Are you looking for a way to get the audience’s opinion? Make a poll on your Facebook page! It will enable you to collect all the essential information relevant to help you make a decision. Don’t own a page? That’s fine. Let’s help you create polls that matter.

How To Create A Poll On Facebook

Remember, you need to have a Facebook Page or access to the Facebook page to poll. Here are the step by step guides.

Steps to Create a Poll on Facebook:

Many businesses and page owners use polls to get people’s feedback. It can be about the service, product, or the page itself. These polls enable the owners to modify their services. For example, if you are a gym owner and plan on adding a new machine, you can get a poll to see if it’s a good idea or not. There are many things polls help businesses or page owners with. To create a poll:

  • Go to the page that you own.
    open facebook page
  • Find the timeline and click on the post option to make a poll.
    post option to make a poll
  • From there, you will have many options attached. If you can’t find it, click on the ‘three dots’ for the post.
  • There you can find the ‘Poll’ option. Select it.
    select poll on facebook
  • Now your post will turn into a poll.
  • Add the text, choices, and everything else.
  • Once done, post it.

How to Change Time?

There is a time option right below the poll answer setting while you’re making the poll. You can make it for a day, a week, customize the option, or make it never to end. Thus, you can get the answers for as long as you like. It’s better to set a time limit to the poll because you can later create a new survey.

Polls for Groups:

Maybe you want to make plans with your friends but don’t know how to get the things done. Sure, you can make a group, chat around and get the message across. But it can get daunting to keep track of everything people are saying. What’s the best way to make plans? Make a poll.

Polls For Groups

  • Go to the group, or make a new group you want to take a poll for.
  • In the group’s post in the typing area, which is usually ‘Ask me something,’ click on the ‘Poll’ option before you begin writing.
  • Now ask your question, add the options, set the time (same as above), and post it.

This will enable you to keep track of everything the group answered. Through this, you can decide when everyone’s free (or a majority of the group), where would they want to go, and much more! A lot of times, polls lead to a successful plan with friends!

As A User:

So, you don’t own a Facebook Page. The question you have might be more about suggestions, or maybe you want to make a buying decision. Well, if you explicitly need recommendations.

  • Go to your timeline and make a post.
    facebook timeline
  • There you will find ‘Ask a recommendation.’
    Ask a recommendation on facebook
  • By pressing it, you can choose a location and everything.
  • It will enable you to find the most relevant recommendation according to what you post.

However, if it’s not necessarily a recommendation but more of a choice. If you ‘have to’ use the poll. Then you can use this pro tip.

  • Find a public Facebook page to join that is relevant to your query. You will be surprised, but there are countless different types of Facebook pages. You will likely find the page that is most relevant to you. Remember, you need a public Page.
  • Alternatively, you can wait for a restricted page and get permission to make a post.
  • The next step is to follow through according to the standard ‘create a poll for a page’ guide.
  • Go to the timeline, make a new post, select the post type as a poll, and that’s all! Everything else is the same as mentioned above.

Can You Make Polls in The App?

Yes, you can make the polls in the app,polls’Nextand the process is virtually similar. Facebook has done a commendable job keeping things the same for the app, website, and everything else. You can quickly browse the options and use them.

Is There an Option for Facebook Stories to Create Poll?

Yes. You can create polls on Facebook stories. For this, you don’t need to have a Facebook page either. You can do it through a personal account. The process is the same as creating or posting any other story. Just while selecting the story options, make sure to choose a poll. You would have to add a photo or video for the poll option to appear.


That’s everything you need to know about Facebook polls and how to create them. Next time you want to improve or add a service or product or decide to use polls’ power. Many other social media have followed in Facebook’s footsteps to introduce the poll option. Use them to collect information that matters, even survey if you have to! Make sure to experiment with the poll option. It’s a great way to engage with people and make it fun.

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