Nowadays, people can meet up with friends through apps, and they do not need to be present physically. Voice over internet protocol and video calling has taken over the traditional meet and greet. Now with the comfort of your home, you can talk to all the friends no matter how far they stay away from you. So let’s move forward with the list of the 9 best Video Chat Apps.

Best Video Chat Apps

This article will discuss the best video chat apps that are safe and trusted for Video chatting with your friends and family or colleagues.

Overview: Video Calling Apps

We have mentioned the seven best apps used for video calling. We will be discussing the best of the best and will recommend which one you should go for. The apps discussed will work both on PC and your mobile devices, so there will be no boundaries to your friendship. You can join with your buddies across all platforms. You will only require a fast internet connection for all these videos calling apps to function properly.

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List of Top 9+ Best Video Chat Apps:

Here is the list of the 9 best video chat apps:

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Signal
  3. Telegram
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. Snapchat
  6. Houseparty
  7. Discord
  8. Google Duo
  9. Zoom & Google Meets
  10. Skype

So let’s dive in.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and easy to use apps used for communicating with friends, which is owned by Facebook. Recently, WhatsApp has increased the number of people who can enter a video chat room. None of your friends will feel left out. Earlier, there were issues with the security of WhatsApp, but now with end-to-end encryption, it has become one of the most secure apps on the Play Store and Apple Store.

WhatsApp User Compatibility

Those who are wondering how to use the service on a PC, log on to WhatsApp by clicking here. WhatsApp has one of the best video calling capabilities if you have a good internet connection. As it is most widely used, your friends might already have the App.

2. Signal

First, on the list, we have Signal which does not have numerous downloads, But this is one of the best apps if you want to chat securely. It also supports all the normal features of a messaging app including video calling but it is way more secure.


Unlike other messaging services signal does not allow you to put statuses which adds to the security. Also, there is no option for a public group. Even the video calls are limited to 5 people only.

3. Telegram

If you have a huge group of friends and want to communicate with each other you can join in on telegram. the level of security is unquestionable and it has the highest allowance of group members than any other chat services listed below.


The file size is also quite high which means you will be able to send Big files like movies, games shows, etc. However, there is a downside to downloading telegrams as now there is no option of video call available.

4. Facebook Messenger

As Facebook is a big corporation, they know their sense of responsibility in data management, and they have now increased their data security and data privacy. The Facebook messenger comes with fun filters too, so there will be a good twist which you all can enjoy. You can apply funny filters to your faces and make fun of each other.

facebook messenger

The user experience is quite smooth, and you won’t be having trouble video calling each other. As this is also one of the most downloaded apps, all of your family and friends would already own the App.

5. Snapchat

Those who use Snapchat already know that Snapchat was one of the first messaging apps to introduce disappearing messages. Hence, you can blindly trust the App, they have the highest available security, and there is no history when you video chats.

Snapchat -Best Video Chat Apps

It will just show that there was a video chat that took place. Unfortunately, Snapchat has a low capacity of participants, and it allows only 16 people at once. You can download Snapchat from the Google play store and Apple’s app store.

6. Houseparty

This is not a normal messaging app, but it has lots of fun games which you can play with your peers. There are small party games to enjoy between you and some good, such as Fortnite, with a good fan base.


It becomes quite fun as it creates a party mood and makes a difference from mainstream video chat apps present in the market. You need to add your friends and family, and you’re pretty much ready to go.

7 . Discord

This video calling app is for the gamers out there. Discord has both video and voice compatibility. If you want to reduce your background noise and enjoy a fun play session with your gamer friends with high-quality video streaming, then this is the app you want to install. It supports both PC and mobile devices.


You can create your servers, Groups, or also talk one to one. It has a great level of encryption and noise cancellation, so background noise doesn’t interrupt your gaming sessions. You will experience less latency when you use discord servers, and there would be no voice or video lag. Up to 100 people can join in a video chat simultaneously.

8. Google duo

Google is one of the biggest Tech Giants on the planet. They always let us know where our data is going by showing us which permissions they ask for. Google also has filters like Facebook Messenger, but in a way, it is more secure than it. The maximum number of participants on the Google duo is 32.

Google Duos

This is a lot for a small group of friends. However, Google Duo is not prescribed if you want to have a business-level meeting with all your corporate colleagues present. Nowadays, by default, many devices have duo pre-installed, your friends will need an email id, and you guys are good to go.

9. Zoom and Google meet

These are used by businesses to conduct their meetings; normal friends can also use them to meet via video calls. These are available on all devices, and both have a maximum capacity of 100 people.

Zoom and Google meet

The room has a time limit of 40 minutes, after which you have to rejoin the session. It has an advantage over the others as both apps support screen sharing. Hence, in this case, google meet is the better option, as it does not have a cap on the time.

10. Skype

Last but not least is Skype. This is one of the oldest and easy to use apps used for video calling. People used to use Skype for business meetings and seminars that were held across borders. But with the increase in technology, more and more people use Skype to chat with their friends and have a good time.


There is nothing quite special about Skype; it’s one of the most basic apps available on this list. It has the most minimal design, making it quite easy for a beginner to navigate through the menus.

 Which Video calling App is the best?

In this section, we will declare what we think is the best App for video chatting. The most trusted and safe App out on the list is Snapchat. It deletes even the messages you type and sends, and there is a high level of privacy.

If we have to declare the Top 3 from the list, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp would be ordered. WhatsApp is ranked third because it has had issues in the past related to privacy because of which they had to change the terms and conditions, and then this started including end-to-end encryption.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which Video calling app has the best quality settings?

It entirely depends on your internet connection. However, if we were to choose the best App, it would be WhatsApp. Many people use Whatsapp to contact their loved ones. Especially if they are traveling internationally. Whatsapp has minimum input lag and video lag.


Which Video calling app is the most secure?

Snapchat is the most secure of the lot. The snaps disappear, and the video chat logs aren’t saved; hence there is a sense of data privacy. Through the year, Snapchat has proved that it has the best data security among the lot.


Which Video calling should I use to have some fun with my friends and family?

House party is a great app to have fun with friends and family; it allows you to play some party games, bonding. You can enjoy games like Heads up, Trivia, and quick draw. If you want to play the best mode, we would suggest Heads-up.



In this article, we have described all the video chatting apps that are trusted and secure. Snapchat is the most secure App of them all, and that is our recommendation of the best video calling apps to use while video chatting with your friends. If you have any add-ons or doubts regarding the same, you can post them in the comments section below.

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