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Whether you are a freelancer, a consultant, or part of an organisation that has decided to do away with their office, there is a good chance that you are current working from home right now. There are many benefits to working from home – such as having more time in the mornings and evening due to that lack of commute, as well as saving money on travel and possibly even lunches. There have been hundreds of new IT Support Companies that have been able to expand during this time and help companies to work remotely more easily. 

However, there are other reasons that having a workspace that is separate from your home is highly beneficial. On a psychological level, it can be good to have a clear separation between your work and home life – therefore, having someplace to go and work is great. If you are based in London, there are a great many options for workspaces that are designed for remote and hybrid work styles.

For Companies or Teams

If you are a company, or a team within a company, that is remote or hybrid, perhaps that best option is to look for a co-working space that you and your colleagues can attend – they are especially useful if most of your team find it easier or more stimulating to have meetings and brainstorming sessions in person rather than over a video call. There has been an increase in how IT Support Central London Offerings and Solutions have had to introduce this kind of working style into their services.

There are a range of options in London for co-working spaces – such as The Office Group, which has 33 co-working spaces across London; or Runway East, which has superbly equipped, creative workspaces in creative hubs like Soho, and business hubs like London Bridge.

For Freelancers (or SMBs)

Just a few years ago, if you were someone that had no office to go to, it was quite acceptable to go to a café, or establishments like libraries or community arts centres, and spend your work day there. However, there are certain issues with these options; namely that is courtesy to give the venue your business – if you are working at a café, you should at least be buying regular teas or coffees, otherwise you are taking up their space and time. However, this may be an expensive habit – and you might overdose on coffee. Sometimes, its handy to have a whole IT Team with Microsoft Experts and techs on hand to help – but freelancing is rewarding and worth the work.

Additionally, if you are a small to medium sized business, or a start-up, you may find that a lot of the co-working spaces are not cost-effective for you. Luckily, there are a few options for cheaper co-working services. One example is a London-based scheme called Othership – a membership service that enables you to book free workspace at partnered venues, as well as paid workspaces at a discount. Many workspaces offer free tea and coffees, and discounts on food (if they have a café or kitchen).

Wherever you are based in London, and whatever your work style, or employment status is, there is an abundance of co-working options to ensure that you are getting what you need on a day to day basis.