Are you looking for the best ultrawide monitors? That’s a daunting task. After all, an ultrawide monitor has too many considerations. The objective of an ultrawide monitor for gaming is to ensure you get an immersive experience.  However, it can vary from one person to another.

This list has various options that are best-in-class and high value for money. From budget-friendly alternatives to high-end gaming monitors, you will find everything you need. To prevent any confusion,  we are bringing you a buyer’s guide with other additions to ensure you can make a personalized choice.

Best Ultrawide Monitor For Gaming

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How We Made This List?

Gaming is not as easy as it used to be. There are many considerations required for the best ultrawide monitor for gaming. Therefore, we determine screen size, aspect ratio, VA or IPS panel, and refresh rate (120Hz minimum) to ensure you get one of the best lists available.

We tested multiple viewing angles, various compatibility, even screen tearing problems to see if a player can find a fix. Therefore, aspects like G-sync and other high-performance requirements became indispensable to bring you this list. Each one of this list is the best ultrawide monitor. The rest will depend on your specific requirements and preferences.

Top Best Gaming Monitors: Reviews

  1. Acer Predator Gaming Monitor
  2. Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor
  3. Asus ROG Swift
  4. Acer Nitro Curved Gaming Monitor
  5. Viotech Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
  6. Sceptre 35 Inch Curved Ultrawide LED Monitor
  7. LG Ultragear Curved Gaming Monitor
  8. Nixeus EDG Ultrawide AMD Radeon FreeSync Certified Monitor

So lets’ dive in.

1. Acer Predator Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator falls among the best gaming monitors category as there are multiple options available for you. You can get them in different screen sizes from 27 inches to 35 inches. Therefore, you have something to choose according to your budget.

If we talk about the USP, the 34-inch choice, you get a QHD display with 3,440. The 21 9 aspect ratio brings you wide immersion and NVIDIA G-Sync Technology boosts the appeal. By standards, you get 100Hz of framerate but you can overclock it to a 120 Hz refresh rate. Acer Predator integrates IPS panels, and there are four USB ports. Of course, you get one display port and one HDMI port, as well.

Acer Predator Gaming Monitor

Acer VisionCare comes with a monitor to ensure proper relief for your eyes. You get various options like Blue Light Filter, low-dimming, and Flicker-less features. Furthermore, you get a 100% sRGB color gamut and 6-axis color adjustment. The build quality is quite sturdy as you get the resilience of Acer.

Of course, Acer Predator will last you for an extended period without requiring any investment. So, it’s also a future proof investment. The curved Acer predator monitor is among the best options you have in the market.


What We Like

  • Great gaming performance for display
  • NVIDIA G-sync compatibility
  • High resolution (3440 x 1440) and QHD display
  • Fantastic overclocking fits perfectly with the latest games
  • Study build and design


What We Don’t Like

  • Would require a powerful and compatible system
  • Quite massive and would require wall mount to be better
  • Costly, but that’s because of Acer’s quality

2. Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey is a signature monitor among other Ultrawide Gaming Monitors on the list. Of course, you get around a 1000R display that works perfectly to deliver an immersive experience for the right curve. Even the best gaming monitors can’t match its 165Hz refresh rate, which ensures smooth gameplay for any image quality and setting without the requirement of overclocking and other integrations.

Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor

In terms of display, you have Ultra-WQHD that delivers 2560 x 1440 resolution by default. 1ms response time ensures that you match the performance of the game without lagging. Thus, you keep your visions intact. Additionally, Samsung Odyssey partners with AMD FreeSync Premium to bring you even smoother performance with less stutter which was almost impossible with a high frame rate.

The luminosity and colors are on point with optimum brightness and display. Thus, you can receive a rich visual experience while indulging in gaming. The curves are quite immersive, as well. Overall, this 34-inch gaming monitor is quite an appealing choice for those who seek smooth frame rates with an optimum display under budget.


What We Like

  • Best-in-class framerate for smooth display
  • AMD FreeSync Premium to further enhance the display experience
  • Industrial-standard display resolution with crisp color for visuals
  • 1 ms low latency for precise gameplay is quite remarkable as even high-end monitors struggle with it
  • Lightweight with sturdy build quality


What We Don’t Like

  • Apart from framerate, it’s a very standard gaming monitor
  • The 1000R display curve makes it slightly wide and bulky

3. Asus ROG Swift

If you’re looking for the best curve monitor without any consideration for the budget, then Asus ROG Swift would be the best fit. This 35-inch monitor comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 3440 x 1440 resolution. It delivers immersive gameplay, thanks to a 1000 R display with up to 200hz refresh rate and 2ms response time. All of these aspects in combination make it the best on the list, easily.

Asus ROG Swift

However, it is lower on the list due to excessive price. It comes with NVidia G-Sync Ultimate Technology to deliver high-grade and realistic colors and visuals like none other. DCI P3 color gamut is a standard cinema experience, possible with the signature Quantum Dot Technology. Thus, you get a wider color range than standard sRGB. The aura sync technology in the monitor further improves the display and graphics capacities.

You also get an amplifying technology for headphones that deliver crisp sound. There are standard connectivity options and it comes with Asus Eye care technology. Thus, you get an ergonomic monitor for extensive gaming sessions without causing stress to your eyes. Overall, if you seek high-display, high refresh rate, and best-in-class performance for an immersive experience, this is the ultrawide monitor to take home. Of course, you’d have to invest heavily in the monitor.


What We Like

  • 200 hz frame rate and 2 ms response time
  • 1000 R with 90% DCI P3 color gamut
  • Standard 1080P Resolution goes up to 4K UHD
  • Aura Sync technology and Asus Eye care for best visual experience


What We Don’t Like

  • One of the most expensive choices available on the list

4. Acer Nitro Curved Gaming Monitor

If you look at any other review for the best ultrawide gaming monitor or curved gaming monitor, you will find Acer Nitro on the list. There’s a very good reason for its dominance as it comes with a 1500 R curvature and 16:9 aspect ratio. Thus, making it quite a fantastic choice for multi-genre gaming. It’s not just about actions or visuals anymore. You get full access to entertainment. Thus, you have a multi-purpose gaming monitor.

Acer Nitro Curved Gaming Monitor - Best Ultrawide Monitor For Gaming

There are different frame rates available, but if we talk about this one specifically, you get at least 144 Hz of frame rate that remains on par with other choices on the list. However, if you’re willing to reduce the size, you can get even 250hz of refresh rate. Thus, you get a versatile range of choices. Let’s not forget that it comes with a 1 ms response time.

In short, it is the monitor that seemingly combines the best of the above-three ultrawide monitors for gaming. It has QHD ultrawide resolution, AMD FreeSync, and VESA DisplayHDR 400. Combined, you get a stunning visual delight that is hard to surpass easily. More importantly, it is one of the budget-friendly options available in the market.


What We Like

  •  Great for multi-purpose use regarding gaming and entertainment
  • High frame rate and response time with best graphic addition to staying top in the league
  • Combines the best aspects of QHD, AMD FreeSync, and DisplayHDR


What We Don’t Like

  • 1500 R is better than most but not as great as 1000R
  • Lacks compatibility with NVidia and other graphic gears. Might cause problems but works in the end.

5. Viotech Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Viotech is bringing you a true ultrawide gaming monitor that discards the need to set up multiple monitors. With a 49-inch curved screen real estate, it is the widest monitor on the list. Thus, you get a massive choice with a versatile application, great for gaming or multitasking. Overall, it’s comparatively like owning two 27-inch QHD monitors.

Viotech Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

The single-screen brings a 32:9 monitor ratio. However, as a drawback, you get 1800R curvature which makes you feel the curve. If you overlook that and think of it as a positive aspect, then it means you have a more immersive and surrounding visual experience. It’s almost like owning a VR with such an expansive field of vision.

Here, bigger means better as quality didn’t receive any blowback, either. Hence, you receive 5120 x 1440 p crisp resolution to meet your QHD gameplay requirement. 121% sRGB color gaming also delivers more vibration color pallets. It has a high 120hz refresh rate, matching the latest gaming requirement.

However, the response time takes a slight drawback at 4ms, but with OD, it stays in the competition. FreeSync and G-Sync support in a single monitor with Game plus getting. If you think that’s all, then 3-years of limited warranty ensures you get best in class services.


What We Like

  • A budget gaming monitor with an expansive array of features and utilities
  • No dead pixels, there is no backlight bleeding, and color remain top-notch
  • High display resolution and works with all types of Syncs or games
  • There are other size options, as well.


What We Don’t Like

  • VA panel takes a little toll on the image’s contrast
  • Frame Rate varies from 40 Hz and requires OC for 115-120hz refresh rate
  • Not a durable construct

6. Sceptre 35 Inch Curved Ultrawide LED Monitor

Since we’re talking about the best budget ultrawide gaming monitor category, let’s look at another brilliant choice. Viotech seemingly dominated this classification if it wasn’t for Sceptre’s 35-inch curved LED monitor. It comes with a 21 9 aspect ratio and 100hz standard refresh rate. Hence, delivering balanced performance.

Sceptre 35 Inch Curved Ultrawide LED Monitor

Response time is quite high with 4 ms, bringing you the industry’s standard performance. It cuts down on all the ghosting and blurring effects that would hinder your gameplay. AMD FreeSync ensures smoother resolution and display. Thus, the display won’t break or turn pixelated with the LED integration. The monitor is primarily great for First-person shooter and real-time strategy games. Thus, you know that you’re getting something good and tangible.

It comprises an edgeless design to bring you maximum immersion and display. Multiple ports and HDMI connectivity allows you to connect other displays with 100hz and 60hz framerate. Of course, it has a 1800R curved display, making it quite standard. It also integrates a tillable design.

Finally, the back cover has LED lights to make up for the modern illumination that gamers love for their consoles. Anti-flicker and the blue light filter are quite admirable, even though it lacks eye care technology to match other high-end monitors on the list.


What We Like

  • One of the best ultrawide gaming monitor in budget
  • Incorporates industry’s standard performance gear to meet the requirements
  • FPS and RTS defaults for a crisp display
  • Multi-purpose and easy to use
  • Admirable addition of back cover lights and tiltable design


What We Don’t Like

  • It’s quite average as it is a budget-friendly option. There isn’t much for calibration or overclocking
  • 100 Hz frame rate means you can’t enjoy the latest high-end 120hz or more framerate games efficiently. However, the minimum requirement is 60hz, so it’s still viable.

7. LG Ultragear Curved Gaming Monitor

When you consider an LG monitor or any display product, it becomes synonymous with the impeccable display. So, in this list, you have LG’s Ultragear, one of the top-notch selections, on par with other options on the list. The 34-inch screen comes with an FHD display with 2560 x 1080 resolution. However, it has a remarkable 144-hertz refresh rate and 1ms motion blur reduction to remain top of the game.

LG Ultragear Curved Gaming Monitor- Best Ultrawide Monitor For Gaming

It seems like quite a balanced monitor. Is there anything that makes it stand out? Well, it is G-sync compatible with Adaptive-Sync to settle with various GPUs and consoles. The 21:9 curved ratio is perfect for gaming. It has the signature HDR10 technology LG is known for, so you get that going for rich colors and vibrant visuals. IPS with sRGB 99% ensure proper brightness and color correction.

Finally, the dynamic action sync ensures real-time capture of a moment to bring you the top-notch and immersive gaming experience every time. Additionally, you get things like Black stabilizer and crosshair settings to make it easier for you to balance the game, find things, and much more.


What We Like

  • At the price point, you get higher refresh rates and G-sync for gaming that makes a difference
  • A lot of supporting features for gamers like Black stabilizing and crosshair altercations
  • G-sync compatibility and sRGB color gamut is quite ambitious and worth the efforts


What We Don’t Like

  • Resolution options are quite low and while it is passable, it’s not best in class. You will take a blow there.

8. Nixeus EDG Ultrawide AMD Radeon FreeSync Certified Monitor

Nixeus is a lesser-known brand that deserves all the recognition it can get for a brilliantly curved gaming monitor. You get premium-grade ultra-wide gaming monitors from the manufacturer. It has a 34-inch display with a 21:9 ratio but the resolution remains 3440 x 1440 ultra HD to ensure an immersive gaming experience. It is a 1500R curved LED with a backlight display that won’t provide any flickering or problems. Thus, you get it for multi-purpose, as well.

Nixeus EDG Ultrawide AMD Radeon FreeSync Certified Monitor

Of course, by default, you have a 48Hz of refresh rate. However, you can easily boost it with AMD Radeon FreeSync and reach the top-notch 144Hz refresh rate. It also supports Nvidia G-Sync, so you get a universally compact monitor. With the compatibility, you also get 1ms and 4ms response time, according to the settings. It has an optimum ratio and contrast ratio which matches the Asus ROG monitor.

Furthermore, you get apt display ports, USB ports, and HDMI ports to maintain connectivity. Finally, it comes with a 3-years manufacturer warranty and customer support. Overall, it is like owning a jack of all trades that will meet any requirements you have.


What We Like

  • Quite a versatile choice with the high-grade build quality, matching the big manufacturers
  • Universal graphics compatibility with high display resolution to match any gaming style
  • High response time and refresh rate for fast-paced gaming.
  • Proper connectivity options and calibrations


What We Don’t Like

  • Might require some extra drivers and support to work optimally.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Gaming Monitors:

The size of the monitor and it’s build quality might depend on your budget or preference. You can choose a size 34 or lower aspect ratio if you’d like. However, to ensure that you get the best gaming monitor, here are some points to keep in mind:

1. Display Resolution

There are many different display resolutions available in the best ultrawide gaming monitors on the list. However, you have a minimum of 1440p resolution for impeccable image quality. Of course, it would also depend on the panel type ips panel type VA that will make a difference on the color accuracy, even contrast ratio.

2. Curve Radius

A curved monitor comes in various radius curves. It will impact the viewing angles you can get in the game, especially for FPS gaming. The contrast ratio is often affected by the curve, as well. The contrast ratio determines color accuracy, or rather, the blacklight and white lights of the best gaming monitor.

However, if we look further than that, a higher curve radius means more immersive gameplay. It also means that the curve of the monitor will be more noticeable. For example curve, 1800R would be more apparent than 1500R. Therefore, many gamers prefer a curve radius around 1000 to 1800R for gaming, at best.

3. Frame Rates (Refresh Rates)

GPUs are not everything for gaming performance. You might want to focus on getting a high refresh rate. It would be better if you could get your hands on the variable refresh rate. A variable refresh rate works with overclocking to give you a lower or higher refresh rate according to the requirement.

So, what’s the use? First of all, a higher refresh rate ensures that you get smooth gameplay. You will have a low input lag on the ultrawide gaming monitor. As the visuals will be on-time, you will have better response times while playing the game. Most of the games require a refresh rate of 120hz, at least to bring you a good gaming experience.

4. Response Time

If we talk about response times, then these determine the low input lag you get. The input lag determines how quickly you will receive the visuals. If you are looking for the best gaming monitor, you need at least 4ms of response time, conveniently. If you’re confused between 2 or 1ms response time, then it doesn’t make any significant difference. There’s no need for you to consider it if you can’t get a standard refresh rate (144hz) at least.

5. Connectivity Options

You would need USB 3.0 ports to keep up to date with the latest connectivity option. Type C and HDMI also takes a priority. However, it should provide high refresh rates for ports, as well. Otherwise, there’s no point as you will encounter inevitable screen tearing. If you can’t get too wide a monitor for right viewing angles, you’d have to use more than one gaming monitor screen. That’s where these ports play a prominent role in the fast-paced and immersive gaming experience.

6. G-sync Compatibility

If you want the best gaming monitor, then G-sync makes a difference, regardless of what people tell you.  Most of the issues related to contrast ratio, viewing angles, and screen tearing becomes smoother or negligible with proper g-sync compatibility. Therefore, it becomes indispensable for a gaming monitor screen.

Frequently Asked Question:


Are Ultrawide Monitors Good For Gaming?

Yes. Ultrawide gaming monitors deliver an immersive experience that is on-par with VR headsets. You get better screen size, higher aspect ratio, and even better display or color accuracy that brings you top-grade performance. These are a little costly but worth every penny if you’re serious about gaming.


What Is The Best Ultrawide Monitor For Gaming?

Almost every ultrawide monitor in the list given above is the best gaming monitor. You choose one as per your requirements.


What Are The Best Gaming Monitors 2021?

We get a million products every day that it can become highly challenging to keep track of every gaming monitor out there. The year is just starting and as we know, there have been many revolutions. So, we can expect big things in the future.


Is 34 Inch Monitor Too Big For Gaming?

No, a size 34 screen size is quite standard for gaming. However, more than the size, if you care about crisp display quality, then pay strong consideration to resolution. A high refresh rate and faster response time would also take a priority.



This concludes the list of the top ultrawide monitors available for gaming. Hopefully, you found it informative. If you have any confusion, we hope that buyers’ guides help you. We didn’t receive any promotion cost for this article. Most of these reviews for each ultrawide monitor is supported by its audience.

However, If you visit the trusted partners or sponsors through the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. However, it won’t cost you anything extra. So go ahead and buy the perfect ultrawide monitor with low input lag and perfect screen size to enjoy gaming! As new generation consoles are on the way, the experience will become better with the aspect ratio of these monitors!

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