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YouTube is used by every person who uses a smartphone, and when you are using it, YouTube records every activity, assuming you have signed up. YouTube keeps track of everything you are going through. Let’s go deep to find out how to delete YouTube History then no one can see your past activity.

How to Delete YouTube History

Later they use this data to recommend such similar videos to you. Although this can be helpful, some users might not be comfortable with their YouTube history. If you are looking for the most straightforward method to delete YouTube history, this article is right for you.

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How to Delete YouTube History?

In this post, we have mentioned the most accessible method to delete YouTube history on your mobile phone and your desktop or laptop. So, continue reading ahead to find out the quickest solution.

How to Delete YouTube Search History on Mobile?

You can delete your YouTube search in a few clicks. Follow the steps given below to delete YouTube history on your mobile:

  • Click on the “library” option on the main page in the bottom right corner.
    library option on youtube
  • Open the “History” command from all the options.
    history option on youtube
  • Click on the “ellipsis (three-dot)” icon on the top of the right side and select the history controls option.
    History controles on youtube
  • You will easily spot the “Clear search history.” Click to confirm, and you are done.
    clear history on youtube mobile app

How to Delete YouTube History on Desktop?

  • Open your YouTube on your desktop and click on the top left corner menu option.
    open youtube on desktop
  • Select the “History” option.
    click on history on youtube application
  • If you want to delete one particular video, go on that view and click on the “X” option. If you’re going to clear the complete history, click the “Clear watch history” option and confirm to get it done.
    clear watch history on youtube

How to Remove a Specific Video from YouTube History?

If you don’t wish to delete the complete history, you can also delete just one particular step by following the given steps:

  • Open YouTube and click on the “library” option in the screen’s bottom-left corner.
    library option on youtube
  • Tap on the History option.
  • Click on the “ellipsis (three-dot)” icon of the video you want to delete and select “Remove from watch history.”
    History controles on youtube
  • Confirm the deletion.
    remove specific video history from yotube app

How to Use Incognito Mode in YouTube?

As all the browsing platforms have a setting to hide our current activities using incognito mode, so does YouTube.

  • Click on the profile icon/photo on the top right corner of the main page of YouTube.
  • The “turn on incognito” option will be visible. Click and confirm.
  • To check whether it is activated, you will see the incognito icon instead of the profile icon/photo.
  • To turn the incognito mode off, press on the icon and click on the “turn off incognito” option, and you will be back to normal mode.

How to pause YouTube History?

If you want to pause YouTube history for a while, you can do it within a breeze. You can make a prior setting to pause your history so that you won’t have to delete it again later.

Follow the steps given below to pause your YouTube history:

  • Click on the “library” option on the homepage of YouTube and open the history tab.
  • Click on the “ellipsis (three-dot)” icon and open the “history controls” option.
  • Select the “pause watch history” or “pause search history” according to your preference and confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I delete my YouTube history permanently?

Yes, you can permanently delete your YouTube history by clicking on the option to clear YouTube history either from your phone or desktop.


Can I delete a particular video from my YouTube history?

Yes, you can delete a particular video from YouTube history by selecting the video that you want to delete and tap on ‘Clear from the search history.’ The selected video will be removed from your YouTube history.


Is it possible to stop YouTube from tracking my history?

Yes, if you pause viewing the history, you can stop YouTube from tracking your history. You can easily change that setting from the history controls.



YouTube has set a by-default setting of tracking all your activities, but you can easily change those settings according to your wish. No matter what your reasons are to clear YouTube search history, you can clear history, pause YouTube history, and more by following the steps mentioned above.

We hope you found our article on how to delete YouTube history helpful. If you need any further assistance, let us know in the comments section below.

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