Amazon Prime membership is a subscription that gives free access to its members across all Amazon platforms. Books, music, movies, series, you name it. Founded in 2005 and owned by the e-commerce giant Amazon, Prime gives its users a 2-day shipping window and many more discounts not available for users without a Prime membership.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Initially, there was only a yearly charge. At first, Amazon Prime subscription was 79 USD for a year. The subscription cost increased gradually to 99 USD for a year in 2014. In 2018, the yearly subscription was 119 USD for a year. It is the same year when Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced that subscribers exceeded 100 million worldwide. Only in 2016, Amazon introduced a monthly subscription for Amazon Prime. Now, Amazon Prime is available in over 18 countries.

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How to Cancel your Amazon Prime Membership?

Amazon Prime can be quite expensive for users. There are lots of subscriptions that users are utilizing every day. In this guide, we will show you how to cancel your subscriptions. The steps are simple steps to cancel your Amazon Prime membership. You can follow this guide to stop your payments to Amazon.

From PC –

In this section, we take a look at how to cancel your Amazon Prime membership from PC.

  • To cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, log in to your Amazon account. You can sign in using the email account and password. It works if you are already online on the service. Users can cancel their subscriptions from both PC and Mobile devices.
    amazon signin
  • First, click on the drop-down menu in the left corner. Here you will find the options which say account settings. Click on the button and then go to the Manage Prime Membership option.
    Amazon Account Settings
  • Users can proceed by clicking on End Membership and Benefits, and you will get a confirmation message to continue to cancel your Amazon Prime membership. You can end your Amazon Prime membership by clicking on End membership.
    cancel amazon prime

These are the steps to cancel your Amazon Prime membership through the PC website.

From Smartphone –

Users can also cancel their Amazon Prime subscription through the smartphone. You can easily do this by going on the platform. The PC website is ideal, but we always have our mobile with us. You can download the Amazon app to make the process smooth. Here are the steps to do the same.

  • People who shop online regularly utilize their smartphones quite a lot. You can visit the app and log in to your account. Click on the options button on the top left corner. It is the menu bar with three lines.
    Visit Amazon App
  • In the menu option, you will see the Prime button. It has all the information about Amazon Prime. Existing users can click on this option to see their Prime benefits and charges.
    select prime on amazon
  • In the prime settings, you can easily end your membership. It is ideal for those who want to cancel their subscriptions. Click on the button, and you will have to sign in again for confirmation. You will not see this in my account because I am currently not a Prime member. Other users can cancel easily through this option.
    End membership on amazon prime

These were the steps to cancel the Prime membership using your smartphone devices.

About Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime launched in the United States in the year 2005. In the beginning, the purpose was only a way to get two-day shipping on products that the company sold. It didn’t require much shipping account. As years passed by, Amazon added more features to the service. Features included access to streaming movies and TV shows. It offered online photo storage too.

There is also an Amazon Prime Student subscription. This subscription provides a six-month free trial with access to video streaming, free music, and kindle access.

Amazon doesn’t offer any restrictions during the trial period ends. The subscription cost after the six-month free trial is 60 USD for a year with all regular features. It is almost 50% lesser than the regular Prime membership costs. The only requirement for getting a Prime Student subscription is a “.edu” email ID and some documents for verification purposes.

Pricing of Amazon Prime:

The subscription cost is considerably less than other streaming platforms such as Netflix. The subscription requires INR 129 for a month or INR 999 for a year. You can choose either one of the plans and enjoy your golden ticket to access all Amazon platforms. Enjoy international best-sellers and blockbusters by just subscribing once. Subscription costs vary depending on the country. For instance,

  • Unites States of America (USA) – 119 USD for a year and 12.99 USD for a month.
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) – 140 AED for a year and 16 AED for a month.

Benefits With Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime makes sure that it provides its members with all the possible benefits. The membership covers everything from entertainment to shopping. Below is a list of some features provided by Amazon. Take a look at the benefits of having a Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video

You can find a wide variety of movies and television shows. Starting from the films that stand through the test of time to modern thrillers, from the English language to all regional languages, Amazon Prime Video is the library of binge-worthy movies and television shows. You can experience 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) video quality with an Amazon Prime membership. In addition to that, Prime members can enjoy watching movies and television shows offline as well. For new accounts, Amazon Prime Video offers a one-month free trial. You can browse through and look for yourself to decide whether to get on with a subscription after.

Prime Music:

Prime Music

Again, with this affordable subscription, you can enjoy AD-FREE music. Other platforms require you to unlock the premium version costing you more than the prime subscription. You get unlimited access to play millions of songs, playlists, stations, and albums. One who is not much into exploring Hollywood music will find Prime Music sufficient.

Prime Reading:

Prime Reading

Kindle Unlimited applies only to the account holders of a few chosen banks. Prime Reading serves as an alternative to those inconveniences. Google Prime Reading. It redirects you to the Prime Reading page on the Amazon India website. Then, you can browse through the Amazon Reading catalog and pick whatever you want to read. Prime Reading consists of books written in regional languages too. You can borrow books, comics, and whatnot! Once you select the books and click on the get or buy option below, it downloads on your Amazon Kindle app. You can find the books in the library of your Amazon Kindle app.

Amazon Photos:

With Amazon Photos, you can back up your existing photos with high resolution. You can view your photos on your Amazon Prime logged-in devices. In other words, it is online photo storage.

Amazon Kids +:

Amazon Kids

Amazon Kids + gives access to innumerable kid-friendly content. Movies, books, and games are compatible with all devices. Also, access educational content.

Prime Wardrobe:

You can put on and have a trail of clothes and pieces of jewelry at home and pay only for what you buy.

Gaming offers:

Amazon Gaming offers

You will get in-game content for free with Amazon Prime subscription. All you have to do is link your Amazon Prime account to a third-party account and enjoy your unlimited free in-game purchases every month. Remember that this process concerns the third-party account’s terms and conditions. Amazon offers Twitch Prime to access in-game content. Twitch Prime does not support in India. We can access in-game content through another third-party host.

Amazon UPI:

Amazon UPI

Amazon UPI is the same as others as PhonePe, GPay, and Paytm. You can link your savings bank account and make payments using Amazon UPI. You can also make payments using any third-party websites and apps which accept UPI.

Shopping and deals:

Now coming to shopping perks, Amazon Prime subscription includes Free one day, two day and same-day delivery only to eligible addresses. There is a No-Rush Shipping for eligible addresses. It also offers scheduled delivery only to eligible addresses. You can also get discounted Morning Delivery only for eligible addresses(at INR 50). There is Early Access during Amazon sales, Especially on lightning deals.

These are some of the benefits of being a Prime member on Amazon.


Amazon Prime is one of the most exciting subscriptions on the market currently. Readers can benefit tremendously from such a subscription. In 2020 it can be not easy to manage tons of payments. Users who are reconsidering their payments can reduce expenses through this service. You can follow the guide and cancel Amazon prime. We hope the article covers all of your doubts and queries.

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