Web browsers are your primary medium to access the internet through any device. These are especially pivotal for PC and other devices for an impeccable experience. However, choosing the best web browser isn’t as easy as it seems. There are too many considerations to make.

Best Web Browser To Use In 2021

Today, everyone wants high-speed browsing and the utmost privacy. It’s often hard to balance the two, and there are hundreds of browsers available online. Built-in adblocker, browser extensions, and privacy are some of the most sought-after features in web browsers. Therefore, we are bringing you a list of the fastest and reliable browsers that would meet anyone’s requirements.

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To help you run countless web applications and with cross-platform compatibility to operating systems like Windows 10, iOS, and Android, here are the top eight web browsers that make the cut:

List Of Top 7 Best Web Browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge Chromium
  • Mozilla Firefox Quantum
  • Vivaldi
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Chromium
  • Brave Browser
  • Opera Web Browser

1. Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft received quite a lot of head for its Internet Explorer. However, nobody can deny that it was once the best we had until Chrome took over. It took Microsoft a lot of time to evolve. They even brought us Microsoft Edge, which failed.

Microsoft Edge Chromium

However, now they’ve done the right thing by utilizing the open-source of Chromium to bring us this new chromium version of Microsoft Edge. The browser works with all the extensions like Chrome would. If you have a problem with Chrome’s memory consumption, this one would be the best alternative. You needn’t worry about privacy either. The trust of Microsoft is back in its new Chromium edge web browser.

If you can forgive them for Internet explorers, this one is worth the try.

2. Mozilla Firefox Quantum

The original Firefox browser has received a lot of tweaks over the years. It stands as one of the best choices, especially for those concerned about their privacy. If you didn’t know, it originates from the Linux operating system and has several developer-friendly extension support.

Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Although you can’t find actual extension support, there are add-on supports. The interface of this best browser is minimalist and straightforward. It is clean, and you don’t have to worry about the company monetizing your web browsing data, either! If you talk about features, they are on par with Microsoft Edge Chromium and Google Chrome.

Although it was available for Linux, you can find it for every operating system today.

3. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is like a distant cousin of the Opera Browser. It is a brainchild of Opera’s co-found. Hence, it has several similarities between them. However, the developers understood Chromium’s open-source flexibility and utilized it to bring you a best-in-class web browser. Vivaldi’s most striking aspect is that it has an adaptive theme that changes color according to the website for a more immersive experience.

Vivaldi Browser

As you would expect from any New Chromium Web Browser, you get Google extension support and a very familiar browning experience. In the race of the modern or hybrid web browsers, Vivaldi holds quite a lead.

4. Apple Safari

Safari remains a pioneer in data privacy for users. You can’t deny the fact that Apple does put efforts into safeguarding their patron’s data. Here, Apple doesn’t allow third-party cookies and many other market share tactics to sell your data for advertisement. Thus, it is a natural adblocker.

Apple Safari

Apple Safari is a proprietary web browser available for iOS and macOS. Thus, you will find it in every Apple product available in the market. However, it lacks support for Windows anymore. Over 20% of internet browser users also prefer Safari over any other browser. If you want a private and safe browsing experience, it’s one of the best options available to download and use.

Unfortunately, it is exclusively available for Apple operating system users.

4. Google Chrome

There’s no doubt that Chrome remains a pioneer in high-speed or fast internet browsers available today. Google consistently brings you many user-friendly features, including Chromecast, data syncing, and ease of personalization. You can’t ignore the fact that most of the Chrome extensions are according to Chrome’s compatibility.

Google Chrome

The fastest browser remains top-in-class and certainly one of the fastest browsers available. However, it ranks in the mid-range of the list because of its high memory consumption. Unless you have a robust processor and RAM, it will slow your PC down. Thus, many users find it to be slower. It is not for old-age computers or devices.

There’s no doubt that with so many features like adblocker, pop-up blocker, favourites, bookmarks, auto-fills, colours, themes, and much more, Chrome remains an enticing selection for anyone worldwide.

5. Chromium

Of course, as most web browsers use Chromium as a base for development, it had to be on the list. Chromium remains the best web browser for open-source. It is highly developer-friendly. If you have any skill in coding and web development, you will admire Chromium. It brings you the flexibility to customize and use it in any way you deem fit. If possible, you can even add a built-in VPN or other features.


You can block ads or add many extensions available for Chrome. As it is open-source, you will find an extensive database online from various developers. Many of them bring you several flexible and fun browser updates to use with Chromium. It is a borderline web browser that can be your best choice or worst adversity for lack of security.

Therefore, if you’re not a developer or know nothing about the internet, updates, and much more. It is not suggested for you to use this browser and move onto the other two.

6. Brave Browser

Here you have another chromium-based web browser that is relatively new. You get a built-in ad blocker that is top of the class. Brave brings you a pay-for-surf model, which means you can also earn some money if you use this browser. The company does share the revenue with the user. There’s no need for you to worry about any loss of privacy as there are fewer ads.

Brave Browser

Since it is chromium-based, like other browsers, you can add extensions and other features. Brave is a reasonably new and lesser-known web browser on the list. However, it’s the speed with many other prominent features makes it worth adding to the list of best web browsers available in the market.

7. Opera Web Browser

Opera mini was once the pioneer for android web browsers with a Java-based platform. Over time, it incorporated the Firefox source code and also became a Chromium-based web browser. It dropped drastically in preference and use. However, if you want to use android apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, and such, Opera still provides a top-of-class experience. It is relatively fast and reliable.

Opera Web Browser

The most striking aspect is the secret mode that comes with VPN support, ad blocking, and website tracking to ensure user security and privacy. If you like a minimalist user interface, Opera web browser has been giving other low-end competitors a run for the money. Thus, it is worth adding to your list of best web browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What Is The Best Browser 2020?

It depends on the requirements. If you want privacy, fast loading speed, and ease of apps, many people consider Opera to be the best choice. Others think that Edge Chromium didn’t receive enough time to rise to the top but might become the best in 2021. Google Chrome remains a dominant browser throughout the years.


What Are The 5 Most Popular Browsers?

If you talk about the five most popular, then Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, Firefox, Opera Web Browser, and Apple Safari will top the list as high-end browsers.


Is There A Better Browser Than Chrome?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, it would depend on your requirements and preferences. The list given above contains reasonably competent alternatives to Google Chrome. Each one offers something great. As Chrome consumes too much memory, almost all of these are faster for low-end systems.


Does Google Own Firefox?

No, Mozilla Corporation owns Firefox, not Google. It has no relation or tie-ups with Google or the chrome browser.


Why You Should Not Use Google Chrome?

If you don’t have a high-end system with high process and RAM, you should not use Google Chrome. It is merely a bane and would cause a non-responsive experience. Many people also don’t like using Google Chrome because they suspect third-party market share and much more.



Consider the operating system you use, like Windows 10, 7, macOS, iOS, Android, or Linux devices. Most of these browsers are compatible with all of the operating systems except for a few. In today’s world, you can’t trust privacy, and it’s better to use VPN even if the browser offers a built-in VPN, ad blocker, and other features. Therefore, the primary consideration to make while selecting a browser would be the speed and ease on the system.

This concludes the list! Each browser given above is among the best available for people. Each is free to download with little to no restriction. As long as you understand the purpose and use, you can find these to be worth adding. If you’re perplexed, you can try using each one to see which one meets your preference!

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