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The demand for Chromecast is booming, and of course, you can use this Chromecast streaming device without Wi-Fi. Though, technically it’s possible. It’s very simple for a user to use Chromecast and display his favorite content on a big screen without any need for Wi-Fi. So, let’s move forward to know how to use Chromecast without WiFi.

Can I Use Chromecast Without WiFi

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However, sometimes you may need a local connection for doing it. Or else, if you have stored content in the device, it doesn’t remain that troublesome task. You can watch your favorite content without internet access. Still, if a few questions often make you scratch your head, this post will surely lift your knowledge.

Can I Use Chromecast Without WiFi?

If you haven’t purchased this smart device that enables you to control your TV from your smartphone or computer, this question is usually in your mind-Does Chromecast need Wi-Fi while casting to TV? So let’s clear your entire doubts. Typically, it isn’t necessary to access the internet connection. If you’re using Chromecast- for casting video or music content on the TV screen, you can simply connect it with your smartphone or computer.

Though earlier the internet connection was mandatory, after integrating the latest “Guest Mode” feature that has raised the ChromeCast demand in the market, you can do it without internet access. If you don’t want to use a Public or Hotel Wi-Fi network, this “Guest Mode” feature is probably going to bring easiness to your life.

What is Chromecast Guest Mode?

Of course, you must know about this feature that has provided Chromecast a competitive edge in the market. The new “Guest Mode” has been recently launched in this smart device. It enables users to watch their favorite content (e.g., videos, music, and photos) directly on the host’s device without using the host’s Wi-Fi network.

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Though, for both sender and receiver devices (e.g., Chromecast), it doesn’t remain essential to connect with the same network. That’s why this feature is proving helpful for those ChromeCast users who don’t want to be a victim of web phishing, a kind of serious web issue that is rapidly booming in the internet world.

Hence, this smart streaming stick is turning out to be a great travel companion that’ll make you feel safe as you’ll not be using public Wi-Fi.

How to use Chromecast Without Wi-Fi (Internet Connection)

Yes, you can use Chromecast on your Android devices without any need for Connection. But make sure your Chromecast device is available to the latest firmware only then you can cast your favorite content on another device connected with Chromecast without any need for the Internet.

Though, you can download the latest firmware using Wi-Fi as ChromeCast provides you updates on it. Now let’s have a look at the steps to follow to connect ChromeCast with your Android Device, and of course, without using the Internet:

  • Connect the Chromecast streaming device to the HDMI port of your TV.
    Chromecast into Computer
  • Now, come to your Tablet or Android Phone and Google Home App if it is already downloaded.
    Android phone casting page
  • Choose the screen that you want to share.
  • Now a four-digit PIN will pop-up on your TV.
  • Get it and Enter this PIN on your Google Home app at the asked location. Here you go!

Connecting ChromeCast With a Mobile Hotspot – For Non-Android Users

Don’t feel sad if you can’t use ChromeCast with the Google Home app. If you aren’t an Android device user, you can use ChromeCast with no need for internet access.

Nowadays, companies are launching some fantastic yet smart features in smartphones. Hence, if your Hotspot acts like a Wi-Fi network, you do not need to worry about it. You can simply connect your smartphone device to the ChromeCast Connected device using mobile Hotspot.

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But, make sure you’ve enough internet packs in your account. While casting and streaming videos, the connected device with the ChromeCast device can consume your mobile cellular data in a heavy amount, Especially if you want to cast content on a big screen.

Make sure you can’t use this device with Hotspot connect. You’ll have to use another device to cast video, music, and picture on the ChromeCast Connected device.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I use Mobile Data to Cast Content on ChromeCast?

ChromeCast does require a network connection. But you can use it only on an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network and not on mobile cellular data. Still, most smartphone devices feature Wi-Fi configuration in hotspots, so it’s possible.  Though, you can use it without a network under some conditions too.


Can I Mirror my Smartphone To ChromeCast Connected Device without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can mirror your smartphone to the Chromecast connected device if you have no Wi-Fi. Even though you want to mirror computer devices, it’s possible with ChromeCast.


What is the ChromeCast Casting Device?

Google ChromeCast is a fantastic device that you can plug into a TV or Monitor’s HDMI port. It’s a next-generation device that allows you to stream content from your smartphone or any device connectable to a big television screen.


Is there any Subscription fee for using Chromecast Device?

No, a user does not need to pay any subscription fees if they are using a ChromeCast device. But if you want access to Hulu or Netflix, you may have to spend a few pennies to avail some premium services.



You can use ChromeCast without any need for Wi-Fi or Internet Connection. Though it’s true that you can’t get access to some features by choosing it, you can still go much more than your expectations with the ChromeCast device if you don’t want to use the Internet connection. The “Guest Post” feature is a beautiful gift to all ChromeCast Device users who travel a lot in their life.

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