Big mouth season 4

Ever since Netflix picked up the show Big Mouth in 2016, this show’s craze is increasing with each passing day. It is an adult animated sitcom based on a group of teenagers’ journey as they explore themselves along the way. Moreover, the series is highly relatable to its audience as they have experienced the same situations in their teenage life.

Big Mouth Season 5 Release Date

Furthermore, the fun part is that most of the show’s scenes are inspired by the show’s makers, Andrew Goldberg, and Nick Kroll. So let’s dive into deep to know the release date of Big Mouth Season 5.

The series already has 4 seasons with a total of 41 episodes. Furthermore, the last season was released in December 2020, and now the fans want to know when is the next season hitting the screens. Therefore, we have brought you everything you should know regarding the fifth season of the show, which will most likely have a number of 10 episodes. So, without beating around the bush, let’s dive right into it.

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Big Mouth Season 5 – Release Date & Voice Cast

Big Mouth Season 4: Recap

Season 4 depicts the anxiety issues generating in teenagers nowadays. It also shed some light upon how much pressure a kid feels regarding growing up and choosing a particular field for himself/herself. Furthermore, last season also dealt with the concept of racial and sexual identity. Although the topics depicted in season 4 were sensitive, they didn’t seem so because of such situations’ funny representation.

Big Mouth Season 4

As far as the storyline is concerned, every kid fought his/her own personal battle within oneself. However, Nick had it pretty bad as his body was taken over by his negative self known as Nick Starr. Furthermore, the whole scenario indicated that if Nick continues to be selfish, then he will end up like his negative self in the future. Towards the end, Nick understood that he needs to embrace his negative self instead of letting it go. Thus, season four was all about loving and accepting oneself with flaws.

Big Mouth Season 5: Expectations & Trailer

With every season’s improved script, it is natural to have higher expectations for the fifth installment. Season 4 premiered in December 2020, and the fans are already excited about season 5. Therefore, the audience is speculating and cooking some interesting theories about season 5 before it hits the screen.


The news is doing rounds that in season 5, fans will see Missy in a new voice, which will be given by Ayo Edibiri. Moreover, according to the creators, this change was mandatory as Missy is a black woman, and previously its character was voiced by white actress Jenny Slate. Fans are also expecting to see more of Natalie, a trans character voiced by Josie Totah in the fifth season.

While season 4 concluded with a perfect ending, some loose ends regarding the bonds and relationships of the characters might get closure in the fifth season. Not to mention Matthew’s bond with his mom and Andrew’s growing obsession with Missy.

Big Mouth Season 5: Release Date & Cast

The show’s creators have always been consistent regarding the release of new seasons, as seasons 1,2 & 3 were released between September-October. However, season 4 had a late release in December 2020, the reason being the ongoing crisis. Therefore, Season 5 is expected to hit the screens by the end of the year 2021.

big mouth season 4 cast

There are no new introductions and not much of a change in the casting department. Almost all the main cast is returning to voice their characters as:

  • Nick Kroll will be voicing his own character as Nick and Maury, The Hormone Monster.
  • John Mulaney will give his voice to Andrew Glouberman’s character.
  • Jessi Klein will voice Jessi Glaser’s character.
  • Andrew Rannells will voice Matthew MacDell’s character.
  • Ayo Edibiri will give her voice to the character of Missy Foreman-Greenwald, which Jenny Slate previously voiced.
  • Jason Mantzoukas will again give his voice to the character of Jay Bilzerian.
  • Fred Armisen will voice Elliot Birch’s character.
  • Maya Rudolph will give her voice to Connie, The Hormone Monstress.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will, there be a 5th season of Big Mouth?

Yes, there will be a fifth season of the series, as makers have confirmed it long ago along with the sixth season. Moreover, the expected release date of season 5 will be somewhere around the end of the year 2021.


Did Big Mouth get Canceled?

No, the Big Mouth didn’t get canceled. In fact, the creators have already confirmed the show’s return for the fifth and sixth seasons. Furthermore, the fifth season is expected to hit the screen by the end of 2021.


What age is Big Mouth appropriate for?

Big Mouth might be based on Kids, but it’s definitely not the show that children under 18 years can watch. Moreover, the show contains vulgar language and sexual graphics, which is really inappropriate for the growing kids.


Do Nick and Gina get back together in Big Mouth?

No, Nick and Gina parted their ways long ago. However, it is being speculated that Gina might appear in the fifth season and might also form a bond with Andrew Glouberman.



So, this is all we have got on everyone’s most loved show, Big Mouth. In this article, we have provided you with all the insights on the cast, release date, and much more. We wish that its audience will get the new season before the end of the year 2021. Hopefully, you got all the answers to your queries about season 5 of the show.

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