It’s essential to know all the vital facts about vape products as a vapor since it’s easy to get confused about CBD oil and CBD vape juice. Knowing the difference opens your eyes to a new spectrum of possibilities in regards to vaping. This timely piece sheds light on the differences you need to know to tell them apart.

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1.  Each is Administered Differently

Cbd vape

You are better off when you first understand the difference in the terms’ oil’ and ‘liquid.’ Manufacturers of CBD oils and nicotine-free vape intended for users to take them orally rather than smoking or vaping them.

On the other hand, CBD vape juice is meant for use on vape devices. Read through each manufacturer’s instructions to know where you stand with them and enjoy them to the fullest.

What’s more, vapers consider CBD vape juice to be a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Vapers make use of it by incorporating it into their vape pens, where it is accurately converted to vapor.

Manufacturers treat enthusiastic vapers to various vape devices that are already filled with CBD vape juice. Modern times have declared CBD vape juice one of the most potent ways to make the most out of CBD products and their soothing benefits.

Aside from administering them orally, you can apply CBD oil directly on the skin too. CBD experts advise strongly against using CBD oil in the same way as vape juice.

2.  Different Combinations

CBD oil comes about by combining different oils such as coconut, hemp, or olive oils with a random extract of CBD. Some CBD oils may have flavors of sorts to make oral use a more delicious and pleasant affair.

The main reason for this is to make it easier for the body to absorb and digest CBD oil once you consume it. CBD gummies also have a similar effect and it is because of this reason people often suggest CBD edibles to help you chill.

As a result of these combinations, you must never expose CBD oils to extreme levels of heat. This will only result in a vapor that you’ll find horrible and unsettling. The vapor will also cause harm to your lungs and eventually ruin your vape pen’s coil.

In CBD vape juice, a CBD extract is also involved but must be paired with an agent such as PG/VG. These agents act as thinners, which ensure that the juice attains the optimum level of thickness.

Cbd tincture

A CBD vape juice that’s too thick will affect the vaporizing experience negatively. The essence of attaining a suitable thickness is to make the vapor comfortable and clean enough to facilitate a less problematic inhalation process.

These agents must be present in the right proportions to make CBD vape juice safer and highly effective for vaping. One thing that tends to confuse vapers, even more, is the packaging.

Most of the time, CBD oils and CBD vape juice are packaged in the same way. It’s hard to tell them apart sometimes, especially when they come in minute glass bottles.

This calls for a heightened level of keenness when shopping for them to avoid confusion. Read the labels very carefully and get your facts right.

3.  Different Strengths

CBD oil and CBD vape juice vary in terms of strength. According to the users, the extracts used in each of them will most likely determine how strong they will be. For instance, hemp extract determines how strong or weak CBD vape juice will turn out.

Hemp extract takes the place of Nicotine in CBD Vape juice, which explains why most of them are free of the substance. As mentioned earlier, VG and PG agents’ level in vape juice determines the type of vaping experience.

A higher concentration in VG produces a thicker cloud of vape, which the vapers love and adore. In contrast, a higher PG level assures the vaper of more flavors in their vape juice.

As much as you appreciate the flavor, be prepared for a more advanced hit when it gets to the back of your throat. On the bright side, not all vape juices are this strong.

Some manufacturers will go the extra mile and find a perfect balance to produce a softer and smoother hit. CBD vape oils are based on hemp oil extracts, which act as their driving force.

Not all CBD oils are manufactured in the same way.

Cbd oil

4.  Difference In Manufacturers

Contrary to what you might expect as a vape enthusiast, manufacturers of CBD vape products also get the names mixed up. For example, some companies will name their brands’ vape oils’ when the likely term should be CBD oils. This gets most vapers confused and undecided on what vaping path to follow.

Whichever the case, be on the lookout for the method by which you should use it. Credible CBD companies have websites that you can visit to clear up all the doubts you may have.

You may have come across the term ‘tincture’ as well. In most cases, vape experts conclude that it’s the same as CBD oil since they are both oils. It’s impossible and inadvisable to vape a tincture.

The level of thickness is not suited for a vape pen. Besides, it will only end up causing irreparable damage to your vape device by getting it all clogged up. That’s not all. Your vape pen’s coil will become messy and eventually render it ineffective enough to carry out its vape functions.

Additionally, manufacturers also bear in mind that CBD oils are naturally thick. As such, they are incapable of producing a better vapor. An experiment of vaping CBD oils will end in utter disaster.

To be more precise, this unusual vaping exercise will leave you feeling empty since you’ll have burned up the oil faster than you should. You will also end up having to inhale a thick smoke rather than a smoother and softer cloud of vape.

5.  Varying Brands

You could most likely come across CBD oils and CBD vape juices whose brands fail to follow CBD products’ rules. It takes a keen eye to track such brands down and follow them up for the safety of your health.

In essence, trustworthy and reliable CBD brands like Bolt CBD always save the day. It gives you a vaping experience that’s more straightforward and safe too.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil and CBD vape juice are both CBD products but vary greatly, especially in regard to their use. Getting your facts right first before buying and using any of them is a safe way to get started on them, especially as a beginner.