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The Sims 4 Mods gallery is already vast and is expanding day-by-day, thanks to the modding community. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to pick and install mods to your game out of a pool of 300+ mods. So in this post, we have resolved your problem and listed a few of the Best Sims 4 Mods that you can add to your game to make it more interactive, add new traits, and add a real-life approach to your game.

Best Sims 4 Mods

So, let’s look at the Best Sims 4 Mods list you can use without taking any more of your time. Please note that these Mods are not listed according to their features, so give this post a full read to know which Sims Mod is the best.

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List of Best Sims 4 Mods:

  1. MC Command Center
  2. The Slice of Life
  3. UI Cheats Extensions
  4. Have some personality, please!
  5. Meaning full Stories
  6. Multiple CAS Columns

So let’s dive in.

1. MC Command Center

We’re starting with the one we think is the biggest and the best Sims 4 Mod that you can download in Sims 4, and that is the MC Command Center by Deadpool. The Mc command centre allows you to do all sorts of things to make your games easier. From clicking on your Sims to add celebrity points, money, aspiration to point, ageing them and killing them and clicking them on your Sims PC and allowing your game to have specific cheats like buydebugg or testingcheats always on.

MC Command Center

There are two different files to download MC Command Centre and MC WooHoo. Note you do not need both to add this mod to your Sims 4 game. The MC Command center allows you to adjust Household bills and add story progressions, Style Mechanics. You can also set a relationship with other Sims to speed things up or slow down relationship decay. It also has an Auto-save option, which is bliss, so you do not have to worry about your game progress and story-line to continue from the point you left.

MC WooHoo adds some spice into your lover’s lives of Sims. It enables you to choose whether or not your Sims want to WooHoo with Sims they’re not romantically involved with, and it also makes your Sims use Birth control, woohooing a skill, and will bring nudity in-game and make your Sim more interesting. MC command Centre is huge with so much in it, and it should be in most people’s games by this point.

2. The Slice of Life

The Slice of life mod is all about filling in some empty promises. The Slice of Life makes your Sims more dynamic and makes them more realistic that you can almost creep. This mod from KawaiiStacie Adds an unbelievable amount of realistic approach to the game. It adds new emotions for you seems relaxed, anxious, scared, and disappointed, and adds new appearances.

The Slice of the life - Best Sims 4 Mods

For example, your Sims will have teary eyes when they are sad, and they will get dirty hands when they are injured, a bruised face when they lose a fight. Basically, what happens in-game actually physically affects your Sim, and now there are more emotions to suit the story you are trying to convey.

This Mod also adds acne and the ability to have a treatment to get rid of acne. Our two of the most favourite things about this mod are the talents and the preferences, aka turn-ons and turn-offs.

Firstly with the talents, your Sims can Discover if they are good at anything. You can also set this through the menu, and you can make them naturally good at things like sport, creativity, and music. These talents make your sims progress 5 times faster in that chosen skill area, and add new traits. These skills, in particular, are centred around building relationships, needs, and skills. They don’t have any actual buffs-emotions, so there won’t be any errors popping all around the place, but they can actually ruin relationships, need, and skills.

3. UI Cheats Extensions

The next Mod we have for Sims 4 pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. The UI Cheats Extension mod allows you to use various cheats by directly clicking on the user interface instead of typing a command or using another sheet system like MC Command Centre. Rather than doing Sims regular stuff like eat, have a pee, sleep, etc., you can use the Mod bar to select their mood, social level, energy, fun, and much more without any effort.

UI Cheats Extension

With UI cheats extension Mod, you can get thousands of simoleons by just right-clicking on the money. You can even unlock your Perk image even without spending any points. You can also right-click on a Sim in the relationship panel to set the friendship and romance value. You can also complete your task and complete your career with just one click on your mouse. There is so much more to this Mod than these things only. We will definitely recommend this mod to all the Sims 4 players once to use it.

4. Have some personality please!

Have you ever noticed when you Sims are engaged in conversation, they kind of talk about absolutely nothing? Yes? Well, with the Have Some Personality Please mod, your sims will now have a much more dynamic conversation with other sims without your interference. We have watched our sims pull pranks on one another and even give pep talks without us even using our fingers.

Have some personality please

Have some personality please mod will also give sims the chance to learn traits and the careers of other sims from deep Conversation. Interactions will be more based on traits, moods, conversations, and relationships.

5. Meaning full Stories

Meaningful stories Mod will allow yours seems to have meaningful stories. This Mod redesign is MOD And the emotional system of Sims 4. Meaningful stories Mod comes with an in-game tutorial, Which becomes very handy if you are not that good at reading instructions and want to do everything as fast as possible. The good thing about meaningful stories models that you can be selective and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t suit your particular play style, And make the game more tailored to you.

Meaning full Stories

Sims can get into actual depressive ruts that take ages for them to come out of it. No more will an emotion linger for a few hours. It can be there for a few days. Emotions are smarter, subtler, and more varied. For example, your sim can’t be awfully sad one minute and then become incredibly happy the next without passing through the emotions that you’d expect in between.

Sims emotional inertia will be less predictable but more stable, no more flipping between intense moods and feelings. You’ll be able to actually spend time with a sim when they’re feeling a particular way and have actually to work to get them feeling better. And happiness will no longer be your sim’s default state.

The mod is continuously being built on and improved, and if you want access to the latest build, you can support roBurky on Patreon, with the ability to download the early access.


These were Some of our best Sims 4 Mods that you can use. There are plenty of modes available, but these are the ones that we personally liked. Do let us know which Mod you tried for yourself and how you like it in the comment section below.

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