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Are you looking for the Best War Movies to watch this Weekend? Well, there’s nothing better than watching war movies, as you can feel the patriotism in them. Also, they are a great source to learn something, while watching some thrilling action. But what war movies to watch, is the actual question.

Best War Movies

Here is a list that includes some epic real-life battles, defeats, and victories where some are fictional stories that you must love to watch.

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Top 30 Best War Movies of All Time

So, here you go to stream out you’re your favorite war movie of all the time.

1. Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down

Ridley Scott’s debut from the movie to create the best war movies of the time. Well. The film depicts the story of the U.S military’s 1993 raid in Mogadishu. And the ensemble cast led by Ewan McGregor and Josh Hartnett. Watching war movies related to the military’s raid always fascinates people, and this movie is a must to watch until now.

2. Pan’s Labyrinth

Pans Labyrinth

There is nothing better than this movie to start the list of greatest war movies. This movie is technically only one side of the war that revolves around the Spanish Civil War. Guillermo del Toro’s bizarre look of this era is always a fantastic triumph and creates a respite from the actual war genre.

3. Dunkirk

Dunkirk scaled

Well, this movie is a complete masterpiece full of war scenes. The three-sided vantage attack on Dunkirk creates the most picturesque scenes to watch till now. However, the movie’s bonus point is Harry’s features style when he was in the first major acting role. The whole movie never lets you sit on the couch for a while.

4. Full Metal Jacket

Black Hawk Down 1

Stanley Kubrick produced this film in 1987, starring R. Lee Ermey, Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin, and D’Onofrio. The movie is epic to watch in the two halves. The first hour revolves around the grueling journey through the Bootcamp and the spittle-flecked fury of the sergeant Hartman before they make a move to the frontline. While the rest are full of war and travel to victory. This movie is based on the Vietnam War, and one must watch at least one how the patriotic feel raised in the whole movie.

5. Letters from the Iwo Jima

This is the Japanese-Language based movie by Clint Eastwood in 2006. It is one of the best-celebrated wat movies of the century. This shows the Spielberg production power, the screenplay of Yamashita’s screenplay, and Eastwood’s direction.


This whole tackle the intricacies of the evil side and the goods that happen in World War II. This movie is absolutely a perfection that is undoubtedly going to create the realistic view in your mind.

6. Paths of Glory

This war movie, “The path of the Glory,” is the best anti-war film of the century. Again, the movie’s title is held by the famous director Stanely Kurbrick who created the most realistic and fantastic war movies. If you love to watch out for the most realistic and generous war scenes, then go ahead with this movie.


7. 1917

While looking at the trailer of this epic war movie, one can have goosebumps. The realistic scenes, the war memories create flashbacks in your mind for a while. That’s enough to say that this movie was nominated as the best war movie in 2019 about pacifism, which is dedicated to World War I’s glory.

1917 movie

Watching this movie for two hours is like you have spent two hours without breathing in the war zones.

8. Hiroshima Mon Amour

There is hardly anyone who is not familiar with the Hiroshima nuclear bomb attack disaster in 1945. Alain Resnais, the French director, created the best wheeling movie of this historical war moment to live once again.

Hiroshima Mon Amour

This movie is a tribute to the war memory, and the name of the movie show, “Hiroshima Mon Amour.” The tragic love affair between the Japanese architect and the French actress and how their life changed during World War II and, of course, the destruction of the Hiroshima Bomb attachments never set out from people’s minds.

9. Patton


Patton always remains the best war movie buffs, and it deserves so. This biographical war movie was about General George S. Patton and how the war begins. The movie is a mesmerizing combination of the war and the pain. This movie won several titles including seven Academy Awards, best picture, and also the Best director.

 10. Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino is absolutely a legend who reinvented the World War II scenes and brought back his patriotic style movie to “killin.” The bloodshed and a bit of gore left no opportunity to amaze you with the thrilling actions and war scenes.

11. Schindler’s List


There is nothing wrong in saying that Schindler’s List is the best cinematic portrayal and it is grueling and heartbreaking. The movie portrays World War II, which reminds us of a German business person who works hard and fights to save thousands of Jewish people by giving them jobs in his factories.

12. The Bridge of the River Kwai


This movie creates a precedent for the 1957 war film genre. The most famous director David Lean goes beyond the front line zone to create the most realistic war scenes held between the Japanese forces who always remain on the red line to build the railways bridge in Thailand. This film is burrowed into the gradually splintered psychology of the legend Alec Guinness.

13. Gallipoli


This movie is the scenic view of World War I from the Australian point of view. The Gallipoli movie stars Mel Gibson. It shows a glimpse of the war scenes and how Australia took that participation in the war. The war movie was glorified by the critic’s members and entirely swept from the Australian film fare awards. This remains one of the epic war movies of the time.

14. Platoon

The filmmaker Oliver stone showcases his own experience of viewing the Vietnam War’s war scenes in this movie. This movie, starring Charlie Sheen and Willem Dafoe, is the most devastating patriotic war movie in cinema’s history.


From the screenplay to the visual effects of the Vietnam war is so realistic and disturbing at the same time. This movie delivers the right view of the war scene and is devastating to the American people. Also, the award-winning concept keeps you revolving in the movie.

15. Apocalypse Now

Francis Ford Coppola’s classic yet ugliest psychological war adapts the journey of the Conard’s heart of the darkness. This explains the whole journey of humanity and downriver into the madness of the Vietnam war story.

Apocalypse Now

The story of the famous spiraled typically out of control almost made the Coppola to unhinged himself down. Its sweltering and sticky war atmosphere make you pull to watch it once. This movie gains the title of the most epic wear movie of the year.

 16. Saving Private Ryan

This movie dives hard into the war’s complexity and shows the real ethics of the real war. Saving Private Ryan is a movie with a special mission of finding the four sons of a mother who lost them in combat.

Saving Private Ryan

Here, Matt Damon plays the role of Saving Private Ryan. From dialogues to scenes, everything amazes you at once. This is entirely fascinating to watch how this rescue mission risks the lives of the seven other men who try to save him.

17. Ran


Ran is amongst the most significant war movies which you have never seen before. This epic movie of 1985 takes the short clips from Shakespeare’s King Lear, turning the three faithful sons upon their father, Hidetora Ichimonji. They relinquish the throne of their father. This sounds like no war, but the battle is still to watch, and what’s the benefit if you open the whole movie secret here.

18. The Hurt Locker

The hurt locker is more like a more war movie than a captivating foretaste into the revamped war genre. The movie is related to the missions done on the battlefield of Iraq. This is the most breath-taking war movie that you are going to watch ever in your life.

The Hurt Locker

The unbearable war tension and the Bigelow cranks tension in the world where every wrong step could lead to death and the wrong snipped could spell disaster. The movie is threatening yet entertaining for you, and how to forget Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar-winning performance.

19. The Thin Red Line

This movie is a modern-day look into the horrifying view of World War II. The legendary filmmaker turned down the historical background with love, mortality, and the natural world to create the most epic war movie of the time.

The Thin Red Line

Starring Adrien Brody, Sean Penn, Jim Caviezel, and George Clooney, and many more. This movie is about the group of American soldiers entering the pacific region battle of the Guadalcanal. The three-hour run time never let you blink from the war scenes.

20. The Deer Hunter

The movie is directed by Michael Cimino, who created the tackles of the Vietnam war. The psychological effects and physical scenes and working-class of Pennsylvania created the best war views. The movie revolves around the boys who never return to their homes, and watching the finding; war scenes let you bound in the scenes.

21. All Quiet on the Western Front

If you want to know what happens in World War I, you must watch this epic war movie. Suite similar to Kubrick’s movie, “Path of the Glory.” The movie is remarque’s novel, and it’s all about the futility of war.


It’s genuinely nerve-wracking to watch the story of the innocent young soldiers and how they lose their lives in the war conflict.

22. They Shall Not Grow Old

They Shall Not Grow Old

After depicting the most fantasy war scenes in the Lord of the Rings, Peter Jacksons turned down the real-life footage from World War I. The smoothing jerky frame rate of the film reels and, of course, the traditional vintage footage look originated from the Museum with a modern concept that is genuinely fascinating to watch. The whole picturesque deeply humanizes the frontlines of World War I.

23. The Dam Busters

You are refraining from the last war scene in your mind with the movie, “The dam Buster.” This war movie remains the most recognizable war movie in cinema history. The soundtrack of the movie is just marvelous. The movie tells the story of the British soldiers who are teaming up with the bouncing bombs’ inventors to attack the industrial dams of Germany and skin along the water.

24. Where Eagles Dare

Where the Eagles Dare is truly an action-packed war movie that is full of turns, twists, and triple crosses, the movie is based on the allied soldiers who are dispatched from Germany to rescue the general of America with the in-depth knowledge of the planned D-day operation.

Where Eagles Dare

Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton directed this movie. As far as the scenes pass through, soon you get to know the movie is beyond just a mission, you know.

25. Grave of the Fireflies


Well, the word Harrowing is not that just a random word here which is associated with the Studio Ghibli movies. This is the whole animated story of the young Japanese siblings attempting various tricks to survive in the wild when their home has been destroyed in the bombing raid. Ever since, the film is imbued with devastating acts, pain, and death. It is exposing the tragedies that occur in the conflict of the war.

26. Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove movie poster

This movie depicts the cold war era that is entirely confined in the chills of the “War room.” The dark comedy of the satirizes and the fear of nuclear obliteration and the escalating tensions better the Soviets and America is truly the thrilling concept. The whole movie was cranking up and down with the ludicrous dialogue and the battles that show you cold war zones.

27. Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s edge shows that fictional future war is taking the time-loop premise and applying it to the war. This fictional concept shows that marauding aliens attack humanity in the future. Doug Liman created this sci-fi adventurous war movie and conjured the chaos and the confusion of the frontline combat. Altogether, the movie is an excellent pair of fiction and the war that keep the grip tight on the war sequence.

28. Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers

This is another fictional future war movie that has been created by Paul Verhoeven, who turned sci-fi to make the intersection of the future war and the tale of humanity wagging with the alien and giant bugs. It decisively shows the impact of violence and disaster.

29. Waterloo


Waterloo is one of the mind-blogging scale war movies that depict the battle of Waterloo. The movie is based on the napoleon war and is ultimately proven to be ambitious. Although the film could not hope to recover the product cost, it still did well and became the major inspiration for creating the best war movies.

30. Das Boot

The majority of the war movie gives a message of the hellish condition of the war conflict. But this movie depicts the right message, the claustrophobic nightmare of the submarine war, cramped interior, metal destruction, and yes, conjuring the genuine war and mind disturbing atmosphere.


This movie makes the inevitable combat and tension in mind and creates a virtual picture in mind of what was happening in the war. For years, this movie is going to create an unforgettable memory of the war in your mind.


No matter how destructive the war is, how many lives it takes, and how brutal it is, people are still fascinated by the war sequences over and over again. More than that, the curiosity of knowing what happened in the past in World War I, II, and other wars make them crazy to watch war movies.

So, to keep your curiosity on the peak, we have compiled the list of the top thirty best war movies of all time. You can enjoy the movie and let you travel in the past to know about the most amazing wars.

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