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If you own an iPhone/iPad, you will find yourself juggling between multiple apps to find the one you need. The best part about Apple is that it gives you complete control over your screen and allows you to keep the menu section organized. Whether you want to organize the menu for photos, or videos, or simply need the cleanest home screens, you will most likely be happy to sort your app library by creating folders and edit them whenever needed by pressing the app icon. So let’s dive in to know how to create apps folders on iPhone.

How to Create Apps Folders in iPhone

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Irrespective of the version you are using, we have put a step by step tutorial about how you can create folders on your iPhone including the editing and renaming the folder to keep your file sorted. So, without further ado, let us dive into our guide!

Steps to Create Apps Folders in iPhone:

Creating a folder for your apps on your iPhone is the easiest way to avoid clutter on your home screen. You do not need any rocket science to create a folder on your iPhone to keep applications organized. Below is the easiest way to create a folder on your iOS device.

  • To create a folder, you will need at least two apps. Make sure you know which applications you want to add to a new folder.
    Press and hold apps
  • Press and hold the application until all the apps start to shake on your home screen. Make sure you do not tap on the app too hard or else you will trigger a shortcut or menu because of the 3D touch.
    Drag Apps on iPhone
  • Press on the app and drag the app onto another to create a folder. You can now drag as many apps you want into the folder. A folder can contain multiple pages with various applications.
    Create Folders on iPhone
  • Once you are done, press the home button (if you own the old iOS devices) or click on the Done button on the new Apple devices and your changes will be saved.

Note: The folders will be automatically named by default. You can tap on the name field and enter the name you want to set up for your folder.

How to Change the Apps Folder Name of the iPhone?

As mentioned above, Apple automatically sets up the folder name once you create a new folder. For example, if you merge various music apps such as iTunes Store, Apple Music, and more, it will automatically name it as ‘Music.’ However, changing the name of your folder as per your reference is as easy as creating a folder. Follow the steps given below to edit the name of your folders.

  • Hold and Press on the app’s icons from the folder for which you want to change the name. Once you press the app icon, all the apps will begin to shake and an ‘X’ will appear.
  • Tap on the name field and rename it whatever you want to have.

There you have it! It’s that easy to edit the name of your folders.

How to Edit the apps folder on iPhone?

How to Edit the apps folder

If you have already created folders but need assistance to edit them, follow the steps given below to edit, add, or remove apps without mending any fences.

  • Press and hold on to the existing folder until it begins to move.
  • Tap on the folder again and the folder will be open. All the app icons will fill up your home screen.
  • Now, you can either edit the name of the folder or move apps by adding or removing them. It is as easy as creating a new folder on your iPhone!
  • Once you have organized the apps and made the changes, Tap the ‘Done’ icon or press the home button (if you are using the old iPhone device) and all the changes will be saved.

How to Delete the apps folder from your iPhone?

Once you create a folder, you may not like them as much as you did previously or you might want to erase the existing folder and create a new folder from scratch. Irrespective of the reason, you can delete the folder from your iPhone by following the steps below.

  • Drag all the applications out from the existing folders to your home screen.
  • Once you drag the applications from the folder to the home screen, the folder will automatically disappear.
  • Tap the Done icon or click the home button and there you have your organized home screen for your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I organize apps on my iPhone?

Touch and hold the app icon on your home screen until the apps began to shake. Tap on the Edit Home Screen option. Now, you can drag one app to another spot and vice versa. Tap Done to save changes on the iPhone X or later, or press the home button if you own previous Apple devices.


Is it possible to create a music folder on my iPhone?

Yes, you can drag one music app over another.  You can quickly drag various music app icons over one another to create a music folder. This way, you can stay organized and have all the music applications in one place. Furthermore, it also lets you create multiple-page folders.



Creating a folder is the easiest way to keep your screen organized. One of the best parts of using an iOS device is that Apple does not restrict the kind of applications you want to add into a folder. You can merge various apps such as Photos, app store, camera, clock, contacts, books, calendar, mail, maps, file, phone, photos, podcasts, documents, and a lot more in one folder and name it whatever you want. Additionally, it creates multiple pages inside the folder, so your screen stays clean.

You can sort the apps the way you want and edit them whenever needed to create a straightforward app library including multiple-page files. We hope our article helped you to create folders quickly. If you still have questions about creating folders on your iOS device, let us know in the comment section below and we would be glad to help.

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