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Are you wondering about watching the best thrilling movie of all time? If so, then you are in the right place! No matter which movie is rolling on the cinema platform, thrilling action movies can never go out of fashion. The audience of all age groups is still fond of the thrilling movies that make their hearts racing. To be truthful, we never get bored with thrilling movies, suspense, chases, and drama. So, here, we’ve separated the chaff from the grains and sum up the top thirty-five best thriller movies of the century to which you surely want to hook up right now.

Top 35 Thrilling Movies

So, why are you waiting for more? Let’s check the most dramatic, thrilling movies that you must love to watch at least once.

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Top 35 Best Thriller Movies – Must Watch

Thriller movies are all about the suspense build-up, tension, and peak drama, which is the fundamental joy. With more of the century thriller movies, we stretch out back to the pioneers to build the list of best thriller movies. So, here we go!

1. Deep Cover

Starting with our first movie, Deep Cover, as the name indicates suspense and ultimate drama, you will love. This is a tale of the drug cops undercover and goes to Los Angeles to find the cocaine ring built around the town.

Deep Cover

The ominous performance as the officer, Russell Stevens Jr by Laurence Fishburne and the mournful but flinty turn by Jeff Goldblum, is marvelous. It is fantastic to watch how Steven gets self-appointed as the attorney, and the movie is all about split loyalty.

2. Shallow Grave

This movie got all the ingredient thrill, action, drama, and suspense that everyone loves to watch right now. The stylish looks and belting soundtracks, and a decisive action script is all set to amaze you. Here, the movie bolts into the most thrilling engine to which Hitchcock would be proud of.

Shallow Grave

It’s genuinely thrilling to watch the sudden die of Hugo when three Edinburgh flatmates take a spare bedroom to interview someone. And here the mystery begins, suddenly dies and leaves behind the suitcase.

3. Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day afternoon is another most thrilling movie based on the bungled bank robbery that is done to get money from the bank for the trans partner’s surgery of gender affirmation.

Dog Day Afternoon

Sal Naturale, Sonny Wortzik are in their third collaboration who try to hold on to a bank, and unfortunately, the man runs off after all the money is robbed off. Here, the things run more out of the hands, and Sonny eventually turns into the countercultural hero.

4. Fight Club

This is the legendary movie of David Fincher’s for over twenty years now. This is the adapted part of the novel written by Chuck Palahniuk, which is pathetic and prophetic at the same time.

Fight Club

The violence is glorified and recognized as the underlying male rage simmering an enhancing disenfranchised, gender-progressive society.  The true impact of the movie is anger, which is spilling over the entire movie. Here, Brad Pitt is topless, providing the toxic masculinity with the eternal unruffled mascot.

5. La Confidential

In this mid-century film, there are many kinds of pitfalls observed. It relies on the tropes and well-trodden conventions, and the director truly abides veer into the pastiche. This movie is based on the thrilling novel written by James Ellroy, the most significant crime scribe of the century.

La Confidential

The La Confidential is deep-seated into the police department’s corruption of Los Angeles of early 1950. The movie is truly declared as the Oscars winning.

6. The Conversation

In this surveillance expert, Harry Caul is doing his routine job for his client and tailing the couple into a San Francisco park. That looks like a pretty movie scene, but suddenly, the conversation didn’t leave them alone, and here the couple is in trouble and needs to come out of the shadow trolls.

The Conversation

A gritty and impressionistic mix will give you a couple of suspense that you need to watch now.

7. Rififi

Jules Dassin makes the movie during his outcast from Hollywood. The jewel heist planning was followed by the pan-European alliance of the crooks led by the cruel gangster Tony Le Stephpanois and his protegee Jo Le Suedois.


Rififi is still the most thrilling movie even after 65 years and is a much more daring act that is well executed to steal the jewels itself and show the real-life heists.

8. Inside Man

Inside Man is the most straightforward Spike Lee’s joints, thrills that are still the wittiest and tricksy than any other thrilling movie. The movie revolves around a bank robbery of New York held by a gang of men who all think of themselves as the variants of Steve.

Inside Man

Smashing down the floor and robbing the scene is normal to watch, but the extraordinary thrill level comes after that that makes you upstanding than your average cash grab.

9. Widows

The high voltage drama of Lynda La Plante is transplanted into the action and thrill movie by Steve McQueen. Still, the movie holds the four widows’ plots who find their husband’s suspense full death in the process of ripping off.


Here, the thriller action is they find troubles and need to pinch it from the inner voice to complete their $5 million heists. The slow-motion thrill rewards your thriller at the moment.

10. Berberian Sound Studio

Berberian Sound Studio is not so straightforward a thriller action movie as a regular feverish. The 94 minutes trip into the subconscious, and the sound effects keep you hold inside the movie over and over again.

Berberian Sound Studio

Gilderoy while traveling to Italy to make a movie on horses but even come with a thrilling action movie of the century. Perhaps, you’ll never be scared of a compelling movie ever and ever before.

11. Assault on Precinct 13

This would be a low-budget flick, followed by the protesters in Los Angeles who altogether attack the police station to get some of the offices out. In actuality, the movie was the R-rated flop when it was released, but later it makes the biggest hit of the year.

Assault on Precinct 13

The invasion of the nonstop forces and the violence with the Carpenter’s action take the movie to another level. And of course, no one can forget the belting soundtrack playing in the scenes all the time.

12. Uncut Gems

The Safdie brother-Benny and Josh, showed their best talent to create the most brilliant crime thriller. This movie indeed proves that. Adam Sandler is not less than Howard Ratner, the motormouth, a high rolling diamond dealer in New York. He has all the debt contacts with the illegal people and is just being on the door to make more bets.

Uncut Gems

The thrilling and suspense came on the track when he got the extraordinary rare black opal, and at that point, the story begins. Well, you will love to watch the high-peak drama, turning point, and many more things.

13. You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here

Do you get the Scorsese-infected portrait character of the man who mentally kept a check on the society that appalls and anchored around the Joaquin Phoenix performance? Watch out for Lynne Ramsay’s high voltage thrill about the hitman who gets a trafficked girl out of the abuses’ life. It’s beautiful yet so brutal to watch the modern, thrilling masterpiece movie of the decade.

 14. Gaslight

As the husband’s track in the suspicion Hitchcock Rebecca simultaneously shows, this movie isn’t precisely made on the ideal spouse concept. You cannot trust the man as far as you are about to throw the man.


The wife of the man Paula trailed him after the whirlwind romance. Where does she start feeling like she lost all the stiffness? But why does the Gaslamp start dimming so? She did not become friends when she turned to London, and all the odds start here. The movie is full of thrilling moments and psychological abuses, and that’s where the term Gaslight comes into the form which you surely want to watch once for all.

15. Utoya

It sounds a little boring here! Don’t be because we’re here with another most thrilling movie of the decade that makes you moan for a while. Utoya is based on the terrorist attack of 2011 in the Norwegian Labour party youth camp, where 69 people died.


Although this movie doesn’t give you the right extremist kick, the Anders Breivik screen timing always keeps you in the movie from a couple of brief glimpses. Real-time horror and the real script set up to create the thrill and incredibly well made by the director.

16. Rear Window

Yes, now we’ve got something more thrilling and exciting here. Indisputably, this movie is the real masterpiece of thrilling movies. Before you move to any other thrilling film, watch the first rear window first.

Rear Window

Jeff, Jefferies, the magazine photographer, cooped out of his apartment in New York, during the hot summer days and obsessed with the neighbors while watching them from the window.

Seeing their lives plays as a series of cute vignettes and witness the murder. The mind is playing tricks, twists, and turns so extreme to watch in the movie.

 17. North by Northwest

Cary Grant is here with another most exciting, thrilling action movie in his most excellent suits. The movie is about a New York ad executive who is mistaken for a government agent and tracked across the country with a real spy.

North by Northwest

Hitchcock’s fair and ineffable charm for producing the most iconic, thrilling, and action sequence are still the best of the decade. The thriller may not be the unique stuff, but it impresses you and becomes the favorite time pass of the time.

18. The Manchurian Candidate

Suspicion, thrill, drama, and paranoia is quite big these days. So, here is the right time to watch the most dramatic movie of the time, “The Manchurian Candidate.” This movie is about the son of the most prominent conservative political family involved in the unknowing assassin and the communist conspiracy of the time.

The Manchurian Candidate

This is fun and exciting to watch Frank Sinatra, who is playing the tortured platoon commander’s role.

 19. The Silence of the Lambs

The movie that launches in the 90s cinema fascination with the concept of psychopathic killers and, of course, the most famous bad guys who are committed to the celluloid. The brilliant performance of Jodie Foster, who is playing the role of the cop playing psychological tennis with the cannibal Anthony Hopkin along with Ted Levine as the Buffalo Bill.

The Silence of the Lambs

This is a clean sweep, the best Oscars winning movie of the decades, and stillstand it up today.

20. Blood Simple

Blood Simple

Blood Simple is a thriller movie about a bartender who starts a love affair with the boss’s wife that ends in bloodshed and gunshot. The tense experience, terrifying facial expressions, and thrilling scenes pull to watch this movie once again.

21. Se7en


Se7en is another most unrivaled thrill movie in the cinema. Morgan and Brad Pitt played the role of the detectives who investigate the series of gruesome murders. This symbolizes the seven sins, lust, pride, gluttony, sloth, and wrath. Brutal yet brilliant, never drop your interest for a while, and oozes out heart to your stomach again and again.

22. Memento


The twists and flashbacks of the Rabbit warren and the brilliant role of Christopher Nolan, along with the fractured narrator, are mesmerizing on their own. The main lead suffers from short-term memory loss. This movie is a thrilling and action drama which is a must to watch.

23. Prisoners

Denis Villeneuve, the mastermind behind the Sicario and Arrival, created another masterpiece movie with guilt-ridden and gritty. This is the story of the father whose six-year-old daughter, along with her friends, is missing.


The role of Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, and Paul Dano, the trio is formidable. Taking revenge and high peak desperation is all set to thrill you and excite you.

24. No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men

This is the best thrilling movie that we can say worth you back. Coen brothers majestically created the short, thrillingly, shot and unbelievably story of the mouse and cat. The mercenary and some stolen money pursue Josh Brolin’s chancer. Javier Bardem nailed the roles and set the masterpiece to thrill you the most with chasing stuff.

25. Vertigo

Many of the thrilling movies made against the forces beyond his vertigo are not so different. It’s just that the mind of the detective entraps by himself. Here, James Stewart plays a traumatized detective who tracks the friend’s wife when she is in danger.


All of a sudden, she vanished, leaving the detective questioning his sanity and chasing the shadow. The action loop and winds back on itself, also the twist and turns shift the audience from one face to another.

26. Locke

Tom Hardy and the writer Steven Knight work together to create the most memorable and thrilling movie of the decade. Hardy’s Ivan Locke ever on the screen where he is trying to do the right with the woman he had a one-night stand.

Locke scaled

Now she is having the child of him. He is also trying to supervise the gigantic pour in Birmingham at the same time. It is utterly gripping the extraordinary form and lots of puzzles that keep your hold on the track in 85 minutes.

27. Peeping Tom

This Michael Powell movie is of an obsessive photographer who came out savaged. The movie was too preservative, had a sadistic track, and swiftly went down to the nearest sewer. However, here Scorsese’s advocacy creates a reappraisal of the dark masterpiece.

Peeping Tom

Also, Mark Lewis got destroyed by his own experiments psychologist dad and started killing the women. The continues killing, and the net revolve around the clock to generate the best thrilling movie of the decade.

28. Sorcerer

The story of the four men who escaped from the tiny village after the separation of the nefarious deeds and living in poverty. But all of a sudden got the chance to escape that poverty condition and get the job of driving to carry some dynamite and send it in to the oil well to stop the fire.


The only catch here is they carry too old nitroglycerine, which is sweating, and any knock can set it off while going a 200 miles trip. Watching their journey is still the most thrilling and better too.

29. The Night of the Hunter

This movie is the cinema’s most thrilling movie ever. Harry Powell plays an unsettling villain and a black widower who drifted herself to marry for the money, and once he got the target, killed his wives.

The Night of the Hunter

He also got the $10,000 from the bank robbery haul; however, the man who took this action didn’t tell him where the money was. And here begin the story, and the chasing game is on here.

30. Duel


Duel is the first feature film by Steven Spielberg. The movie is based on a man driving into the desert for a business trip, but later, the dirty truck starts tailgating him. This whole starts with the irritation that turns into the terrifying mouse and cat games. Perhaps, this was clear later that truck drive wants the Mann dead. And hence, the journey of outrun begins here.

31. Nightcrawler

Jake Gyllenhaal’s bizarrely greasy camera is popping up when he slithers around Los Angeles in search of the tragedy and the crime scene and selling his thrilling footage to the TV news station.


The endless appetite for fear-mongering carnage and the modern-media, all the exploration and hoe crazy-eyed man, is getting the maximum bucks in the murder business. The thrilling and action range movie keeps you in the loop of memories forever.

32. The French Connection

The French Connection

This is another exciting and thrilling tale of the smuggling and morality made in the mid 1970s. The unstoppable Popeye Doyle and his partner Cloudy Russo are on the way to the heroin deal and happy to keep the streets clean with the rules and liberties. In a nutshell, the film turns out to be the hitman’s story that you must love to open the mystery of the movie.

33. Drive


The movie is starring Ryan Gosling, who plays the role of the stunt driver and robbers alike. His main character falls in love with the young mother, Irene. Soon, the woman’s husband creates trouble for the motorman and gets involved in the killing scene in the bloody bathroom.

34. The Platform

The Platform

The Platform is a Spanish thriller movie that is based on a prison, including the two prisoners. The story begins when they find the whole in the middle, which comes down to the platform and remains at the dining level. But that’s not the story’s actual moral; for this; you need to go and watch out the movie.

35. American Psycho

American Psycho

This movie stars Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, and Reese Witherspoon. It explores Bale’s darkest interest (Patrick Bateman), who is the wall street businessman but behind the scene is a psychotic killer who is longing for love, rape, and killing. This is a magnificent thrilling action movie which is a must to watch.


So, here we are at the end of the list of the best thirty-five thrilling movies of the century. But the thrill and action are not going to end here because you have the never-ending list so you can watch your favorite thrill and action movie back-to-back without getting bored. So, which of these is going to be your favorite time pass is up to you now.

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