions In news apps?

Yes, you can read the news in other regions as well, as most of the apps offer you an option to change the region. Thus, by doing so, you will get the news that originated from the same region which you have changed in the app’s settings.



So, say goodbye to the time-consuming methods of obtaining news from various platforms as you can now download only one app and get the world-wide news in a few clicks. Moreover, we have provided you with a list of amazing news apps that are used widely among news junkies. Hopefully, you found the application of your choice with the help of this article.

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