How to use app switcher on iphone 12

If you have been using the iPhone 12 series, you may notice that closing the apps running in the background does not work the same way as the previous models up to iPhone 10, which had the home button feature.

The home button in iPhones was previously used to close or switch between apps, but now, the home button has been removed, giving the iPhone a new touch. If you are wondering how to close apps on iPhone 12, Apple has introduced a gesture instead of the home button.

How to Close Apps on the iPhone 12

Apple has launched its new iPhone 12 series recently. If you are a new iPhone user or has not used it since the iPhone X model, you may have difficulties closing your background apps.

Some users leave the background apps because Apple had mentioned that the background apps freeze once you exit an app and do not consume any battery or data.

But even though iOS is a powerful operating system, it is not free from all the possible bugs. So, it is better to close all the background apps to avoid overloading the iPhone.

Let’s take a look at how to close the apps on iPhone 12.

How to Close Apps on the iPhone 12?

Whenever you exit an app, it does not close the app. So, all the previously used apps keep running in the background. The apps must be manually closed to avoid bugs and hangs.

Many people do not consider it necessary to close the background apps as it freezes or is on standby once you exit it. But certain apps get refreshed from time to time, consuming battery, and there is also the risk of bugs from smaller apps that iOS does not recognize. Steps to close the apps are:

  • Swipe up from almost the end of the screen, hold it for a second, and release it when you can see the running apps’ cards.
    Closing the apps on iPhone 12
  • Swipe up the cards of apps that you no longer want to use.

Now that Apple has removed the home button from their phones, they have introduced a home screen gesture. The above gesture is significant to ensure that unnecessary apps do not use up the phone’s battery or data.

How to use app switcher on iPhone 12?

When you are using multiple apps simultaneously, app switchers can help move back and forth between the apps with ease. The gesture used for app switcher is similar to that of closing the apps.

  • Swipe up from the very bottom of the phone display, pause for a moment, and release.
    How to use app switcher on iPhone 12
  • When the app cards are displayed, swipe left or right to switch apps.

How to view the control center in iPhone 12?

Before removing the home button in the iPhone, the currently used home gesture would invoke the Control Center. So the Control Center has been moved from the bottom to the top right of the screen. To view the Control Center, swipe down from the top right corner, where the battery sign is shown.

Why are apps not closed when you exit them?

Whenever you exit an app, it’s in standby mode but not fully closed. The reason why apps are not closed is that the apps will load quicker when you jump back to using them and increase performance. Appphone’s performance recommends closing your apps when it is frozen or malfunctioning but closing the apps will improve performance.

Can I close all the running apps in iPhone 12 at once?

The option of closing all the apps running in the background is available in iPhone 12. A user has to close every app individually if he has to. This is an intentional effort made by Apple to raise the performance level of the iPhone.

Is it necessary to close the apps in the background?

Apple has made it clear that it shall freeze whenever a user exits an app and does not consume any battery or data. Closing the apps are intentionally made difficult so that the user interface is good.

When you close an app and reopen it, it takes some time to load or relaunch. Whereas when the app is open in the background, the performance of the app increases.

However, certain apps with bugs that overload the iPhone, and iOS cannot detect them. In the case of apps that consume too much battery, it’s better to close them.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I see what apps are running on my iPhone 12?

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen from the home screen or any app. You need to swipe up to 25% of the screen to see all the apps running in the background. Swipe back and forth to see what apps are running.


Is it bad to close out your apps on iPhone?

If you close an app on your iPhone hoping that it would improve performance or battery life, then you’re wrong. Force quitting an app hurts the system. Relaunching the app, which was forced to quit, takes more CPU energy.


How do you restart an app on iPhone 12?

Close the app from the recent app window by swiping away. Go to the home screen, click on that app’s icon, and hopefully work properly now.


How do I close all open windows on my iPhone?

Swipe up from the bottom on the screen, tap and hold on one app, which will bring red minus symbols, then use your three or four fingers to close all the apps.


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