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Sometimes, Chromecast fails to connect with the device. After multiple tries, if you’re still unable to stream your favorite content on your TV, then have a look at the best possible solutions discussed in this post. Don’t worry; the resolution is just a few lines away from you!

Chromecast Not Working

Why Chromecast isn’t working?

In many cases, it happens that Chromecast doesn’t work as well as it was used to work before. In recent days, if you’re experiencing some issue related to streaming a video, then first check out the Wi-Fi network. Possible there are some issues with it. Check your router, maybe it’s broadcasting with a poor frequency. Did you update the firmware? Does the device get enough power required to work smoothly? If all these things are okay, you can think about taking some necessary steps here.

Best Ways to Fix Chromecast Not Working Issues:

Once you’ve checked that everything, Wi-Fi, router, and connected device is okay, you can go through the easy-to-follow steps stated below.

1. Restart the Chromecast

Restart the Chromecast

Sometimes, the issues are resolved through a simple restart process. So simply unplug the Chromecast device from your TV or connected device. Hold on! as sometimes, the connected device takes time to respond. After a few minutes, plug-in the Chromecast and see.

2. Reboot the smartphone, tablet, or Computer

If nothing happened, then choose this next step. Maybe you like to control your Chromecast device from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. So reboot the remote device and get the resolution of your problem. If you run Chromecast on a smart TV, check out its instruction manual and reboot the TV accordingly.

3. Restart the router might solve the issue

reset router 1

If all your devices are good, possibly the router isn’t working well. It’s a usual thing that you can experience any time. A simple rebooting can provide you with relief from this issue. Just Unplug the router or Wi-Fi router and wait for a few seconds. Plug it back in the power source and see if the problem resolves.

4. Don’t forget the Chromecast Extender!


If you’re holding an older version of Chromecast, find the extender that came with this device. Many times, TVs block the signal from Chromecast. Therefore, this extender detects the networks for Chromecast. It’s good if you’re holding an extender. Simply, insert it into the Port (HDMI) of your TV and also plug the Chromecast into the TV. See, if it works.

5. Check the Router’s Frequency

Check the Routers Frequency

Did you check the router’s frequency? Possible that the issues aren’t in your device but the infrequency of your router. Modern routers easily provide 2.4 GHz to 5GHz frequency. Though, Chromecast can work fluently on 2.4GHz frequency. But if your router isn’t giving the sufficient frequency required to experience a Chromecast streaming device, you need to reset it right away.  If still, the problem is steady, try out the further steps.

6. May Be Chromecast Firmware Needs to Update

Chromecast Firmware

Perhaps, you haven’t updated the firmware that’s why the issue is coming. It can be a reason if you are unable to stream cast videos, pictures, or music on the device. So make sure you update the firmware. If updates are available, possibly you’ve forgotten to update it. It’s great if this solution works for you.

7. Did You Check Network Congestion?

Chromecast uses strong signals to perform the same way you want. You can’t watch your favorite video, Netflix videos, or amazon prime videos on poor signal quality.  If you see constant buffering on the screen, this solution will fix all the issues. Also, check the connected device with the network. If multiple devices are using the same network, the issue may occur. Disconnect the devices that aren’t in use and enjoy your Chromecast device again.

8. Do You Have an Updated Chrome?

In most instances, a simple chrome update is a basic need that your Chromecast device is demanding from you for a very long time. Possible, you’re ignoring it. So check out whether a new chrome version is available. The problem continues, don’t worry, we’ve few options left to try.

9. Change the Power Supply

Maybe, the power supply isn’t working properly. Chromecast has its own power supply, so if you use an additional HDMI or USB port, either change it or don’t do this. It can also ruin your streaming experience as a minor physical touch can lead to a spontaneous restart.

10. Hard Reset

Now, it’s time to give your Chromecast device a hard reset. Find a little button available near the power cable of the device. Press and hold this button for a few seconds until its light begins to flash. See, did it work?

11. Reset the Chromecast to factory settings

In the end, the only option remained to go to factory settings and reset the whole Chromecast device. Though, in this way, you may lose the entire stored data. But if the problem is steady, you don’t have any other option than reset the device from the factory settings option. For this, you will require to login into the google home app to reset the whole device. Even though your Chromecast is facing additional issues, this step will resolve them all in one shot.

12. Contact Support team

If still not working. None of the steps stated above is working for you. Then don’t delay; it’s time to get in touch with the customer support team. Find the contact options at their official website or app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. Should I Reset The Chromecast Device?

Ans: Reset your Chromecast device only if none of the solutions is working. Resetting may lead to data loss.

2Q. How Do I Use Chromecast on TV?

Ans: Simply plug the Chromecast device into your tv. Download the Google Home App and follow the instructions

3Q. Can I use Chromecast on any TV?

Ans: Chromecast works only on those TVs that come with an HDMI port, Wi-Fi features.


Try all these steps one by one. Usually, your Chromecast device seeks little attention. That’s why, before you take any major action, or end up resetting the whole device, begin the first step and when you find no resolution, don’t hesitate to contact customer support.

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