Lipstick boxes

Bill was a victim of covid-19 as well. Not that he tested positive for the virus, but because he lost his job to the lockdown and the eventual closure of the barbershop he used to manage. Bill was great at organizing tasks and people and completing the eventual task. He looked after revenue generation, supplies, maintenance, appointments, human resource operations, payments, bill handling, everything. But now, none of his skills mattered since the social distancing protocols, and the lengthy lockdown cost him his job.

But the ever-optimistic Bill took the bull by its horns and looked elsewhere for an alternative, perhaps a better source of income. So Bill sat down with a clear head and, taking life as the challenge, started thinking of practical and executable ideas even during these testing times. So Bill decided to launch an online brand of candles and diffusers. He could make the candles in the house and source the diffusers from a friend who had a warehouse full of such stuff since the retail stores were not ordering any of those buying from him anymore. All Bill needed was some custom-printed retail packaging.

Bill Need Candle Boxes

Bill struck a deal for the diffusers and experimented with the candles. He figured it out somewhat quickly and came up with various scented candles. The next step was sorting out the custom retail packaging boxes. The same friend of Bill’s who was providing him with diffusers suggested ClipnBox for custom retail packaging. Bill went on to get in touch with ClipnBox and discussed the types of custom retail boxes he was looking for.

ClipnBox got back to Bill with suggestions like opting for custom cardboard packaging instead of going to something as flashy as rigid boxes. Not only were custom cardboard boxes more economical than rigid boxes, but they also gave him the option of eco-friendly materials like kraft. Bill took their advice and ordered a range of custom candle boxes and diffuser boxes.

The styles he opted for were tuck top auto bottom boxes for candles and drawer boxes for diffusers. Bill got a very reasonable quote for all the types of custom cardboard boxes, and the delivery time was also rapid. The deal was struck!

The Arrival of the Custom Candle Retail Packaging and Diffuser Boxes

As committed, ClipnBox delivered the custom cardboard boxes to Bill’s doorstep within 12 working days. Bill was hoping to find the best candle boxes he had ever seen inside the shipping box. Eagerly, he started unboxing the package. As he reached inside, the custom cardboard boxes were nicely wrapped and safely placed inside the box. Further peeling away the wrapping, Bill reached for the custom candle packaging and was immediately impressed by the quality of the stock.

retail packaging

The printed looked terrific, and the spot UV on the logo looked exquisite as the overall quality of the boxes. Bill assembled a few boxes to see how long it takes for a box to be assembled. It took 2-3 seconds, maybe less, for one box to be ready to package the product inside it.

Bill unwrapped the diffuser boxes and moved on to the next nicely wrapped package. These custom drawer boxes were as impressive as the custom candle boxes. They took a few seconds longer to assemble since this box had two parts. But the assembly was no rocket science.

The main thing was how attractive the boxes looked and how safely they could carry the diffusers. Bill’s custom retail boxes rocked, and he could not be more thankful to ClipnBox for providing him with such high-quality wholesale packaging boxes.