Crowd of people watching fireworks display

Fireworks are a symbol of celebration and joy. It is a core element of almost all celebrations across the globe; be it a birthday bash or a wedding festive, Christmas eve, or New year party, it cannot be completed without a beautiful firework display. No matter if you have Sparklers for Wedding or classic Roman Candles, you have to be very alert while using them. Where a beautiful display of fireworks is equally popular among people of all ages, it has equal potential to cause harm as well. In the UK alone, annually almost 300 people get involved in eye injury as a result of a firework accident and 10 of them lose eyesight as well.

The tiny sparks of a firework display have the potential to not only rupture the eyeball but also cause a chemical and thermal burn, corneal abrasions, and retinal detachment.  Where it takes only you to be 18 years old to buy fireworks, in ideal cases you should not be using fireworks until or unless you are a professional and you know all those safety measures. And to continue with that, not only are those who are displaying fireworks are prone to risk but all the spectators are in danger as well. In case you are planning a bonfire in your backyard or wish to attend any occasion where it is likely to have a firework display, you must gear up with all your safety actions.

Here is a list of some safety measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of fireworks:

Give your eyes some rest

While in general, fireworks may seem pleasant to the eyes, just in case you are feeling some sense of discomfort it is always a good idea to look away and avoid watching the fireworks for some time. Because in some cases a firework is too bright that your pupils are unable to adjust accordingly and it causes discomfort to your eyes.

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PPEs are a must

No matter whether you are displaying the firework or just enjoying the show, you must carry your protective equipment with you. In case you are standing too close to the firework just wear your safety goggles to be on the safer side.

Maintain the distance

Thanks to COVID-19 now a lot of people understand why maintaining distance is necessary for your well-being. Similarly, if you are going to watch a firework display, it is important to stand at a safe distance; at least 25m from the fireworks. Also if you are holding sparklers, hold them from an optimum distance with a good grip.

Keep it away from children

While your children may crave badly for those sparkling things, do not give them to your children at any cost. Even, if you are about to watch a firework display with your family supervise your children all the time. Make sure your child is away from the firework launch site; at least 500 ft. to protect both his eyes and ears.

Check the standards

If you are the host of a firework display, always check if the firecrackers you brought match the British Regulatory Standards. For this, you need to buy from a reputable shop or retailer and check if they are marked as BS 7114 on the box.

Never go near a missed firecracker

In case your firecracker does not turn on don’t ever go near it to check again. A lit firework may have a damaged fuse which can explode at any time causing harm. Hence, never go near a lit firecracker or never hold it in your hand until it goes completely off.

Rush for medical assistance

If by any misfortune, you have an accident caused by a firework rush for medical assistance.  Try calling the medical helpline and get an ambulance. Hold your eye with a tissue and do not rub it. Do not rinse your eye, don’t put pressure, and do not rub it. Since it’s a critical matter seek some professional only, don’t try to experiment yourself, it may cause more harm than ever.

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Better care than cure

It is recommended to follow all these safety tips in the season of festivals and celebrations and stay safe rather than being sorry.