How to delete clubhouse account

Is there a way for you to delete your clubhouse account? Yes. We are bringing you a complete overview of how you can send the account deletion request.

There can be many reasons for you to delete the Clubhouse account. It could be related to personal data and information. Maybe you didn’t find the app to be your cup of tea. Maybe you can’t see yourself using the Clubhouse for anything effective or productive. Either way, there are some restrictions on how to delete the account.

how to delete clubhouse account

Before we begin, make sure not to fall for any third-party app or support that claims they can help you. Allow the Clubhouse app authorities to take care of the process if you don’t want the account information to leak. With that, let’s begin:

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Clubhouse Overview:

The Clubhouse is a sensational new app that allows people to create groups and have an audio chat. The idea seems simple and something you can do with many other apps. However, all of these other apps have a limitation on the number of people that can join a single audio chat.

Platforms like Discord could be a great alternative, but that is for communication. Clubhouse app brings you the aspects of social media with audio chats. Hence, it is growing quite popular.

clubhouse invite

More importantly, it has self-imposed quality control. The invitation system is the only known method to access Clubhouse and download it to use it. However, you can also approach the developers through email and request to join. Due to its exclusive nature, it has grown quite popular. You can also add and link other accounts, email, phone number, and much more.

Think And Be Sure Before Moving Ahead!

As it is quite an exclusive platform, it would be better to determine whether you really want to deactivate the services. It doesn’t cost anything, and there’s no harm in keeping the account lying around. You can always come back and use it. However, if you delete the account, you might end up never having any other way to join the account.

The rejoining process could be twice as hard as there is already a quality control and much more. Sure, it isn’t perfect, and there is still a security threat regarding privacy. However, the developers are working on consistently updating their policy to ensure you get the best service. You could keep the app to the side for now and return it when it expands.

Still, if you want to follow through, here is a quick guide:

Delete Clubhouse Account – Ways

You will have to follow three steps to ensure the complete deletion of your clubhouse account.

1. Send The Official Request

Clubhouse strictly follows a policy where the user would have to send an official request to the clubhouse’s officials. For this, you would have to use the email that is authenticated with the account.

If you don’t have an authenticated email, the first step would be to do that. Just like any other app, the process is similar to entering a code to connect the email. You don’t have to connect with other social media apps or networks for deactivation.

Once the email address is authenticated, it will always link to your account. Now you can send an email. There isn’t any specific format. You can ask for deletion in the subject and write the matter. Most companies prefer to get feedback on why you would want to delete the account. Therefore, a brief reason could be a good idea, as well.

  • You would have to send an email to –

2. Deactivated State

Make sure to use the same email linked to your Clubhouse account if you want to delete your account sincerely. The next step will be on the Clubhouse authorities. Once they read and acknowledge your request, your account will go into a deactivation state.

Gradually, your profile will become unable for others to discover, and you won’t be able to log into your account anymore.

delete clubhouse account

The user data and information still stays during this time. However, the maximum period for this state is unknown. One can assume that this process is to ensure thorough removal of the account from everywhere.

Of course, any data that you’ve posted would likely be deleted. But if they are taking their time, it’s quite a possibility that they work on deleting all data and posts, as well.

3. Complete Deletion

Once the above-given process completes, you won’t have the account anymore. The data is completely gone.  Therefore, if you want to reactivate your account, there isn’t any possibility for that. You’d have to wait for someone to send you an invite again, and you would have to use a separate email or username, highly likely, to register also.

guide for delete clubhouse

Once the waiting period ends, you won’t have any access to the clubhouse again. You can also speculate that if the first time was challenging enough to join, the second time could be much more complicated.

Drawbacks If You Delete Your Clubhouse Account:

You won’t be able to use the personal number you primarily used to make the clubhouse account. The same applies to the email address. This effect will last for at least 30 days. After that, you can try to use the same personal information for a new user account.

Let’s not forget the difficulty you will face when creating a new account or enjoining the clubhouse. Also, every content, personal data, information, settings, and such that you had would all be deleted. You’d have to start from scratch, almost as a new user. You might even have to choose a unique username for the service to work efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will There Be A Clubhouse App For Android Users?

Yes. According to the app developers, they are working on rolling out an android version. Therefore, Android users will soon have an option to download and use the exclusive app. However, it is doubtful that they will change the invitation or deactivation process for the time being.


Is There An Alternative Process To Delete An Account?

As of right now, the only known method is given above. There is a high possibility that the app developers will introduce a quick option to deactivate an account. After all, getting and handling emails is not the most convenient option available. It would be better to allow users to choose by themselves.

For now, Clubhouse Social App is in the beta state, so it might be some time before we get the features built-in to the app.


Is Clubhouse App Safe To Use?

It is an authentic app that is available primarily on iOS and the official website You can join it through invites, so you would have to contact someone who uses the app. The company is trying diligently to keep a safe environment and boost security. However, it is not the best in terms of security.

The server is expanding, and they are hiring qualified staff to maintain the platform. Still, if you are worried about it as a user, then Clubhouse is safe for your device, and it is not that easy to break into, either.



That covers up all the information available for setting deletion requests and finally getting the service canceled. There could be future updates to the software to introduce an array of features like easy deletion of the account for users to directly access it.

As of right now, there isn’t another method known. So please think again before you delete the history. If you want to continue without a doubt, then follow the guidelines given above.

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