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Is CCleaner worth using in today’s highly advanced digital era? Over a decade ago, CCleaner took the world by a storm. It grew popular as a software uninstaller and a system utility platform. You had a wide array of features and options aimed to boost your PC’s performance. Ccleaner reached such a height that many other developers worked to bring you various similar software and utility tools for your system. However, the original application stayed on the top. It was so successful that Avast bought Ccleaner from Piriform. And here is the in-depth CCleaner review.

CCleaner Review

Hence, it begs the question of how reliable or credible this utility tool is? Is there any merit in using this tool anymore? Should you invest in the premium subscriptions? Let’s try to break it down into an explanation you can understand.

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CCleaner Review – Brief Information

As mentioned earlier, CCleaner is a software uninstaller and a performance-boosting utility. However, it’s primary objective is to remove or clean the registry of the windows. Many other registry cleaners fail to perform the task efficiently. They often end up backfiring someday and corrupting the system. However, Ccleaner held the highest efficiency and accuracy rate among all other options.

Furthermore, you can use it to remove cookies, permanently delete items, or remove unwanted junk files from the computer. That’s how it claimed to boost the system’s performance. Currently, it is available for Windows 7 and above versions. There is a macOS version available for 10.8 or above. It is also available for Android 5.0 or higher.

Features Of CCleaner:

CCleaner is a registry cleaner. It works by scanning your computer to go through the resources. If it detects any useless or junk registry, you will have an option to delete it. Correlatively, if there are registries that require cleaning, that will be done as well. You can effectively clean your browsing data, clear cache, and history. It enables you to take care of cookies and other footprints. If you don’t trust your browser for cleaning the internet data, it is a good alternative.


For experts or people well-versed in computers, there are advanced features for DNS logs and much more that one can access to modify or delete. You also get a software uninstaller, which works on any stubborn third-party platform as well. Therefore, if you’re worried about something sticking around to your system or not deleting permanently, it is an excellent way to take care of those problems.

You can recover lost files and data. However, the permanent file deleter of CCleaner is so advanced that even it’s recovery tool can’t bring it back.

1. Ease Of Use Through Interface

There are two options of Health Check and Custom Use that are available for the users. If you’re a beginner and don’t understand how these tools work, it’s better to stick to a health check or quick check. Custom scans are for when you get a better understanding of the platform. There are many other tools and options like tweaking or customizing the system for higher performance immediately and much more.

user interface

The overlay and UI/UX is easy on the eyes with a pleasant theme. It’s not too hard to navigate or use the app. It is straightforward and kept minimalist for fast performance. Overall, the software is specific to use. Apart from scanning, registry cleaner has a different option and tab. Even less-tech savvy individuals could efficiently use the application.

2. User Support And Database

The official website has a lot of data and articles on how to use Ccleaner more effectively. You will also find many helpful tips and advice on reinforcing the security of keeping the system’s performance instant.


There are also built-in help options and a support center ready to assist you. It comes with a comprehensive collection of databases to become an expert in using the software if you decide to read them. So, Piriform’s Ccleaner does a remarkable job of informing its users.

3. Security Measures – Is CCleaner Safe?

CCleaner Security

Now that Avast owns the tool, it is hard to question its safety and security. If you trust Avast or find it credible, then Ccleaner would be safe for you to use. There isn’t any malware or other problems with your waitings. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now that you have a full Ccleaner Review, it’s about time to focus on the questions and aspects that matter. Let’s talk about whether you need it or if it is worth investing in.


Is There A Need For CCleaner In Today’s Systems?

CCleaner arrived when we didn’t have high-performing systems. We had limited RAM, storage, and components to boost the performance. Even at that time, there haven’t been too many noticeable tweaks through CCleaner. It wasn’t a magical tool that suddenly made your system lightning-fast. However, it gave a sense of organization and provided an illusion that it might be faster if it is organized.


Is There A CCleaner From Microsoft?

A question worth pondering upon. Why hasn’t Microsoft rolled out a system utility tool like Ccleaner if it’s such a great application? Microsoft went as far as refusing to even partner with third-party providers or associate with any of these. According to PCs’ pioneer, there’s no need for users to meddle with the system registry. It’s irrelevant and doesn’t bear any results.

So, it would seem that Microsoft believes Softwares like Ccleaner are irrelevant and unnecessary.


Can CCleaner Corrupt Your System?

CCleaner was more accurate and efficient than other registry cleaners. However, there’s no hard proof that it couldn’t ruin your operating system. In simple words, it can very much corrupt your system or destroy the files. More importantly, there have been reports and complaints from the users who claim that their system slowed down further with the tool’s use. So, it isn’t a miracle tool.



The latest Windows operating systems, Android, and MacOS come with sufficient tools and features that enable you to do the same thing that CCleaner would offer. It was more effective a decade ago when operating systems were less advanced, and we didn’t have many utilities. Today, it’s better to place your trust in authentic companies like Microsoft and their built-in features than using irrelevant software like CCleaner.

However, if you’re curious or understanding, then CCleaner does possess some remarkable features and options for you to explore and use on the system. If you have enough understanding, you can use it for some positive impact. I hope you like our CCleaner Review.

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