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Can you trust the Brave Browser? Is it worth downloading or using? Almost every day, you can see a new web browser popping up. It’s because people are losing confidence in Google Chrome and other dominant browsers. There has been a lot of monopolising, as well. Apple Safari and Firefox are still preferable, but it shouldn’t prevent you from testing some new alternatives available for you to download. So let’s move to an in-depth review of Brave Browser.

Brave Browser Reviews

In this post, we have featured Brave Browser review to help you determine whether it is a good selection for you or not.

Brave Browser Review: In a Nutshell

Let’s start with learning about Brave Browser. It is the brainchild of the co-founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich. He is also responsible for the JavaScript programming language. So, you can see that he existed on the digital spectrum before data privacy and data security became a concern.

Much like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Browser, Brave uses open source chromium for its baseline. Therefore, you can use Chrome extensions and import data from other Chromium-based web browsers conveniently. It is quite efficient incompatibility, as well.

Brave claims to be at least three to six times faster than other browsers available, especially Google Chrome. It also focuses primarily on data privacy and security. Thus, it reduces advertisements, the use of cookies, and other third-party intrusions that you might be susceptible to.

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Brave Browser Key Features & Features:

1. Real-Time Optimization

Brave browser performance

Brave software brings you a real-time update regarding the amount of time it saves you. You can see how fast the website loads as it blocks various third-party ads and trackers on the browser. If you use it and check it out, you will see a considerable amount of time it saves when you use Brave ad-blocker.

2. Brave Rewards

Of course, when you use an ad-blocker or anti-ad-tracking measures, it can negatively affect content creators. It is especially true for those genuine in their approach, but advertisement endeavors make it worse for them. That’s where you can use Brave Rewards.

Brave Rewards

It enables users and creators to interact with each other. Basically, Brave software calibrates how much time you’ve spent on a platform. Thus, it then generates a cryptocurrency known as Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).  As a user, you don’t pay for it, but the creator will receive fair compensation for the time you spend on their system.

There is also an alternative where you can decide to add a tip or reward for the creators to contribute to them.

3. BAT (Basic Attention Tokens)

If we talk more about BAT, then these are reward points you get as a user for browsing by using Brave. It’s not as great as some search engines like Bing, but it’s quiet around the level. As you’re contributing to ad revenue, you get some form of compensation through BAT’s model.

Basic Attention Tokens

It doesn’t use your personal information. You are still a master of your data, but as you access a wide range of content or pay attention to ads, the publishers will also receive compensation that would differ from you.

Brave Browser Performance:

Does Brave actually manage to offer everything it claims? Well, it certainly prioritizes privacy. You will have an easier time using extensions and add-ons. There’s no risk of user data getting into the wrong hands, unlike many abusers like Facebook and Google. Thus, you can be assured about personal information.  You don’t have to worry about trackers, either.

Brave Browser Performance

The Brave Browser Users have also noticed a significant increase in performance and speed. There’s no doubt that it is faster than Chrome, which means it also has Firefox and Safari beat in the browser wars.

1. Ease Of Use

As mentioned before, the Brave Browser uses chromium source code. Therefore, it is compatible with everything you can get on the Chrome Web Store. You can also export or import bookmarks and account details without any problem.

2. Memory Usage

Brave uses less memory than many other browsers and stays true to Chromium code. You can say it’s due to not viewing ads, lack of bot, and optimum rendering engine. It is easier to add a new tab. As long as it is compatible, you can use web apps, as well. Website loading is indeed three to six times faster than you’d expect from Brave Browser.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Brave A Safe Browser?

It would seem that Brave is very safe due to its ad-blocking. There is a Brave shield option available right on the top options on each tab. You can use it to calibrate and secure your browsing experience as you like it. It is quite an intriguing addition. Therefore, you can use Brave browser without any problem.


Is Brave Better Than Chrome?

Chrome consumes too much memory per tab. The more tabs you open, the more toll it takes on your system. It’s perhaps due to the use of various spyware and cookies, but nothing can be proven. Still, many authoritative websites and Brave users have tested the two web-browsers. They discovered that Brave loads way faster.


Is A Brave Browser A Virus?

No. Brave is a highly secure and fast web browser that gives many of its competitors a run for the money. It’s because of various initiatives and programs that Brave utilizes that doesn’t harm any party. As a user, you can have a safe browsing experience. Meanwhile, as an advertiser or a content creator, you can earn enough through attention tokens.



To many, Brave Browser feels like a step in the right direction. It comes with several features and protective measures. You don’t have to worry about malware, data branches, and potential exploitation of information from the users.

BAT is quite an ambitious addition. There’s no threat to your privacy or browsing history. You can use any search engine or access premium content.  Finally, it is compatible with any operating system. A wide number of users are migrating to Brave.

Overall, if you’re looking to get a new browser for the internet, it’s quite a compelling choice. Apart from security, faster response, BAT, and Chromium’s standard layout, it doesn’t offer too many features or anything new. So, if you’re someone who prefers user privacy, it might be a great choice for you.

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