6 best video edition apps for smartphones

The best video editing software brings you the flexibility to highlight the aspects of a video you want to show. You can customize each frame or angle to get the best results. In a socially active world where demand for ‘rich content’ is at an all-time high, video editing software is an invaluable asset.

Video Editing Software For Windows 10

However, not all of us can afford premium-grade software. What if there are alternatives to these software that bring you similar leisures? This list brings you the free top 10 best video editing software that will suit your various requirements. Whether you want to stand out with your content or explore your creativity, they are a perfect visual tool.

That’s right! You’re about to dive into the treasure trove of free video editors. But before that, let’s expand a little more on these applications. We have prepared the list of the top 5 best video editing software packages that you can download and use for free on your Windows 10 PC.

How Does A Video Editing Tool Help?

Apart from the above-given benefits, a video editing tool can help you redefine quality and color. You can combine more than one video and create something enticing. If you’ve ever come across various mashups or fusion or various showreels, it’s all possible through these video editing tools.

If you’re in the marketing department, it can help you showcase your product better. It brings you the option to add various effects for content creators, trim the irrelevant parts, and much more. Overall, just like free audio softwares, these help you with a versatile range of tools.

This list has a variety of video editors from minimalist to the full-fledged tool kit. From quick editing to in-depth maintenance, you will get everything. The best part is they’re all free. So let’s begin:

The List Of Best Video Editing Softwares:

1. Blender

Now the first video editing software on the list is for professionals. Blender is an open-source video editor that is available for every major operating system. It brings you the option to perform various tasks from minimum trimming and splicing requirements to masking and color-correcting, even adding effects.


Initially, it was a 3D Video developing tool, and that aspect still exists. Thus, you have more than you could ask for. You even get audio editing with the platform. However, Blender is not a beginner-friendly video editor. It might require some learning before you can use it to the full potential.

2. OpenShot

OpenShot is one of the best free video editor software for windows 10 that is easy to download and use. If you want something more beginner-friendly with an easy to use interface, Openshot might be your cup of tea. It is excellent for baseline video editing from trimming, splicing, and adding some simple effects. For small scale enterprise or business, it might be good software.

OpenShot 1

IT offers you various standard video editing features such as color correcting, greyscale and other effects. You can even use a key feature to create animation. It is effortless on the system and runs seamlessly. OpenShot is the opposite of Blender, a tool for easy use. As it is open-source, you can use it on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

3. Avidemux

Here’s another borderline simple and easy to use video editors that are great for beginners. Now, this one doesn’t come with a lot of features or effects. It has an attractive interface. You can edit real or animated videos precisely on this platform. However, it supports basic commands.

It’s great for filtering, basic editing, cutting, encoding, and other simple tasks. In short, you can call it an entry-level video editing tool. It’s on the list for its simplicity, and if you want a low-performance requirement tool, this is one of the best.

4. Shotcut

Are you looking for an HD video editor? This one should fall right into your collection. Shotcut was initially a video editing software for Linux. Over time, it expanded to other OS. Hence, it has a less comfortable interface than the previous two video editors.


The best part about Shotcut is its user-friendly approach. You have plenty of video tutorials to learn the software, so you don’t have to go anywhere else. It supports a wide range of video formats without affecting their quality. As it is a free video editing tool, you get access to features, tools, and other leisure that you would generally get in a premium video editing tool.

5. Hitfilm Express

Perhaps you want to give a touch of high-production Hollywood movies to your videos? Then Hitfilm will be a perfect all-in-one free video editing application. It brings you a wide range of options in features, tools, effects, and compatibility.


In the beginning, it might be a little tricky to use, but it gets relatively convenient. Hitfilm is one of the best video editors you can ask for. Whether you want to add some green-screen work, mesh some clips together, or add various effects, it is an excellent professional-level tool. However, it is not available for Linux.

6. DaVinci Resolve

This list would be incomplete without DaVinci Resolve. It is a robust and free video editing tool that offers up to 8K Video quality support. Now combine that with ‘smart’ features and the ability to use the software online and offline. Sounds very tempting, right?

DaVinci Resolve software

While it’s free, there is a premium version that allows ‘full-studio video editing.’ In other words, you can get the quality of TV shows and movies. It has intelligent controls, and over time, it has grown to be a primary choice for many professionals content and video creators. You can never go wrong with this software, but you would have to learn it.

7. InVideo

Let’s take the above-mentioned video editing apps’ professionalism and put it in a more friendly user experience. Here you get In the video, a tool that brings you similar options and features, but for more beginner-friendly or entry-level users. It is prevalent in many marketing departments for its impeccable quality and performance.


However, there’s a severe drawback that supports one audio at a time. Hence, it is better for marketing, blogging, and other similar applications. If you want something more well-versed in the audio department, you won’t get much. If you want a video editor for presentation and other video editing requirements, this is a good pick.

8. VSDC Pro Video Editor

This one’s another free and premium professional video editing software. It brings you a complete range of essential tools such as color correction, various effects, image filters, and whatnot. You get access to some of the most popular and commonly used filters.

VSDC Pro Video Editor

For professional editing, you get masking, blurring, and other specific tools. Additionally, it is easier for you to share work on social media. It also supports HD video editing at HEVC and other formats to conserve the size. More importantly, the premium is not too expensive, either.

9. Lightworks

Lightworks is another commendable platform that brings you high-quality editing for simple trimming. You can change speed or keep editing the video while you upload or import other relevant content. It is very precise, and you can edit multiple camera angles for a comprehensive project.


Perhaps the best aspect is the real-time sharing that you can work as a team. Thus, for people working from remote areas or homes, it is a very flexible choice. You can also easily share and upload videos on various platforms. For exceptional teamwork, it is hands-down the best video editor.

10. iMovie

It might be a little surprising, but Apple has a free video editing tool. iMovie is a remarkable and self-sufficient video editing tool you would need on a Mac platform. There’s no need for you to get any other video editors unless you want to get into professional editing.


It is a full-fledged platform connected to Apple’s cloud storage for easy uploading and saving work. More importantly, it has a straightforward interface. Apple has always worked on providing ‘ease of use’ for its patrons. Here you get a free video tool that brings you exactly that to explore your creativity.


There are some others like Windows Movie Maker that you can use, but they are fundamental, and we covered their best alternatives better for multiple platforms. This list of top video editors considers users with various requirements. That’s why you get free video editing tools and those that have a more professional utility with subscriptions.

Whether you have an essential requirement, marketing campaign, blog, or safekeeping for memories, these tools will fit right in your inventory. You can use different tools without draining your system, either. Hence, this is your one-stop for the best video editing software.