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Brace yourself for the only list you will ever need to get the best PS4 external hard drive. From an external SSD for PS4 to HDD, this list has it all. Furthermore, if you find yourself perplexed due to some of these best budget options with a higher amount of storage, we are also bringing you a buyer’s guide. In the end, some FAQs will shed some more light on clarity.

Best PS4 External Hard Drive

Before we begin, we have also incorporated a comparison table for a quick buying decision to use an external drive for your PS4. Please have a look:

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How We Made This List?

We’ve considered some of the industry’s big names, such as Seagate Game drive, Seagate Firecuda, Western Digital, and even Toshiba. Furthermore, we incorporated both hard disk drive and solid-state drive to bring you both affordable and power-packed storage capacity for PS4. The external HDD will bring you the best loading times for Playstation 4 games. If you want to make the best use of the storage and take advantage of the price, this is the time. Let’s begin:

PS4 External Hard Drives Reviewed (Updated 2021)

1. Seagate Game Drive For PS4 – The Last Of Us II

Seagate is bringing you a choice that is officially licensed to bring you a compatible hard drive for PS4. There are two variations available with 2 TB and 4 TB storage space, enough to keep you occupied with the vast collection of games. You can store as many as over 50 game titles. It is one of the portable options that you can carry anywhere.

Easy to set up, you can plug and play immediately. More importantly, it emphasizes smooth performance and gameplay to ensure. As a gaming-specific hard drive, it is quite robust to ensure quick loads and lag-less performance.

Seagate Game Drive For PS4 - Last Of Us II

You get the latest connectivity with USB 3.0 while it works with PS4 Software Version 4.50 or higher. Finally, there is a three-year-long warranty on the hard drive for long-lasting relief. On a big plus side, you are getting The Last Of US II theme and aesthetic on the hard drive. So, if you’re someone who likes to collect exclusive or design-oriented accessories and components, it might be a great choice to show off to your friends.

Sometimes, there are additional deals with this hard drive like controller charger or comes with controller offers that prove to be a high money saver. However, these offers may not always be available.


What We Like

  • Gamine-oriented hard drive for the high level of performance
  • Variations of storage space options
  • Plug & Play with high portability
  • Licensed by PlayStation 4


What We Don’t Like

  • It might cost a little extra for the theme, and if storage is your priority, you can find better deals with other external hard drives.

2. Seagate Firecuda 2TB Game Drive

Second, on the list, you have Seagate once again. But here, you have a mix-up. This hard drive is a mix of SSD and HDD. Now, what does that mean? It brings you an extensive storage capacity of HDD, like 500GB to 2TB, while you have high-speed SSD connectivity. You get around 6 GBPS of astonishing speed with this drive.

It is compact in size, barely 2.5 inch and sleek in design. Seagate Firecuda is known to be a niche-specialty. You get flash-accelerated technology to ensure at least five times faster loading time and performance than any standard HDD.

Seagate Firecuda 2TB Game Drive

More importantly, Adaptive Memory technology ensures proper loading for quicker operations. It automatically manages and organizes the data for priority. Finally, multi-tier caching providers final tweak to ensure faster loading and initiation of any game. It is quite versatile and delivers around 5,4000 RPM, which is optimum for a gaming hard drive.

As there aren’t any Sony-specific HDD or SSD available for Playstation, Seagate is the best choice available in the market. It is known for building qualitative and budget-friendly choices. However, it uses SATA. So, you might have to work around that for this one.


What We Like

  • An array of features and technology to boost gaming performance (loading)
  • Combination of HDD and SSD in one. Thus, bringing you affordability with speed.
  • Sleek and compact design and 2.5-inch size


What We Don’t Like

  • It comes with SATA connectivity but supports USB.

3. Seagate Expansion HDD For High Storage Capacity

Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive works very-well with a PS4 console. Therefore, it has found the rightful position on the list. Why? Well, if you’re looking for cost-effective and stable storage expansion options, it is quite compelling. You have 3TB to 16TB options available in this Expansion Hard Drive For PS4. Hence, you can store much more than you’d expect from any other on the list.

While it offers such expansive storage, it doesn’t compromise with performance. Most of the external hard drives peak at 140 MBPS in speed, while this takes up to 160 MBPS. Yes, that difference might not seem big in comparison, but it is 20 MBPS more. That’s quite enough to ensure seamless connectivity and gaming performance.

Seagate Expansion HDD For High Storage Capacity

There’s no requirement for software installation or compatibility, either. However, it would require an 18W power adapter to work additionally. It comes with that and an 18-inch USB 3.0 cable to ensure that you reap maximum connectivity benefits. However, unlike most of the signature Seagate hard drives, this one comes with just 1 year of warranty.


What We Like

  • Perfect for expanding your PS4 pro storage space
  • Higher speed than typical external hard drives
  • A cost-effective option without compromising performance


What We Don’t Like

  • Requires additional power adapter to work (18 W)
  • It might seem a little bulky and not as portable as other options.

4. Fantom Drives 7200 RPM External Hard Drive

There’s another option available for the expansion of your storage space for PS4. Here is Fantom Drives with a more powerful option than Seagate. Of course, it is not as cost-effective. If you are looking for more storage space while not compromising the speed and performance, this might be a great option. It has 1 TB to 18TB storage options available for you.

The next most striking feature to notice is the GForce Pro 7200 RPM. It means that you get at least over 30%-35% of performance tweak and speed compared to other standard external hard drives for PS4. You get USB 3.0 to ensure fast data transfers. It is highly compatible with various consoles and systems, including PS4 pro.

Fantom Drives 7200 RPM External Hard Drive

Next, if you look at the build, you get aluminum of premium-grade with a heatsink for cooler and quieter performance. It also comes with an external stand to ensure you get an option to hold it vertically or horizontally. The design and color theme is quite futuristic and different from others.

Finally, it has an on-off switch in the back and also requires a DC power adapter, similar to Seagate Expansion mentioned above. However, you are getting more speed and power-packed performance. There are different color options available (Black and White). Finally, it is compact and easy to carry.


What We Like

  • Perfect for storage expansion without compromising speed
  • You get a boost in speed compared to average external hard drives.
  • It comes with a Hard drive stand and other essentials


What We Don’t Like

  • It can get a little louder with 7,200 RPM.

5. Western Digital 4 TB Gaming Drive

Western Digital is another competitor on the list that can give Seagate a run for the money. There are two names known widely in the gaming world. The next one is Western Digital. This one is an American company that brings you a Gaming Drive with 2TB and 4TB options. That’s not all! Much like Seagate, it is approved for PS4, so you might even see some deals like the one with a controller. That’s what makes it a competitor to Seagate.

It offers you a similar level of warranty and restoration care. The hard drive is quite easy to set up with format as external storage. PS4 syncs smoothly with it as if it came integrated, and that says a lot about the connectivity. You get all the latest connectivity options like USB 3.0 and so on. Whether you have DLC content or patches, you will never run out of space with this one.

Western Digital 4 TB Gaming Drive

It is also sleek in design with a unique blue line pattern on the sides that makes it stand out. So, it is aptly stylish, as well. It is a quick, effective, and affordable option available on the list. That’s what makes it stand out from other external hard drives. The final note lacks the data backup software but doesn’t require it to function optimally.


What We Like

  • Approved by PlayStation to be compatible with gaming
  • Fast loading speed and data transfer speed
  • Durable and easy to use with PS4, almost like a storage expansion


What We Don’t Like

  • A little heavier for external hard disk

6. Western Digital Elements 2TB Hard Drive

Next, you have another brilliant choice for storage space variation of 1, 2, 4, and 5 TB. This is the one that will fit your budget perfectly. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice on the list, it can’t get any better than this. Sure, Seagate is known for bringing you affordable hard drives, but Western Digital has managed to one-up it with this choice right here.

It has versatile compatibility. You get USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 to meet almost every storage requirement you might need. Thus, you get fast data transfers for any console. You can format it and use it easily for any PS4 console, including PS4 pro. For warranty, you get 2 years of limited warranty. Sure, you get 5,400 RPM, but you can’t expect too much from it.

Western Digital Elements 2TB Hard Drive

Overall, this is the external hard drive for expanding storage space at a cost-effective range. You won’t get many features or options other than space at a price. If that’s what you need, it will work optimally. However, it doesn’t mean you will get a decline in performance. It remains optimum.


What We Like

  • One of the cheapest option available on the list
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0, both
  • A great option for data storage and game collection expansion


What We Don’t Like

  • It’s quite a straightforward choice with nothing extra to offer.

7. WD Black Hard Disk Drive

Another fantastic choice from WD, but this time, it is giving a run for money to its own previous choice on the list. If you look at most of the Western Digital External Hard Drives available for gaming, you will notice Black. It is mentioned almost on every WD hard drive for gaming. Even gamers prefer it over others. Well, first of all, there is a metallic case instead of conventional plastic to reinforce durability. But what makes it a worthy investment?

WD Black Hard Disk Drive

It is an HDD for PS4 that comes with an array of software utilities. These utility tools will work with your console and ensure performance tweaking. That’s right! As a gamer, you would know even a little tweak matters! These external hard drives are here to ensure you get that tweak and boost in loading speed and much more. That’s what makes it quite a reasonable choice.

It is portable, stylish, and provides the standard 140 MBPS of speed required of every PS4 gamer. So, it is another exclusive external hard drive for gamers.


What We Like

  • Gaming-oriented HDD
  • Performance utility tools for console and PC
  • Variation in storage options


What We Don’t Like

  • Standard speed and RPM, apart from utility tool’s tweak.

8. LaCie Rugged SSD Pro 2 TB

Alright, hot shot gamers, here’s what we are really talking about. LaCie Rugged SSD pro is a one of a kind, heavy-duty external hard drive for PS4. First of all, it comes with Thunderbolt 3, which means you’re going to get up to 2800 MBPS of data speed. That’s 2.8 Gbps, which will work for any game level, no matter how expansive it could be.

Next, you have 2TB of storage space, 4x more than a standard PS4 and 2x more than PS4 pro. Thus, you can store more titles conveniently and play them as you like. It is an SSD drive, so you can be assured of the performance and speed. This palm-sized monstrosity has an IP67 rating. This means it is waterproof, dustproof, and damage-proof. You can drop it from 3 ft height, and it won’t break. It can withstand two tons of crushing force, and it is sleek.

LaCie Rugged SSD Pro 2 TB

So, if you’re a careless fellow who might break standard external hard drives, this one’s for you. Not only that! You have Type C USB connectivity to ensure high-speed performance. Finally, it has a five-year product protection plan, resume data recovery, and much more. As a perk, even though you might not need it, you get an Adobe Creative Cloud membership for one month.

Yes. It is something a graphics designer would admire, but it has equally robust potential for PS4 players. However, you’re going to pay for what you get. It is one of the high-end external hard drives on the list.


What We Like

  • Waterproof, dustproof, damage proof
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting
  • Up to 2,800 MBPS of speed with SSD infrastructure


What We Don’t Like

  • It is quite expensive.

9. Toshiba Canvio Flex

This list would’ve been incomplete without a choice from Toshiba. Here you have an external hard drive that is a better version of ‘Toshiba Canvio.’ First of all, you have 1, 2, and 4 TB of expansion options for storage. Next, you have USB Type C and USB 3.0 compatibility in a single hard drive to meet your connectivity needs. Much like Canvio, it is designed for gaming, so you can expect high performance.

Toshiba Canvio Flex

As far as external hard disk drives are concerned, this brings you the best features and speed at affordability. You have an ‘always-on’ mode to ensure you get optimized data reading and transfer for quick response time in the game. It would ensure that the HDD won’t slow down when you’re AFK or away. At the same time, it maintains optimum temperature for performance.

Of course, to use it as an external Hard drive for PS4, you would once have to format it. After that, you can dedicate it to gaming completely for the optimum experience. That’s all! It is quite basic apart from these aspects.


What We Like

  • You once again have a gaming HDD built for PS4.
  • Always-on mode ensures optimum performance.
  • Apt storage space at affordability


What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t offer many features or options.

10. Fantom Drives Encrypted External Hard Drive

If you need a high-speed SSD, then perhaps you would admire this one on the list. Once again, Fantom Drives is going to prove it remains best-in-class when it comes to gaming. Here you have one with 256-bit AES encryption to ensure military-grade security for your hard drive. So, if you’re someone worried about your data and misuse of the external hard drive, this one’s for you.

Fantom Drives Encrypted External Hard Drive

Furthermore! It comes with a built-in keypad, so you can’t use it unless you insert the right keycode first. Finally, nobody can use physical force to access its contents either. That is reinforced security, overall. From USB A to USB Type C, you have a complete array of compatibility.

The Datashield pro also ensures you don’t need a power supply consistently. All you can do is plug it in and start using it immediately. Let’s not forget that it is from Fantom Drives. Hence, it will bring you a 1-year limited warranty, and you have a compelling choice for gaming.


What We Like

  • 256-AES encrypted security
  • Anti-brute security
  • USB A to C connectivity
  • Optimum speed and performance


What We Don’t Like

  • Less storage space

Best PS4 External Hard Drives – Quick Comparison Table

Product NameStorage SpaceConnectivity OptionsTransfer SpeedPortabilitySeagate Game Drive2-4 TBUSB 3.0140 MBPSCompactSeagate Firecuda500 GB – 2 TBSATA 6.0 Gb/s140 MBPSCompactSeagate Expansion HDD3-16 TBUSB 3.0 and 2.0160 MBPSPortableFantom Drives 7200 RPM1-18TBUSB 3.0160 MBPSPortableWestern Digital 4 TB2-4 TBUSB 3.0140 MBPSHeavyWestern Digital Elements1-5 TBUSB 3.0 and 2.0140 MBPSStandardWB Black Hard Disk2-5 TBUSB 3.0160 MBPSPortableLaCie Rugged SSD2 TBUSB 3.0 And Thunderbolt 32800 MBPSUniversalToshiba Canvio Flex1-4 TBUSB Type C140 MBPSStandardHard Drive Docking Station1 TBUSB 3.1 and Type C140 MBPSPortable

Buying Guide – Factors To Look For In The Best PS4 External Hard Drive

You should always look for the year warranty on the external HDD or SSD before you buy it. Apart from that, the design and size will depend on you. However, here are some points to make sure before you get the best external drive:

1. Hard Drive Type

You might have seen some terms like Game Drive, Hard Disk Drive, and Solid State Drive being thrown around. What does it mean? SSDs (Solid State) often have less storage space and make up for it with higher speed for performance.

The game drive is a term used for hard drives specifically for gaming. These are not that different. It is just a marketing tactic. A 2 TB game drive would still either be HDD or SSD. Now, HDD is more affordable with higher storage space but lacks the speed and performance of SSD. That’s the only difference that matters.

2. Connectivity Options

Whether you use external drives or an internal drive, the connectivity option would always matter. It will determine the compatibility of the Playstation 4 with the drive. Therefore, you would need something similar in terms of connectivity. As PS4 comes with a USB 3.0 port, you might want to consider that optimally.

3. Storage Space

Your space requirement will directly impact the number of games you can store on the external hard drive. It would depend on the game size, but we can assume that, with DLC and patches, a 1TB can store anywhere between 30-50 games. That should give you a good impression about the capacity to look for.

4. Speed Requirement

5400 RPM with 140 MBPS of connectivity speed is sufficient for the hard drives to bring you optimum performance regarding the game loading time and other aspects. There’s no need for you to focus on speed too much unless you’re looking for future-proof choices.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What Are The Benefits Of Getting An External Hard Drive For PS4?

PS4 has a 500 GB limit, and PS4 pro has a 1TB limit. If you buy more games, you might have to delete others. So, the primary benefit of getting an external hard drive is getting more titles. More importantly, you can carry it anywhere and play the game on any console, not just yours. It won’t require a pass for you to access the collection, either.


What Can You Do With Hard Drives For PS4?

You can save games, install or buy new games. It allows you also to download patches, DLC content, and much more. Overall, an external hard drive works as an expanded storage space for PS4. There’s no decline in performance.


Do PS4 External Hard Drives Affect the Game’s Performance?Yes. If the external hard drive is slow, you won’t get much performance from it. As games are heavier in performance, they need proper data transfer and much more. Hence, the game’s loading speed, saving data, and other similar aspects would depend on Hard Drive’s data transfer capacity.


Can You Have More Than One External Hard Drive For PS4?

Yes, you’re allowed to have as many external hard drives as you like for PS4. There isn’t any hard-imposed limit.



Whether you need 1TB SSD or something that can even work as an internal SSD, this list has everything you need. We hope that you get the best extra storage with optimum loading time and the right price. This concludes the list of the best external hard drives for PS4. We hope that it was informative and you found something worth your investment. With that, have happy gaming!

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