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Still, thinking which Android Emulator is the best among Bluestacks and Nox App Player? Well, we have got you covered and answered this question in this post. We have compared Bluestacks vs. Nox App Player in different domains like features, user-interface, system requirements, and other fields.

Bluestacks vs Nox App Player

We have also announced our winner in the end, so it does give this post a full read to know which is the best Android Emulator among Bluestacks vs. Nox App Player.

Bluestacks vs. Nox App Player – Detailed Comparison

Bluestacks: Overview


Bluestacks is an Android Emulator that was developed back in 2011 by Bluestacks.Inc. Since then, Bluestacks has been emerging in the global market because of the functionality it has been delivering. Bluestacks has implemented its LayerCake algorithm embedding technology that utilizes PC hardware to run Android environments and applications. Bluestacks easily allows you to run an Android environment on a PC that works way better and faster than a flagship mobile phone. Bluestacks has a user base of over 210 million and counting.

Nox App Player: Overview

Nox App Player

Nox App Player is an Android Emulator developed by a team of developers in Hong Kong in 2015. Even though Nox App Player was launched after four years of Bluestacks, the Nox Player successfully got a user-base of 150 million across the world. The Nox App Player’s core functioning was the same as Bluestacks: to run Android apps, but still, Nox App Player has some significant different factors that keep it a competition to Bluestacks.

Key Features

Bluestacks: Key Features & Benefits

Bluestack is the most experienced and reliable Android Emulator. It is still growing and appending new features that can enhance the experience of the users. Here are some parts of Bluestacks:

Features Of BlueStacks

  • Key Mapping: Bluestacks allows you to map your keys according to your key preferences. You can adjust the key bindings that you use in the game and perform the best. You also get an accessibility feature to play with your mouse, which is the most crucial thing if you are playing an FPS game or a first-person shooter game.
  • Multi-Instance: This feature will allow you to play multiple games simultaneously at one go through a split-screen. This feature will also let you play the same game from different accounts at one window.
  • MultiSync: This is a feature that has been recently added by Bluestacks. This feature will allow you to sync all your movements across the screen and play your desired games.
  • Macros: This is a feature that will allow you to capture screen recordings, monetize them, and watch them whenever you want. It will also let you take screenshots and save them.
  • High FPS: This will bump the video and gaming quality of your screen. If the game supports high FPS, then Bluestacks will produce such a rate that it will look very smooth and pleasing to the eyes.

Nox App Player Key Features & Benefits

Although Nox App Player is lighter in size than Bluestacks, it still has some similar features. Nox App Player being lighter takes less space in the computer memory and saves you some extra space. Now let us see what the characteristics of Nox App Player are:

Nox App Player Features

  • Keymapping: Nox App Player allows you to bind your keyboard keys and controller according to your preference. You can even use your mouse.
  • Multi-Instance: This feature will allow you to enjoy multiple games at one particular time. So there is no lack of entertainment. But you won’t find Multi-Instance here as you would get in Bluestacks.
  • Macro Reader:  This will allow you to record your gameplays or in the public record your screen and enable you to take screenshots of your screen, and also, you can add scripts that you run in your games. Scripts will allow you to perform some specific tasks that you have added to your script.

User Interface

Bluestacks: User Interface

Bluestacks has a straightforward and descriptive user-interface. Everything you need is present on the left-hand side of your screen. You can toggle over the icon to know what icon it is and what it does. And if you love dark themes, then you would be in love with Bluestacks because the entire application is built around dark themes only. Here is a glimpse of Bluestacks user-interface.

Nox App Player: User Interface

Nox App Player has its user-interface similar to an Android tablet. The applications are arranged at the bottom of your screen, and the settings of the Nox App Player are present on the left-hand side of your screen. Nox App Player also has a dark blue theme, which makes the overall look very appealing.


Bluestacks: Performance

Its performance is judged by its benchmark scores, which means how much that program is consuming the CPU and GPU. It is said that Bluestack’s newest version is 6x faster than its previous one. Although this is a huge statement, Bluestacks has never let itself down. We ran a few tests, and the results we got were.

Performance Of BlueStacks

We played Call of Duty: Mobile on Bluestacks for a couple of hours, and the results we got were. Bluestacks was running perfectly fine, and there were no crashes or FPS drops that we noticed. The game was running smoothly, and also, we never saw Bluestacks consuming significantly less CPU. Overall, in terms of performance, Bluestacks performed pretty well.

 Nox App Player: Performance

Although Nox App Player is a light emulator, many people underestimate it. Nox App Player also passed our benchmark test by successfully running Call of Duty: Mobile and other games simultaneously, and we were amazed by the results.

Performance Of Nox App Player

We got Nox App Player also performed well with 0 FPS drops, and no crashes noticed. In comparison with Bluestacks, Nox App Player also provided a head-to-head competition in performance.

System Requirements

Bluestacks: System Requirement

The newest version of Bluestacks can run on Windows and Mac. For windows, anything from Windows & to the latest windows works perfectly fine. If you have a better processor, Bluestacks will work much like but for the basics, you can any AMD, and an Intel processor will work. In terms of memory, you should at least have 2GB RAM and at least 10GB for free disk space, and anything above these limits would result in much better performance. Bluestacks will work if you don’t have a GPU, but to have a GPU if you plan to game.

System Requirement Of BlueStacks

For Mac, if you have OS Sierra and above, Bluestacks will work fine. In terms of processors, if you have an Intel or an AMD dual-core processor, Bluestacks will support that, and for memory, anything above 4GB RAM and 10GB free disk space will work.

Nox App Player: System Requirement

Nox App Player is a light program that wins this category because it can run on any machine you load. For Windows, anything above Windows XP and Vista supports Bluestancks, and for memory, it only requires 1.5GB of RAM and 3 GB of disk space. The system requirements are pretty less for Bluestacks and if you think if these above mentioned are the basics for Nox App Player, then think how Nox App Player will work if it gets updated specs.

System Requirement For Nox App Player

Nox App Player was majorly built for Windows users and was released a year after it was launched. To run Nox App Player, you should have Mac OS 10.9 or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is BlueStacks better than NOX 4?

BlueStacks triumphs over most emulators, even NOX, because of its CPU/RAM usage, frames per second, load time, and app compatibility. The performance and speed of NOX decay over time.


Is it safe to use the Nox app player?

Most of the users felt safe using the NOX app player, including me. As of now, there hasn’t been any security breach detected by using NOX, so I’d say it is pretty safe.


Is there a better Android emulator than BlueStacks?

If you’re looking for a BlueStacks alternative, then MEmu is a better Android emulator for you to use. If you’re a game lover, then you should definitely use it.


Will BlueStacks give me a virus?

You will not get any virus if you’re downloading the BlueStacks emulator from its official website; however, if you’re using a third-party website to download it, there might be a slight risk of getting a virus.


Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose?

After going through this post, we hope that you have now decided and you are the winner as well, that’s Bluestacks. But still, there were some domains where Nox App Player was giving a tough competition to Bluestacks, which was in terms of performance and user-interface.

Although Nox App Player is new, it’s still a budding program and is still growing. We find it entirely relevant to use Bluestacks’ reason being its reliability and robust features. Many popular gamers use Bluestacks to play Android games on their PC because they are aware of Buestacks and its features.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please drop them in the comment section below. We will try to answer all your queries as soon as possible.

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