Clogged toilets

Clogged toilet? unblock them easily with an approved unblocked? Clogged toilets because of a traffic jam? For an emergency unblocking of a blocked toilet, call your pro plumber, professional unblocking plumber A toilet could be unblocked quickly as an emergency because your pro plumber only uses professional plumbing products and tools. A clog in the toilet could be removed in a few minutes, thanks to professional unblocking equipment, such as a hydro corner, a Varix vacuum pump, a professional electric snake, a pipe inspection video camera or a pump unblocked. Our company specializes in all emergency unblocking services in your region.

How to repair a blocked toilet problem?

Before contacting an unblocking plumber to unblock a blocked toilet, it will be important to note the extent of the damage:

– If the obstruction is slight, it will be easy to remove, and you will simply find that the water does not flow normally;

– If the water drains away but very slowly, in this case, it may be necessary to use more professional unblocking plumber’s equipment to reabsorb the toilet stopper;

– If the water is hardly evacuated, and its level rises within the tank, then it will be necessary to make an express unblocking, to prevent the WCs from overflowing.

6 techniques to unclog clogged toilets easily

Advice for efficient toilet unblocking: Flush the toilet only once. When the water does not drain completely, do not repeat the action, this will only result in saturating the toilet with much more water. Here are our tips and tricks to know how to unclog the toilet when nothing works:

Method 1:Clogged toilets Unclogging the WC with washing-up liquid mixed with boiling water

This is the first toilet unclogging method to try, for small Clogged toilets, when there is not too much water in the bowl yet. Pour a small amount of dishwashing liquid into your toilet. Then throw a pot or bucket of hot water into the toilet bowl. The extra force of the water thrown in will help loosen the clog, or break it down if a small amount of liquid passes through. Do not insist on this method of unblocking the toilet, if it does not work directly, as it can fill the toilet bowl.

Method 2: Unclog WC with a hanger

Take a wire hanger and untie the knot, trying to put the wire back as straight as possible. Insert one end of the hanger into the bowl of your toilet, and twist it so that it goes up in the pipes, to reach the stopper. Rotate the hanger, in the manner of the snake technique, to unclog the pipes. It’s a cheap and easy way to unclog your clogged toilet, with a plug that sits near the hole. But beware, the hanger has the disadvantage of scratching the bowl if you are not careful. Tip: to avoid damaging the earthenware, take a piece of the tea towel to wrap the end of the hanger.

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Method 3: Clogged toilets Unclog toilet with a plumbing snake

The plumbing snake (also called a drill) is a flexible metal rod that can work its way through bends formed by pipes and can access plugs farther away.

There are electric or manual ferrets used by licensed plumbers that are specially designed to clear toilet blockages without damaging and leaving a mark within the toilet bowl. Insert the bit as far as possible into the pipe to the obstacle. Rotate the ferret and apply pressure by turning the crank, to push it through the stopper.

Method 4: Clogged toilets Unclog the toilet with a suction cup

The suction cup is a flexible hemisphere with a handle, which allows standing water to move up and down and therefore release the deposit. Remember that the pipe is clogged, so you must not push too hard on the suction cup to prevent the plug from moving and thus immobilize it in the bottom. When you do not have a suction cup to unclog your toilet, use a large flexible plastic bottle, the base of which you cut to make a kind of funnel. However, using a plastic bottle to unclog the toilet is not as effective as the suction cup.

Method 5: Clogged toilets Unclog the toilet with a Spanish broom

The so-called “Spanish” broom is a mop (called mop in English) used to clean floors. The use of the Spanish broom to unclog the Clogged toilets consists of plumbing problems, in the form of a ball, inside a plastic bag. Then push the Spanish broom to the bottom of the toilet bowl, and pump up and down, to displace a mass of water that will unblock the toilet stopper. This technique uses the mechanism of the suction cup.

Method 6: Unclog the toilet with a pump unblocked

A pump unblocker, also known as a vacuum pump, is a very efficient piece of equipment used by professional plumbers to quickly Clogged toilets to unclogging toilets. However, it is quite expensive to purchase. Then place the un-blocker at the bottom of the toilet bowl, to completely block the opening. Hold the un-blocker firmly, and pump with the piston, moving up and down.