Are you looking for the best password managers? We have compiled a hand-picked list of the best password managers. Nowadays you can easily find reliable password managers that are very user-friendly, have great insulation, as well as provide several beneficial functionalities for a reasonable price.

Best Password Managers

Here is a list of the 10 best Password managers that are very quick to use, full of functionality, extremely reliable, and are of tremendous value.

List of the Best Password Managers in 2021:

Here is the list of Best Password Managers:

  1. Dashlane
  2. Roboform
  3. NordPass
  4. 1Password
  5. LastPass
  6. RememBear
  7. Keeper
  8. Sticky Password
  9. Bitwarden
  10. Enpass

So let’s dive in.

1. Dashlane

Dashlane is a preferred password manager to be used; it is incredibly stable, extremely easy to use, and provides a wide variety of additional functionality. Through aes-256 Encryption, zero-knowledge design, and 2FA (including authentication logins), Dashlane safeguards user privacy. These protection mechanisms guarantee that no one else than you will either view or modify the personal data in your credential vault.

In all platforms, software applications, and websites, Dashlane offers intuitive data encryption. Dashlane worked incredibly well in all fields during the experiments, creating very powerful passwords, synchronizing data immediately through both of the computers, and auto-filling even the most complex web types correctly.


All of the characteristics of Dashlane are friendly, efficient, and work as expected. Users particularly like the automated password changer from Dashlane, which audits a vault of passwords and reinforces poor passwords immediately throughout 300+ common pages. Dashlane is the first VPN-containing security feature on the market, and Dashlane’s VPN is much better than other standalone VPNs.

Dashlane’s VPN authenticated the access point and unbanned geo-restricted material in the research without some big slowdown, including though it was linked to servers far away! Via an integrated code changer, standard 2FA, and restricted password sharing, Dashlane Free arrives with (up to 5 accounts).

The free trial only offers storage for 50 keys and protects only 1 unit, so for most users, it is not the right option. Dashlane Premium has infinite password storage, limitless password exchange, a VPN, dark network surveillance, and a lot else, across an endless range of computers. Dashlane Premium Family plan is just the same, in a family control dashboard, adding up to 5 licenses.


Our Verdict

Dashlane is the strongest password manager that I have tried, by far. It is incredibly secure, quick to use, and has a tonne of useful features, such as dark web tracking, an automated password changer, 2FA, and many more. It is the only security feature for a VPN, too! A free preview of the Subscription plan is included with Dashlane Free, and all Dashlane transactions come with a stress-free 30-day policy of money-back.

2. RoboForm

You can create several ‘Identifications’ for interface builders with RoboForm, with 8 separate information types, including passports, bank cards, and vehicle details. Users were capable of filling out all information about web forms effortlessly during my exams, from simple ones such as social networking logins to sophisticated ones such as accounting software forms, with minimal friction or missing fields!

RoboForm combined well with User Authentication in my experiments and had no problems using authentication logins to enter my RoboForm profile. The user likes RoboForm’s 2FA choices. They do not like, though, that RoboForm doesn’t endorse USB 2FA software such as YubiKey.


All of the functionality of RoboForm performs well, but my preferred option is the safe storage of bookmarks. This excellent feature enabled them to save and synchronize bookmarks on any computer with RoboForm enabled (like a smartphone) from the browser extension, so It was capable of reaching all the favorite sites immediately no matter the computer or search engine they were using!

One of the top-value security tools is RoboForm. RoboForm Free has fillable forms, monitoring for password power, and storing of stable bookmarks. RoboForm Everywhere would be an infinite range of computers, 2FA, and cloud backups synchronized with you. The Everywhere Family RoboForm will be the same, but provides licenses for up to 5 users and therefore is much cheaper than any other.


Our Verdict

RoboForm is an impressive security feature on the platform with the strongest filler. Extra functionality such as 2FA, strong password monitoring, safe bookmark management, protected cloud storage, and more are also available for RoboForm. The free plan from RoboForm coincides with a 30-day free preview of the paid Everywhere plan from RoboForm.

3. NordPass

NordPass is an easy, straightforward, and convenient vulnerability scanner that does not have many attributes, but has a very interactive design for safe password security, rendering this one of the top options for newcomers and non-technical users.

The sophisticated XChaCha20 asymmetric encryption, a certain protocol used by Google, and negligible parameters are used by NordPass so the data will not be reached by even the NordPass squad. And NordPass also allows multi encryption, including smart devices with face and touch IDs.

Nordpass Manager

In addition to the essentials such as auto-fill and creation of passwords, NordPass also has additional features like analysis of login power, Sharing of Codes, Dark surveillance of the site, and Connect Interdevice

NordPass comes with a free trial, but still, only 1 computer is protected. For up to 6 computers and unrestricted login sharing, upgrading to NordPass Premium gives you protection. The Nord Pas Family plan remains the same, licenses easily up to six users are included.


Our Verdict

NordPass is a good choice for all those users who are looking for a Quick, easy-to-use manager for passwords. NordPass (much like Google!), negligible protocols, and MFA provide one of the best encryption systems on the marketplace. NordPass does not have a lot of functionality, but creating and saving NEW login credentials as well as exchanging login credentials with other members makes it very convenient. With a 30-day money promise, you should check out NordPass.

4. 1Password

Among the most convenient and simple password managers on the market is 1Password. Its design is vivid, fast, and highly user-friendly. And 1Password has several impressive functionalities, such as the Watchtower. Check for broken logins and account statements on the internet and public databases, evaluate the safety authentication vault, and create greater passwords.

Produces one-time codes to improve web login credentials that are 2FA-compatible.   Setup for ios, Android, and windows with one-time code applications such as Authy, USB keys such as YubiKey and Fido, and biometrics (confront, fingerprints, and eye). Conceals confidential keys from the vault such that private data cannot be reached by unreasonable border checks. The choice for local storing data. Using a WLAN server to synchronize computers via an Android or iOS smartphone over a nearby wireless connection.


1Password also has a very nice option for households: one membership comes with five subscribers, and for a minimal charge you could add new members. Brand names such as Dashlane and LastPass each have a restriction according to how many people can manage one membership, which is much different than the alternatives.

1Password does not provide a free edition, however, its plans for people, families, and companies have fewer than alternatives such as Keeper and Dashlane with a lot of excellent features. And, to give you a good idea of whether 1Password is correct for you, there is indeed a 14-day free option.


Our Verdict

1Password, with a brilliant, easy-to-use GUI, is a safe and elegant security feature. And functionality such as dark web authentication, biometric logins, and an automated authentication server all help you ensure 100% protected codes. In terms of accessibility and general importance, 1Password does have one of the perfect family plan policies.

5. LastPass

LastPass is safe, usable, convenient, and has a pretty nice free plan. LastPass Free is among the rare free security tools that allow individual users to store and exchange unlimited credentials on limitless devices (with only 1 user). In its free plan, LastPass has an automated password changer. This functionality helped me to update passwords with a single tap through 70+ pages. Although Dashlane’s automatic password changer protects more places and is more straightforward, LastPass’s auto-changer is also fairly decent.


LastPass’s MFA options — sync via LastPass Authenticator as well as third-party applications such as Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator and that is built-in. The paid plans for LastPass have included sophisticated MFA choices, like YubiKey, Sesame. In addition to enhanced MFA, transitioning to LastPass Premium also grants you multi-user account sharing, dark network tracking, 1 GB of cloud storage, and emergency access

And for up to 6 customers, LastPass Families adds licenses.


Our Verdict

The best thing about the free password manager plan of LastPass is that it saves infinite credentials across limitless platforms and offers 1 user with unlimited password sharing. LastPass Free also has an automated code enhancer, simple MFA, and authentication monitoring. You get unrestricted login sharing for other users, dark network tracking, advanced MFA, and many more by updating to LastPass Premium.

6. RememBear

RememBear is a rather straightforward password manager that sacrifices certain additional functionality that is found in top opponents such as Dashlane and Keeper, however, for users that are not too innovative, RememBear is nice.

It is full of interactive bears that include phase guidance to help clients get started. RememBear does have one of the best interfaces available. It also uses a special method of accomplishment to help you understand how to use the item by completing tasks such as attaching a credit card, integrating current login credentials, and building a stable password manager.


The user just likes how simple all of RememBear’s functionality is to grasp, navigate, and utilize. I had no trouble building and storing passwords during the experiments, saving credit cards and records, synchronizing passwords across computers, or auto-filling web formats. Users appreciated that they could use the only fingerprint to sign into RememBer profile on a smartphone (face ID is also supported).

RememBear Free operates with only 1 device, while RememBear Premium provides unrestricted backup of passwords on several computers and other access controls such as the recovery of accounts.


Our Verdict

RememBear is a favorite security feature for beginners, and it has adorable bears! RememBear provides safe backup for passwords as well as simply storing and auto-filling of codes. RememBear, with authentication logins for iPhone and Android apps, functions well both on mobile and desktop devices. For a 30-day FREE trial, you can check out RememBer risk-free.

7. Keeper

Keeper is an elegant security feature with a very comprehensive strategy, featuring aes-256 Encryption, a plan of zero-knowledge, and a broad range of multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions, including sophisticated ones such as smartphones and smartwatches, facial and fingerprint passwords.

Keeper has extra features like Protected messaging (KeeperChat), Cloud Storage Authenticated (10 GB), and Dark surveillance of the site. A few of the things users enjoy regarding Keeper, even more, is the safe messenger app. KeeperChat is an authenticated chat that provides message resignation, self-destruction, and a secure picture and video storage gallery.

Best Password Managers

Keeper does have more cloud services than most security tools, while main opponents such as Dashlane have 1 GB cloud services, Keeper has 10 GB cloud storage and can expand to as much as 50 GB! Keeper has a rather restricted free edition — it doesn’t have any of Keeper’s functionality and should only be used on 1 machine.

Keeper Unlimited password is, through unlimited computers, code exchanging, and multi-factor encryption, you get infinite passwords. And there are up to 5 licenses applied to the Keeper Family. Some other specialized Keeper packages include dark web tracking, the encrypted communications app, and cloud services of up to 50 GB, or you could just individually buy each functionality.


Our Verdict

Keeper has a tonne of security options such as strict encryption, accounting of strong passwords, dark network surveillance, an encrypted email tool, and more data encryption (10 GB-50 GB) than any other competition. For both persons and families, Keeper has several distinct plans, though, with a 30-day free trial, you will test Keeper.

 8. Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a simple security feature, with local storing data and a compact USB edition of the software, and a few pretty cool functions. User likes the fact that Sticky Password allows you to select whether to save and synchronize your data in the protected cloud of Sticky Password or on your computer locally.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is perfect with most consumers, to protect account accounts in the cloud, but authentication users should still synchronize passwords across a local network between computers.

The user also finds it is cool that you can store a compact copy of the software on a USB drive with Sticky Password so how you can manage your login credentials from every device (only available for Windows MAC OS.


Our Verdict

The free version of Sticky Password contains limitless keys on 1 computer, 2FA, safe storage of notes, and a compthatSB version. Updating to Sticky Password Premium provides limitless computers, exchange of codes, and cloud or local processing and synchronization, plus Sticky Password dedicates a portion of the proceeds to a manatee protection fund of each premium certificate! As well as special functionality such as local storing data and a compact variant of the software, Sticky Password seems to have all the necessary strong password functionality. Sticky Password Free includes a free Sticky Password Premium 30-day preview, and all sales of Sticky Password get a risk-free 30-day money-back policy.

9. Bitwarden

It has high-security capabilities and is among the most inexpensive applications available, but it is far more challenging to use than some of its opponents, such as Dashlane and Keeper. Bitwarden is a low-cost, free software security software. Bitwarden utilizes 256-bit AES encryption, provides 2FA via applications such as Authy and Google Authenticator and has sophisticated features such as local storing data.

Bitwarden - Best Password Managers

There are limitless keys, details and credit card access, 2FA, and local data storage for Bitwarden Free. Encrypted file management, login protection auditing, and a 2FA code creator are introduced to Bitwarden Premium. And the only Bitwarden package where you get unrestricted login sharing, with protection for up to 5 people, is Bitwarden Families.


Our Verdict

With several innovative features, such as local storing data, a 2FA code generator, and an online password vault, Bitwarden is an inexpensive, open-source security feature. Bitwarden, though, is not as convenient to use as the other apps on this list, finding it overly difficult to exchange passwords and missing most of the features of top rivals.

10. Enpass

For users searching for simple data encryption, Enpass is a good password administrator. Enpass manages the fundamentals quite well; solid development of passwords, auto-fill, reviews of passwords, etc. Enpass, moreover, has minimal features compared with other security tools. It does not securely store files in the database, lacks regular 2FA options, and makes it impossible for other people to exchange passwords.


Enpass is the only security feature on this checklist that only provides local storage space, which is the best choice for many regulation individuals, but users also recommend password managers such as Sticky Password and Bitwarden that allow you to store your information either internally or on the web.

For advanced users, Enpass also deals with some features, including a compact USB version of the app and being enabled to view data from a smartwatch. These are surprisingly decent additions, but rather than extras that most people don’t need, I’d also like to see basic password sharing. Enpass has a fully free web edition, and a limited free smartphone edition (you can store up to 25 passwords).


Our Verdict

Enpass is a strong passwords organizer that manages all the basics fairly well and includes features such as a compact USB edition and connectivity with a smartwatch. There is only local information processing for Enpass, which is ideal for experienced users. Nevertheless, for third-party cloud computing, customers who wish to access their files in the database have to charge.


Here is the list of my top 10 password managers for 2021. Use the one that suits your requirements but never go without a password manager. Take your time, read again the features of each, and then decide which password manager 2021 suits you the most.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are all password managers software are same

Similar functions are offered by several password managers: code storing and new password generation, multi-device synchronization, two-factor encryption, etc. But, there seem to be a number of specifics that differentiate them. The simplicity of usage, forms of security, options for multi-factor identification, and total value can vary significantly among various password managers.


Is saving credentials on Google secure?

Is that safe?  It is now fairer to force the Chrome browser extension to store the username and password details for website profiles than it once was with the protection feature Smart Lock that Google launched for its Chrome or firefox app the previous year. … Google wasn’t the only developer of a browser to deliver an advanced secure password.


When do passwords get compromised by hackers?

Phishing is one of the most popular forms of cyberattack attackers use to collect credentials and other sensitive information. This contains an email with a deceptive connection that takes people to a spoofed website and fools them into distributing their private data.


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