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Ever since, from the day the horror movies make the cut on big screens, zombie movies still dominate and remain in the limelight of the shuffling hordes. These walking dead creatures have endured in popular cinema culture over the decades.

Zombies Movies List

Sometimes, the conspiracy of the zombie movies confronts death face-to-face. Whereas, for some, it is just walking corpses shuffling around us. Before you make a rush to the funeral, let’s have a look at these 15 best zombies’ movies to find out some ghoulish option for this Halloween.

Some Movies to Watch:

15 Best Zombies Movies to Watch:

Let’s move down to watch out for the scariest zombies’ movies ever.

1. One Cut Off the Dead (2019)

One Cut Off the Dead

One cut off the dead is the scariest movie of 2019. Its opening minute may look like another horror movie with lots of horrifying creatures. But that’s not just the end, as the movie runs out of fizzing inventions, and turning off the zombies makes you rush your heads in all ways. From there, you start getting goosebumps.

2. The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

The Girl with All the Gifts

Well, it took a while to realize that it’s a zombie film. Still, the thrilling Mike Carey’s novel’s adaption is a thoughtful reinvention of the zombies protruding into the movie from the Us-esque fungal pathogen that turns all the population into the hungry. But last, the movie revolves around the girl Melanie who receives the unusual education who wants to eat human flesh.

3. Train to Busan (2016)

Train to Busan

It sounds horrifying, all ready to listen to Zombies on a train. The famous Korean director Yeon Sang-ho elevates another action-packed horror movie. The breath-taking tense sequences, using the cramped interior space and, of course, the aggressive zombies, are mesmerizing to watch. The movie is truly pulse-pounding.

4. Dead Snow (2009)

Dead Snow

The movie dead snow is truly a notion for zombie movies around the time. This is a comedy-horror movie having the two most enduring forms of the villain and scarifying to watch the group of students who head-off for their Easter holidays in the snowy Scandinavian cabin when they accidentally summon the undead horde of the Nazis for the gold loot. This leaning gleefully moment turns out into the potential zombie concept, a must to watch until now.

5. Planet Terror (2007)

Planet Terror

Planet terror is the story of the go-go dancer, Texan townsfolk, and a bioweapon one awry who turned into the pustulous and shuffling monsters. This movie leans down entirely into the B-movies roots with scratchy edits and overdubbed dialogues. Animation and innovation yet the best combination for those who love to watch a mid-grade zombie movie.

6. Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)

Zombie Flesh Eaters

If you watched the Dawn of the dead already, then this could be your other most horrifying zombie movie. Lucio Fulci’s film creates the best sickening effect over again and brings back the zombie mythology into the black magic-inspired roots.

It’s not worth opening here all the secrets of the movie. The Zombie Flesh Eaters can be better predicted with the name of Zombie 2. The movie revolves around the outbreak of zombies over the Caribbean island of Matual with a creaky undead shuffler.

7. ParaNorman (2012)


ParaNorman is another best zombie movie to watch at least once in a lifetime. Well, we are not wrong here if we say it’s a family-friendly horror movie adventure. The movie is based on a boy named Norman, who can talk to Zombies or dead persons. The boy accidentally comes in the hand of the witch’s curse or walking corpora from the town’s graveyard. Spooky yet fascinating, this movie is going to pull to watch it again.

8. World War Z (2013)

World War Z

The list is never-ending if we say about the best zombie movies to forget to watch. “World War Z.” This movie resembles a celebrity novel, and still stands as the blockbuster zombie movie.

Brad Pitt is in the lead in this movie. This movie is a summer action spectacle with the outbreak threatening the global collapse. Most zombie movies are claustrophobic, but this is the opposite of this because it offers the imaginary zombie swarms or the mass of the zombies.

9. Zombieland (2009)


When the zombie cultural renaissance is going to end in 2010, Ruben Fleischer’s arrived at the right time with another scary zombie movie. Jesse Eisenberg is the lead and is a cautious loner managing to do the best to survive this zombie apocalypse. During the 90-minute runtime, madcap zombies’ murders are mesmerizing to watch.

 10. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the dead is the remake of Romero’s masterpiece. Zack Snyder works on the zombie movie script with another famous director James Gunn. This movie offers the frenetic survival of the sequences with a tangible sense of fear and panic. It’s a marvelous gripping opening act, and the spread of the zombies outbreak rapidly crumbles the society. It’s an appropriately gory and nasty movie with a keen sense of cinematic style.

11. Rec 2 (2009)

Rec 2

Rec 2 offers you the second dose of the fear attack. In this movie, you will have the revisit of the zombie’s outbreak-afflicted tower block. This makes a zombie cum action-oriented follow-up. It delivers the right message of zombie lore, awe-inspiring and keeps your interest bound, and keeps you scared the most.

12. The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

The Return of the Living Dead

Dan O’Bannon’s created another valuable comedy-horror movie that delivers the Zombie flick’s raucous in the right manner. Zombies back from the grave and ready to serve the party. The townsfolk are soon learning that headshots to the zombies do not work. The running dead, depicted zombies harbor their hunger for the brains.

13. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Night of the Living Dead

George A. Romero made his first directorial debut with the modern style zombie movie. This is the most independent zombie movie, which is shot in grainy black and white on a limited budget.

Still, Romeo delivers the subversive and stark horror with the prestigious facets of the zombie lore: dead running creatures coming out of the graves and destroying the humans’ brains to kill them. The filmmaker adept nicely at creating the best zombie movie ever of that time.

14. Rec (2007)


Rec is a mixed bag of horror footage and found. This Spanish horror movie used animated effects and shooting styles to create maximum horror effects and make it close to the zombie’s ground zero outbreak in the claustrophobic confines of a block apartment. This movie always remains mercifully steady, giving you the most realistic feel and making you so scary as hell.

 15. Braindead (1992)


Last not least in our list of zombie movies is Braindead. Long before, director Peter Jackson painted the town in red to shoot the most ludicrously Kiwi zombie flick movie. And he nailed it as the goriest and most scary movie that has ever been made.  The movie is set in 1957, when Timothy Balme, the lead of the movie, is caught in the sticky place where his mom bitten up the Sumatran rat-monkey, and the rest of the story begins of dead and walking dead.


So, we hope you are not horrified with the assumption only. Now you have the entire list of the top 15 best zombie movies to watch here right now. So, what you are waiting for, let’s pick the scariest one and start watching it down.

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