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Once upon a time, getting well-versed security cameras was a dream for an ordinary individual. However, Blink cameras’ advent has made it possible for anyone to afford a better security camera.

Blink XT security cameras are known for their high-affordability. They are easy to use for any person, even the less tech-savvy individuals. These cameras have impeccable compatibility with cloud storage to save investment on extra storage capacity. The combination of these aspects made it a prevalent choice among people.

Blink XT2 ReviewBlink XT2 Review

Now, Amazon owns blink, and it has released another budget-friendly security camera with HD capabilities, the Blink XT2. If you’re looking to buy a home security camera, this article brings you a full-fledged review with useful information. Thus, you will be able to make the right decision.

Features of Blink XT2:

There’s no doubt that Blink XT2 compromises on a range of features to bring you a straightforward security camera. It brings you a 1080P video feed by eliminating other aspects or components to make it a budget-friendly choice. However, there are still many compelling features that the cameras offer. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Easy Installation: It will take a maximum of 20 minutes to connect the XT2 with your devices. First, you have to connect the sync module to the Wifi and then the sync module’s camera. The mounting device is relatively convenient. To use it with your smartphone or other devices, all you have to do is scar the QR code reasonably conveniently.
  • HD Video Feed: The camera offers 1080P output, never to miss any details, and does a fair job at that. You get a 110-degree angle for a view that might be a little less than other cameras but still worth the cost and investment for the video quality.
  • Motion Detection: You might think that there might be a lack of features for such an affordable camera. However, it comes with sufficient motion detection. You can’t detect a person, but you can undoubtedly set the sensitivity for the motion. It is handy if there are high winds, and you don’t want to get an annoying notification of activity.
  • Night Vision: There is a ‘viable’ night vision integration. It utilizes infrared sensors for night vision capacity. It is certainly not the most striking aspect of the Blink outdoor camera. However, having night vision at such an affordable range is always going to be a plus point.
    Features of Blink XT2Features of Blink XT2
  • Two-Way Audio: The camera comes with two-way audio to fulfill your requirements for communication. Backed by Amazon’s quality, it is well-performing. With proper weatherproofing, it is capable of performing well even in the rainy season.
  • Privacy Zones: Yet another flexible feature that allows you to choose the monitoring zone. In simple words, with a privacy zone, you can decide how much area the camera should focus on or cover. If you install it in an area that doesn’t require an expansive angular view, it is a convenient feature.
  • Alexa Compatibility: As an Amazon product, Blink XT2 has compatibility with Alexa. Thus, you can even connect it with your smart home system if you have the Echo. Furthermore, you can watch a live feed on FireStick TV and other Amazon-supported devices. It is certainly an excellent addition to a comprehensive security system.
  • Blink Home App: Perhaps the best convenience that the Blink outdoor camera offers is the app. It has remarkable flexibility and enables you to customize the camera and its feed according to your preference. You can connect multiple cameras through it.

Blink XT2 Review – What the Expert Say About It?

Blink offers a 1080P HD live feed with cloud storage to store recordings for up to two hours, free of cost. It encompasses a two-way audio system that enables you to talk to anyone near the camera. Thus, it works remarkably well for a door-security or to scare away any intruder.

Amazon has consistently invested in providing a flexible home security camera system for people. Here you have a wireless camera that works on AA lithium batteries. There are two batteries, and it claims to last up to two years without any recharging required.

What makes it suitable for outdoor use? It has an IP65 waterproof rating, making it as good as any other standard outdoor camera. The camera’s body is tightly packed to prevent dust from affecting its components. Furthermore, it can survive temperatures around -4 to 113 degrees, making it suitable for the standard climate.

Blink XT2 ReviewBlink XT2 Review

Instead of conventional round cameras, you have a square design that looks sleek and has a dimension of 3.4 x 7.11 x 7.11 cm. It weighs a little over 86 grams. Thus, it doesn’t require firm bolting, and with the flat bottom, you can integrate it anywhere. From outside to inside, even on tables and shelves, it will work well. The sleek design is undoubtedly remarkable. The battery life of the Blink camera is long-lasting.

However, you need a Sync Module 2 to connect the camera to any device and the Wifi. Sync Module 2 is a separate ‘home link system’ for Blink Camera. It allows connectivity for up to 10 cameras, which makes it a worthwhile investment. Blink camera can also capture two way talk between two people.

If you want to gradually invest in your home security cameras and increase their quantity, it is a feasible choice. More importantly, Sync Module 2 is as compact as Blink XT2. Besides cloud storage, you can have local storage in Sync Module 2 and boost it with a memory card.

Blink XT2 Setup Guide

Setting up Blink camera is easier than you think. The only head-ache is where to set the camera. It takes only 15-20 minutes to set up. Firstly, you have to connect your wifi to the sync module then connect it to the camera. (XT2 doesn’t connect directly to your Wi-Fi, but it conveys via its own wireless link to the Blink Sync Module)

Download the Blink app from your Android or iOS device. To connect it to your device, you have to scan the QR code from the app. XT2 runs on two AA batteries (Lithium non-rechargeable) that last up to two years.

What You Will Get Inside The Box?

Blink XT2 comes with 1 Blink Camera, 1 mounting kit bracket, 2 AA 1.5v lithium batteries, and 2 #6 1 ¼” Phillips head screws. In order to get a wider range of motion, you can use the mounting kit to increase the distance from the mounting surface to the camera. There’s another box of Sync Module that contains 1 sync module, 1 USB cable, and 1 power adapter.


You will also get a Blink yard sign with 2 Aluminium rods, 1 thumbscrew, and 2 mounting screws. Blink yard sign is an effective way to warn unwanted visitors.

Blink XT2 Design

Most of the CCTV cameras come in a round shape, but the size of Blink XT2 is square with rounded corners. It measures about 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches, which is similar to the size of a coaster and no matter where it’s installed. There’s the same size as the Blink XT2 Sync module, which needs to connect to the Wi-Fi network. It comes with amazing two year battery life.

The square and flat sides of XT2 will help you easily attach the camera and mounting kit to any shelf.

Blink XT2 Video & Audio Quality

Blink XT2 can record in 1080p with a 110-degree angular view that is enough to record most of the area where it is installed. Video quality is good enough to record both day and night. There are other features like an HD video feed, motion detection, and night vision.

The two-way audio system will make your communication easy. The quality of the microphone is so good that it can even pick the sounds of cricket chirping. XT2 is Alexa compatible. So if you want to connect it with your smart home system, then Blink XT2 has it.

What About the Warranty of Blink XT2 Camera?

The Blink XT2 camera is followed by a Two-Year Limited Warranty from the date of original shipment. During this warranty, if any kind of defect is found on the device, you can follow the instructions given on the device for returning or repairing.

Does Blink XT2 Have Night Vision?

Blink XT2 Have Night Vision scaled

Yes, the camera does have night vision. However, it’s not a very precise or clear night vision. It will get the job of a night vision camera done, but it is black and white. You won’t have clear images. Thus, if you want it to work well at night, you might require well-lit areas.

The Perks And The Drawbacks:

Let’s take a quick look at all the Pros and cons of Blink XT2 to help you with the final decision.



  • Highly affordable choice
  • HD 1080P live feed with 110 angle view
  • Motion sensor and night vision
  • Works with Blink Home App
  • Compatible with Alexa and smart home
  • Outdoor and Indoor useable (IP65 rating)
  • Up to two hours of free cloud storage
  • Wifi and wireless design
  • Extensive battery life



  • Requires Sync Module 2 to work
  • It doesn’t connect directly with other devices
  • Mount doesn’t have anti-vandalism features
  • Requires you to install in a safe area
  • Poor night vision performance
  • 30 seconds to 5 minutes of video feed at a time
  • Not suitable for extremely hot climate

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is There A Way To Check Temperature?

The camera comes with a built-in thermometer that works in-sync with the app. Thus, it will start notifying you if the temperature goes below or above the levels you’ve set in the app. It is handy and could safeguard your cameras from temperatures in which they don’t function well.


How Is The Two-Way Audio?

The audio quality is well-maintained and crisp. Hence, you don’t feel any distortion. The components aren’t cheap. Thus, you get the best clarity possible at this price. Two-way audio has become an indispensable requirement in modern cameras, mostly to talk to guests, delivery boys or to scare away intruders. In these regards, Blink XT2 two-way audio is sufficient.


What Do You Get In The Blink XT2 Box?

Each package comes with a single Blink XT2 camera with a mounting module. You get Sync Module 2, USB cable, power adapter, four AA batteries instead of two, and camera tools. In simple words, the package has you covered from every end.


How Long Does The Live Feed Last?

Blink XT2 security camera doesn’t offer a consistent live feed. It provides 30 seconds of a live feed, after which you would have to click on a ‘continue’ option to keep getting feeds. Even then, you will only get up to 5 minutes of video feed at best.


Verdict – Is It Worth Buying?

Blink XT2 is a highly-affordable camera system if you plan to increase camera units over time. You can get well-versed security for your house. For the price, it delivers a satisfactory performance with nothing much to complain about. However, its night vision certainly takes a hike.

With the latest high-speed connectivity and wireless flexibility, it will get the work done. You have to be cautious about where to install it, though. As it doesn’t have anti-tampering measures, almost anyone can remove or steal it.

Overall, it is a very compact and qualitative investment and worth every penny. It is an excellent choice for anyone seeking entry-level security cameras to expand to be a robust surveillance system.

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