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Chrome or Firefox, which browser you should choose for a fantastic web surfing experience? Though both options are great, still which one is more reliable and features everything that a perfect web-browser should provide to its users? There’re plenty of notions around why one is better over another. So let’s move forward to deep dive into the comparison between Chrome vs Firefox.

Chrome VS Firefox

In this article, we’re on the hunt for the web browser between Chrome and Firefox, so you can come to know which browser can better fit in your internet life. We’ll try to get a full-fledged insight into both options to conclude the best one through an in-depth comparison.

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Chrome vs Firefox – Overview

1. Market

Both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the prominent browsers in the market. Even though Mozilla Firefox is one of the oldest web browsers, Google Chrome appears to be more dominant as more than 65% of users are found on this web browser platform. At the same time, Firefox has only 10% of the total market share of users.

2. User Interface

The best user interface streamlines the communication between a user and a website. Hence, a web browser’s overall design and layout should be well optimized to offer a best-in-class user experience. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are best when it comes to the user interface. A user can instantly get access to browsing features without any hassle.

Chrome User Interface

The Tab management feature in Firefox ensures smooth multitasking and navigation process is also useful in Mozilla Firefox.  However, the Tab management feature is also quite remarkable in Google Chrome, and it also comes with an image search option, which provides Google Chrome a competitive benefit in the market.

Firefox User interface

3. Features and Options

Google Chrome comes with more features. For instance, a user can install extensions to carry out professional work on the internet. The customization options and sync features, including a good number of minor features, makes it a jam-packed web browser. Firefox also provides these features, but, It appears to be more engaging because it offers daily updates to the user on various topics.

Chrome options

You also get a QR code and Night Mode option in the Firefox browser, making the whole web surfing more manageable. However, Google chrome tops because of the integrated options like Google Docs, and Google translates, and Gmail, on-demand among internet users.

firefox options - Chrome VS Firefox

A user can also access multiple accounts on the chrome web browsers. Also, a user can switch to the dark mode option in chrome. Though, the tools customization option lacks in Google Chrome. Firefox provides user-related features in a good number that makes it quite engaging. That’s why it’s a tie between both.

4. Speed and Performance

It’s the damn correct point to note down when choosing the best browser between Chrome and Firefox. The speed and performance of any web platform make it stand out even though it lacks features. If one browser gives slow response time, it turns out to be a significant drawback of it. Though, it’s simple to check out the speed and performance level of a web browser.

Chrome Speed

Just take a quick look at the system’s RAM, which web browser is more hungry. The web browser consuming higher RAM will undoubtedly deliver the slowest response time. In terms of speed and performance, Mozilla Firefox wins because it consumes less Ram and provides ultra-fast response time. A user can carry out multitasking seamlessly.

Firefox Speed

But it’s a significant shortcoming in Google Chrome as it consumes high RAM even though there’s no website opened on the web. The background extension sometimes ruins the overall user experience as laptops with less RAM capacity face lag or freeze issues.  That’s why Mozilla Firefox tops in terms of speed and performance.

5. Privacy and Security

With the increase of web breaching and web phishing kind of harmful activities in the internet world, the need for high-end Privacy and Security has increased on every web browsing channel. The platform that shows less security concern can easily invite threats to steal your personal information.

Owing to this concern, Firefox offers its users many add-ons. It provides robust protection to the users on its web browser. Still, Google Chrome has done a better job related to privacy and security. Firefox comes with a complex add-on system, but Google Chrome wins the race because of its pre-integrated security features.

When one is landing on malicious content, Google Chrome alerts the user. That’s Google Chrome protects you from becoming the victim of increasing threats in the internet world.

Chrome vs  Firefox – Quick Comparison

FeaturesChromeFirefoxOS AvailabilityYESYESMobile OS AvailabilityYESYESPrimary PasswordNOYESTask Manager for WebsitesYESNOIncognito ModeYESYESReopen Tabs Closed by MistakeYESYESIn-browser screenshot toolNOYESAutoplay BlockingNOYES

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Firefox safer than chrome?

Both Firefox and Chrome hold a track record of their highly-encrypted and safest web browsing experience to the user. Still, Google Chrome turns out to be a much safer option because of its pre-integrated features that also alerts users while landing on a harmful site.


What is the best browser in 2020?

In 2020, Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best web browser. Currently, one-third of all internet users from all across the world use Google Chrome. It’s all due to the plethora of features and options that only Google Chrome offers to internet users.


Which is the fastest Web browser between Chrome and Firefox?

Firefox is a much faster alternative as compared to Google Chrome. Firefox consumes less RAM, making it deliver the fastest response time when you open a website.


Conclusion: Chrome is the Winner!

Ultimately, it’s very clear Google Chrome deserves to be a winner. It’s a secure platform and offers a plethora of features to the users. Though, because of low response time, the chrome observes a slight downfall in its demand; still, it turns out to be the best option.

For multitasking, Firefox is undoubtedly a great option, but the extension installation and some of the highly used integrated applications, for example- Google Docs, Email and raise the demands of Google Chrome. A user can also carry out some essential adjustments in Google Chrome. Altogether, Google Chrome wins this battle of Chrome Vs. Firefox. However, Firefox is also great, but in a few segments, Google Chrome outperforms.

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