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Do you want to connect Airpods with Windows 10 PC? Well, don’t worry then, this article will provide you the way out. Let’s start to find out the solution. What best possible action you can take to get a prompt resolution to this most common issue? What are the basic things you need to know about your AirPods? Know everything right over here.

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Can I use Apple Airpods on Windows 10?

Of course, yes! You can use Apple Airpods on Windows 10. Though, it is one of the most common misconceptions among traders that one can’t use Apple Devices on other Brands’ devices. Airpods work well with Windows 10 with no exceptions, so feel free to use them. Simply follow the steps stated below.

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How to Connect Apple Airpods to a Windows 10 PC (Step by Step)

  • Log in to your Windows 10 PC.
  • Hover the cursor to the Windows Settings and Click on it.
    Going to Window Setting
  • In Settings, you’ll see “Devices” click on it.
  • Click on the “+” icon labeled with Add Bluetooth or other devices.
    Window Setting Control Panel
  • Select the Bluetooth option
    Window Setting -Devices
  • Now Put your Airpod in its case.
  • Open the Lid and hold the button for a few seconds provided on the back of your Airpod Case.
    Window setting for Bluetooth other devices
  • When the light starts blinking on the Airpod, you’ll see the Airpod pops in your window. Click on the Pair and connect.

How to Fix AirPods are not Connecting to the PC?

It’s very simple to connect Airpods with a PC. But due to some reasons, if you’re unable to connect Airpods with a PC, you can consider a few things to make it work.

One AirPod not working:

In most cases, it happens that one of the AirPod stops working. Though, the reasons behind why you’re experiencing this issue may vary. The problem can be related to the sound balance or defect, which is usual with any hardware.

Airpods Showing Error in Right eraplug

That’s why, if you’re going through such a situation, then simply put the Airpods Back into the case on charging. Wait for a while, or if there’s a problem with the charging, try to correct it using an Apple device. See if this has resolved your issue.

Clean your AirPods:

Airpods 2 Image - Out from Box

If you aren’t used to cleaning your AirPods, you can encounter issues. However, cleaning is essential for every device. If you want your AirPods to function properly, then don’t forget this crucial step. Though, there’s no need to use liquid cleaning. Especially if your AirPods aren’t fully waterproof. Besides, you can consider a few other options to ensure the proper cleaning of your AirPods. Such as-

  • You can use a dampened cloth to remove stains on your Airpods thoroughly.
  • Use soft or dry cloth to wipe away the dust.
  • Don’t put wet AirPods back into the case for charging.
  • Avoid AirPods cleaning with sharp objects.
  • You can also pull off the Ear Tips for a thorough cleaning.

 Adjust Stereo Balance:

If an AirPod stops working, the stereo balance problem can be the most basic problem behind it. Though most Apple Airpod users mistakenly shift sound to the right/left AirPod, which results in the disabling of sound in another AirPod. Luckily, the solution to this issue is very easy. Follow the steps stated below-

  • On your iOS device, go to the settings and find the Accessibility option and click on it.
    Setting On iphohe
  • Scroll down and click on the hearing option.
    AirPods Won
  • In the Audio/Visual, check out the stereo balance slider. If it’s too close to L or R, bring it in midway for proper balance.
  • Make sure the Mono Audio is Off, so you hear the same sound from both AirPods.

How to Reconnect Paired AirPods and a Windows PC?

Often, there’s no need to reconnect the paired AirPods and Windows PC. It should connect automatically as you remove the AirPods from the charging case.

But, if, because of reasons, they don’t connect automatically, you can consider taking a few simple steps.

  • Open the Window Setting of your PC and search for a Bluetooth & other Devices option.
  • Scroll down and see the Audio section. Here you will get the AirPods listing option. Simply click on it.
  • Click on the Connect option to reconnect your AirPods with your PC.
  • If you’re wearing AirPods, you’ll hear some sound that means your AirPods are now connected.

Try to repeat the process if AirPods doesn’t work after the first move. Still, if you’re experiencing any issue, click on the “remove” option to unpair the AirPods and follow the process stated above to proceed with the pairing process.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I factory reset my AirPods?

Simply press and hold the button on the charging case for a few seconds until the light starts flashing; your AirPods are not fully reset.

How to Reconnect AirPods to the Device?

You can reconnect the AirPods to the device with a few simple steps if you’ve unpaired the AirPods from the device or it happened accidentally.

Why does my AirPods sound bad on PC?

If you think that your AirPods sounds weird, go to the connected iOS device settings option and make some adjustments with the AirPods settings. If the right or left AirPod is disabled, enable it in the settings and make sure the Mono Audio is off as it’ll create two different sounds in your AirPods.



You are now aware of the right steps you should consider taking if you cannot connect your Airpods to the PC. But don’t forget that cleaning is required; in most instances, users experience AirPod connectivity issues as they don’t care for their hardware hygiene. That’s why, if you don’t want to face such problems in the future, follow the tips stated above in this article.

Still, if you are unable to connect your AirPod to a PC, you should contact customer care because possible that there are some hardware issues with your AirPods. You can also visit your nearer apple store for the resolution of this problem.

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