5 Best Web Browsers for Roku (2021 REVIEWED)

Are you on the hunt for the best web browser for Roku that elevates your digital streaming experience? No wonder you’ve landed on the right page. Below, we’ve listed the top 5 best web browsers for Roku to add more fun to your entertainment zone.

Best Web Browsers For Roku- List of top 5 picks

List Of Best Web Browsers For Roku

Here are the 5 Best Web Browser for Roku Device listed below:

  1. Media Browser for Roku
  2. The Roku Channel
  3. Firefox
  4. FilmRise
  5. Poprism Web Browser

1. Media Browser for Roku

Media Browser

Here comes the first web browser in our list to use for Roku. No wonder the overall theme of Media Browser looks good. The grey color and proper alignment of options ensure easiness to the users. Though Roku supports this browser, that’s why you can use it without any hassle. Though, the saddest thing is, you can’t play any video content on this browser. Yet, it’s a great option as rich content on a website pop up quickly and smoothly.

2. The Roku Channel

Roku Channel

Another best option that deserves to make an appearance in our list is powered by Roku Itself. Yes, The Roku Channel is also named after Roku. Though, these browsers constantly update, which makes them one of the best browsers. This is because the content you see on Roku Channel is particularly drawn from yahoo, which is also famous for its fastest updates. You can stream some amazing movies, and listen to music, watch plenty of entertaining stuff with this browser. It offers you what you want from the best web browser; that’s why it should be the ideal option for you.

3. Firefox

Firefiox Browser

Of course, it’s one of the most famous web browsers that you can use to boost your streaming experience on Roku. Firefox can be an obvious choice because you can do anything on this using this browser. From watching movies to reading interesting content on websites, Firefox offers you much more than your expectations. Firefox itself introduces you to some of the latest going on in the community around you. Hence, if you are on this browser, you’ll never observe the absence of any interesting content.

4. FilmRise


As the name sounds, ‘FilmRise’ is particularly best for movie lovers, as this browser offers you access to 10,000 + movies ready to play on Roku. Surprisingly, all these movies are free, that’s how you can have a good time while watching your most-liked movie.  Though you don’t get old stuff here, you can find new movies that make FilmRise quite special for streamers from time to time. Without any payment, you get a theater at your home. So what’s more you want?

5. Poprism Web Browser

Poprism is undoubtedly an amazing web browser to amp your experience with Roku. Browse through the internet using POPRISM and search for your favorite content. Though, the plain text-based interface makes POPRISM a great option for readers. Though this Web Browser isn’t compatible with other websites, that’s why viewers can have to juggle with unformatted fonts. That’s why to bring easiness in navigation, you can use the left, right, up, and down buttons on the Roku remote.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I Browser the Internet on Roku?

Yes, you can browse the internet on Roku. You can enjoy your favorite stuff on the internet, be it the latest news, watching movies, watching sports, and much more.


Is there a free Web Browser for Roku?

Sadly, there’s no free browser for Roku; still, there’re a few browsers that you can opt for, such as Media browsers, FilmRise, and Firefox browsers, as these browsers are free to use on Roku.


Can I Use Firefox on Roku?

Yes, you can use Firefox on Roku. But before, you’ll have to understand the setup process, which is slightly complex.



So these are some of the best web browsers you can try on your Roku Digital streaming device. Though every option has its own specialties, every browser is popular for its own underlying qualities. That’s why you can consider picking the best one that makes a big splash in your entertainment zone. Simply install the browser, hold Roku Remote in your hands, and here you go!

Though you may experience some issues with POPRISM related to navigation. Nevertheless, it’s easy to ignore as it doesn’t irritate you that much as you can use the remote button for easy navigation. If you’re a movie lover, no wonder, FilmRise is going to grab your attention. Firefox, Roku Channel, and Media browser are jam-packed options.

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