How to delete netflix history

Netflix has emerged as a platform for online entertainment and perfect for binge-watching whenever you feel like it. The genres of movies, shows, documentaries, etc. attract many viewers. And, not to your surprise, they end up in your continued watching category. So, if you want to delete your Netflix history or remove something from the list of continue watching, here’s what you can do.

How to Delete Netflix History

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How to Delete Netflix History?

Steps to Delete Netflix History From Your Smartphone:

Yes, you read that right. Netflix history can be erased from your smartphone if you use that application on that. Follow the below-stated steps to erase your history from Netflix. You can choose the items to delete or delete the whole history at once. The final choice is yours. The steps are as follows:

  • Open the Netflix application on your mobile phone and choose the screen on which you want to delete the search history.
  • On the bottom right corner of the application, you’ll find the tab titled ‘More’.
  • After this, choose the ‘Accounts’ option. You will find yourself on the Netflix official website.
    Account Option on Netflix
  • Moving on, you need to choose the ’viewing activity’ option. This has all your watched series and episodes on Netflix.
    viewing activity netflix
  • You can delete by selecting the watches that you want to delete. You can also choose to clear the whole history to date at once.

How to Delete Netflix History from your PC or Laptop?

This is as simple as deleting any random search from your PC. Move on to your profile and hover the cursor. Select the option of ‘accounts’. The rest of the steps are the same as mentioned above.

But, if you are struggling with clearing your Netflix history, here are some of your queries solved.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it possible to clear the Netflix history from your mobile phone?

Yes. By undergoing the required steps, you can well delete Netflix history from your smartphone, laptop, or your PC.


How to delete the Netflix History from the smartphone?

You need to open the Netflix application on your mobile and then choose the profile whose history is to be deleted. Then click on more>account>viewing activity. You can delete the history by selecting them or all at once.


Is it possible to hide my viewing activity?

Yes, it is possible to do so. From my account, choose the option of Hide all and then select, ‘Yes hide all my viewing activity’.


My recent watches contain things which I haven’t watched. Is it something to worry about?

In this case, there is likely a chance that your Netflix profile is being used by someone else. Make sure to have a look at your login activity by visiting the account settings. Initially, look for devices or locations that are not yours or not near you. Select ‘sign out of all devices’ and then opt for a password change for security purposes.


Is it possible to delete a Netflix profile?

Yes, you can delete an entire profile, but not the one through which the account was created. Choose the edit option from the app and then choose file removal along with its stored content.


Will deleting my account help with deleting the history as well?

If you delete your account, it takes 10 months to get away with all kinds of accompanying data. You can thus recover your account by making use of the watch history. This also takes 10 months even if you cancel the subscription. After this time frame comes to an end, you can make a fresh account.


Is it possible to recover the content related to continuing watching?

Deleting your watch history will also clean the content of continuing watching. The already playing shows will not be able to be played anymore. You cannot pick up from where you started but can search and start watching it again.

There are chances that a user’s continue watching list disappears. If you have not done it, reach out to the Netflix helpdesk to gain support. If there’s a glitch, it will get resolved. This feature is quite a user friendly and reaching out to the helpdesk surely helps.


Can the Netflix search history be deleted or cleared?

Netflix does not track your shows and movies so there is no necessity to delete them. So, there is no option for the same as well. If you want to get away with your search history, we have tips to assist you on the same. For once, if permanently canceled, try opening a new account or making use of a different username.


Can the main account profile be deleted?

This is not possible. You can opt for edits to delete your viewing history. No matter for whom the account is being made, the main profile will stay as it is.

You need to select the edit option so as to update the name as well as the profile. Then you can delete everything in front of the viewing history to start again. The recently watched and continuing watching content based on the previous genres will be deleted.



Deleting the Netflix history is not at all a difficult task. Deleting it from your PC is quite as simple as you delete the normal PC history. For your smartphone too, it is not a very long and elaborate task. All you need to do is be quite familiar with the steps and you are good to go.

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