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Are you looking for a way to get an Invite to the new social app called Clubhouse? It is quite a remarkable platform that allows people to connect. There are private and public rooms. You can network, build a community, talk with other members and have much more.

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Why to Buy Clubhouse Invite?

You can get invite for free only when the person who is already on Clubhouse share an invite with you (everyone has just 2 Invite limits). So, it’s really tough to find a person who can share invite with you online.

How to Get Clubhouse App Invite

There’s a lot this app offers, even though it is currently in a beta state. It is almost like being a member of the exclusive club. Let’s find out how you can get an invite today:

Latest Updates on Clubhouse App:

1. Elon Musk Tweets Kremlin for a Conversation on the Clubhouse

2. Kanye West and Elon Musk Joining Clubhouse

Clubhouse App – Overview

Clubhouse App was released in May 2020 in the beta stage. It is an app that enables you to connect with people and create ‘Rooms.’ These rooms will have ‘audience’ and ‘speaker.’ Now, the speaker can talk to the people, and if needed, the speaker can invite or allow other people to talk. Some rooms allow people to have group voice chats, as well, basically.

CloudHouse Drop in Audio

In simple words, Clubhouse is just a ‘voice chat’ platform. But instead of a ‘communication’ app, it is a ‘social media’ app. In here, you will have to find people to connect with. Therefore, you will find people networking primarily on Clubhouse. Some experts even compare it to LinkedIn. While LinkedIn is for professionals to get together and Network, Clubhouse enables people to connect.

clubhouse invite

However, there’s one specific drawback to the app. It is currently ‘Invite Only.’ The app is in the beta testing stage and hasn’t completely developed. Therefore, only a limited number of people receive an invite for a chance to test this app. As a result, it has become somewhat of an ‘exclusive’ platform for certain people to connect and network.

Everything You Need To Use Clubhouse App:

The clubhouse has minimal availability to the point that it seems like it would be something made by Apple for Celebrities. That’s right! You have many famous people and exclusive personalities using the app. It is hard for other people or common folks to join it easily. However, there is a list of things you’d need to enjoy the Clubhouse App. Let’s find out:

Clubhouse App For iPhone

  • iPhone: As mentioned previously, it’s almost as if Apple is the developer for this app. Currently, Clubhouse is available for iPhone users. It is not compatible with the Android operating system at all. So that’s bad news for anyone using an android phone.
  • Internet: Of course, it goes without saying, but you would need an active internet connection to ensure you can use the app.
  • Good Conduct: If you’re someone who has any record of misconduct or being an ‘internet bully.’ The chances are, you won’t get an invite to the Clubhouse. It maintains a spotless environment for people.
  • Connections: You would need people who already use the Clubhouse app to get an invite. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a famous personality at all.

With that checklist, let’s move onto the next and most-awaited question:

Best Methods To Get A Clubhouse Invite:

Here is everything you need to know for available options or methods to get invited to Clubhouse today:

1. Sign-Up For The Waitlist

The first method available would be to visit the official website. They don’t have much going for the website, but you can find an option to download the app. It is indeed available for iOS users.

clubhouse invitation link

However, you won’t be able to start using it right off the bat. It will require you to join the waitlist and wait for exclusive access to the app.

2. The Social Media Option

Another option would be to go to any social media. You can use Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. It could be better to use all of them, and more if you have options. Then make a post and use ‘#Clubhouse’ or even tag Clubhouse.

This option won’t necessarily get you the authorities of Clubhouse to invite you. However, you might get other users of Clubhouse. If they end up looking at your post and use the app, they can send invites for you to join. If you’re someone popular, it becomes even easier to get the invite link.

3. The Invite-Only Method

It is similar to the social media option, but you won’t depend on it exclusively. Try to start networking and getting to know people on other platforms. For example, if you follow more notable personalities on Instagram, it’s about time to associate with them. You can try to score an invite with someone. It’s similar to how you would get into a real-world clubhouse if you knew a member of it.

4. Buy from Trusted Service

As mentioned above its best to buy a invite from any trusted service online. After extensive research we found one such service website with live chat support and fulfilling orders within 30Min-4Hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will There Be An Android Version Of Clubhouse?

According to the official information available on the website, yes. There can be an android version, but not anytime soon. The clubhouse is a production of two people, Paul and Rohan. They don’t have a wide team of people. Therefore, they are taking their time with the app development. There is a lot to work on, like guidelines, policies, and much more. Hence, it might take quite a while before we can get an Android version.


Is Clubhouse App Safe To Use?

The clubhouse is an authenticated distributor and legal. There’s no virus, malware, spyware, or any other similar problem on the Clubhouse app. However, if you’re talking about safety in terms of user-data and potential exposure to hackers and such, it might vary.

For instance, Clubhouse developers are currently pondering whether they should record and store the voice chats or not. After all, people sometimes complain and report about the other person due to certain abuse and whatnot, like how Kevin Hart recently received some heat there.

Similarly, the ‘invite-only’ approach is hoping that it will keep any bad elements away from the app. More importantly, it is on iOS infrastructure. So it is quite as safe as any other app on the platform can get.


Why Is Clubhouse App Invite Only?

It started as an experiment. The clubhouse doesn’t have robust systems or servers to maintain millions of users. Although, it seems like they can very much invest in these servers now. However, Clubhouse with an ‘Invitation only’ approach seems to have created a niche for itself. It is unclear as to if the developers plan on keeping it that way.

However, it is Invite-only to ensure limited people use it and help improve it over time. They are still working on policies and guidelines. Hence, they don’t want people to abuse or exploit it as they like it.


Is It Worth Getting The Clubhouse App?

Many people seem to find some potential with the Clubhouse app. It seems that the place is great for networking and having conversations with people. From private to public, there are many different types of rooms and something for everyone. However, it requires you to be very active on it to build a network. Some people are also comparing it to LinkedIn, but it requires more time.

Clubhouse might be worth it in the future. Right now, it is not so much. But getting a head start might always be great, especially since you can find potential prospects from celebrities to influential people using the app.



Everyone is really hyped about this app. After all, it’s like being a member of a virtual or digital club with exclusive people. The community is slowly building, and it brings you opportunities that real-life won’t allow. Think of it like Discord, but for networking and hosting various shows.

Hopefully, the methods mentioned above were helpful for you to get into the social media app. Remember, if you successfully get into it, you will have one invite option to send an invitation to add one more user. That’s all! So, use it wisely!

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