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Not sure which one to buy, a Chromebook or a Laptop? Or don’t have the exact knowledge of tech specificities? Here’s the answer. In the debate between the Chromebook vs Laptop, the debate brings down to the affordability vs versatility and convenience vs cost. Should you prefer to buy a laptop or a Chromebook?

No matter what your preference is and what you are seeking: an expensive laptop or an affordable Chromebook, we can help you to make the right decision. Depending on your preference, it’s important to do some research homework before buying any of these.

Chromebook VS Laptop

We know that even after keeping an eagle eye on various specifications, choosing between the Chromebook and a laptop is a challenging job. But not anymore, because we’ve done the research work for you. So, let’s dive into the details and check where the debate is over.

Chromebook vs laptop Counterparts: Key Specs

Key SpecificationsChromebookLaptopScreen Size10 – 15-inches11 – 17-inchesOperating SystemChromeOSWindows 10ProcessorMobile chipIntel CoreMicrosoft OfficeWeb appsWindows OfficeStorage32GB+128GB – 1TBBatteryTen hours+3 – 12 hoursPrice Range$200 – $1000$300 – $2500

Chromebooks vs Laptop – What’s The Main Difference?

In general, the Chromebook is technical, a portable laptop too. However, there’s a difference in the functionality, design, UI, and overall philosophy. And this functionality gap makes the Chromebook and the Laptop differ from each other. The Chromebook runs over the Chrome OS, Google’s operating system that solely focuses on online usage. But not the Chromebooks gaining access to the Linus apps allows them to widen up their portfolio as the portable laptop.

The Windows or the laptop are more organized and feature-loaded devices. The laptop uses the traditional desktop operating system, which operates independently and does even more work than a regular Chromebook offline. But there is no straightforward answer to which one to buy. Rather, it depends on what your need is what suits you best.

Storage Battle

Undoubtedly, there’s no debate in that; the laptop wins here. Chromebooks offer 128 GB of storage, which is not enough to store bulk files, video, and many more items. However, that doesn’t mean Chromebook isn’t a great choice to buy. You can still prefer it if you have small storage needs. Cloud storage could be a better alternative to store data.

On the other side, the laptop offers you amenable storage ranging from 256 GB to 1TB. If you have a great collection of movies, photos, videos, and music, including other files, you can consider buying the laptops with Windows.

Performance Winner

If you are looking for a proper powerpack performance in a Chromebook over a laptop, then Chromebook is relatively simple and slower. The Chromebook runs on the Chrome OS operating system, smoother, and doesn’t need much power to run efficiently.

Chromebook vs Laptop performance

The laptop’s new models run on Windows 10 processors, which is still a far better operating system that offers beast performance. On top of that, the laptop is highly compatible with intensive software and provides you more improved performance than the Chromebook.

On the flip side, the Window 10 processor is a curse too, it might be flexible to do complex tax, but it is slightly heavy going. If you have less work, then Chromebook would be ideal for you.

Portability King

In the fast-paced world, we prefer to have portable devices that are quite handy and easily transported. There is no rocket science to say Chromebook is slightly smaller, lighter, thinner in size. These features make them extremely portable to carry.

Meanwhile, the ultra-portable laptop is quite less common still. Only a few laptops can compete in terms of portability, but they are significantly much more expensive than the regular laptop model. So, here in terms of portability, Chromebooks dominate the laptop.

Speaking of the Cloud

As discussed earlier, the Chromebook lives on low storage space and needs to rely on the cloud for extra storage, especially Google’s storage services. Chromebooks can help to handle work to an extent without an internet connection.

With this, you’ll get around 15 GB of cloud storage for free on Google Drive. However, if you need to access more storage, you need to pay extra cost. But on the laptop, you already get so much storage, so you don’t need to rely on the cloud storage space to store your data.

Battery Life

An excellent battery backup is all we need to run our laptop without the need to charge over and over again. Coming to battle over this, then laptops winning too. Thanks to the powerful processor and other updates, the laptop took more than 12 hours of battery backup. But that doesn’t mean Chromebook is less than the laptop.

Chromebook Speaking of the Cloud

Here, the Chromebook is no less than the laptop as it offers around 10+ hours of battery backup, which is slightly enough to handle all-day work.

Security Crunch

Well, here we can’t say which offers more security. But here, the Chromebook offers the advantage of security because of its limited approach. Chromebook runs over Chrome OS, which is not so prone to attracts so; you’re less likely to succumb to the viruses.

Chromebook Security

Google also takes multiple approaches and steps to make sure that your system is safe from the hands of evils. On the same spot, Windows always remains the prime target of hackers, malware, and viruses. Because of the complex operating system and popularity, Windows is always vulnerable to hackers.

laptop security

Besides that, no matter how secure your system, your system still has the chance to get hacked. So, here you can rely on the security of the Chromebook because it isn’t that vulnerable to hackers.

Specialized Software Preference

As mentioned above, Chromebook does not run the software; instead of this, they use the web app to run any specialized software. Chromebook may offer some special software that eases down your task but to an extent only.

So, when we talk about the need for specialized software, we must choose Windows. For instance, if you need something like AutoCAD software, architects, professionals photoshop software, then the traditional laptop is a big win.

Let’s not forget about gaming; Chromebooks are still a great option for playing games you can download from the Google Play Store. But still, the Window offers great software to play some serious games. Alternatively, the Nvidia GeForce, Google Stadia, can make the Chromebooks a better gaming alternative.


When it comes to affordability, without any doubt, Chromebook wins here because it offers the best value right now, it leans into the more affordable territory because you can get even in the $300. However, you receive some best laptops too in this price range but with fewer features and specifications. If you don’t want to compromise with the specs, it costs you hard over your pocket.

Chromebook vs Laptop – Which One is Best for You?

Now, as you know that there is a clear-cut difference between the Chromebook and Laptop, what will you pick up? Are you still in doubt? In this nutshell, we recommend you to buy the Chromebooks that want to use the laptop for only web purposes and live on Android apps. Chrome OS is faster and secure, and affordable.

Chromebook vs Laptop offers

But if you need to operate more advanced programs, then choose the Windows operating system laptop over Chromebook. A laptop might be an expensive option but great for all purposes. Simultaneously, the Chromebook is great for casual users who need a portable laptop just for entertainment purposes.


Both the laptop and Chromebooks offer you various chassis to meet your needs at an extreme level. However, when it comes to a face-to-face battle, we often confuse the debate. As of now, we’ve sorted out this battle to an extent to ease down your buying hurdles. These defensible comparisons help to rely on the best for you.

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