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We have found different kinds of grip strengtheners in the market. But every grip trainer’s functionalities are not the same. They have their own functionality. So, if we choose a hand trainer without having any idea, it might be a waste of money.

To resolve this problem, we articulate this blog with detailed information. Hope this is going to enrich you with knowledge and help you to make the right choice.

Check out different grip trainers available in the market along with their application

Adjustable Hand strengthener

It is probably the most popular hand gripper available in the market. Most of fitness trainers choose it as the go-to item for all beginners to intermediates. It is adjustable so it is a very convenient option for entry-level people.


As earlier, we said it is an adjustable option. So you can adjust the resistance level using the knob of the hand strengthener. With it, you can increase or decrease the resistance of the hand gripper. The minimum resistance is 10 kg, and the maximum resistance is 60kgs.

How to position it?

The preferable method is as follows:

  • Spring should be facing toward the ceiling
  • Then keep your palm and leg straight
  • Then use your fingers to wrap around the curved leg.
  • Next, squeeze both handles until both ends touch. Next, hold this for 2-3 seconds and then release it comfortably.


Don’t try to make 100 repetitions one day instead of doing 10 reps every day. Be consistent with your practice for one month; Then gradually increase the counts but not much; Just 20 reps per day. It would be the right way to make your grip strengthening program effective without aching your hand much.

Grip Training Ring

Grip training ring; It is the most recommended grip strengthening equipment after adjustable hand strengthening; It can be found both in online and offline stores.

Women prefer to use this much because

  • It is easy-to-use
  • One can use the ring while movement
  • Gradually build strength
  • Boost hand muscle recovery after injuries
  • Comes with 6 different resistant level


The grip training ring is ergonomically perfect; It is designed to perfectly fit into the palm. It comes with six different resistance powers. The first three low-level resistance are dedicated to muscle recovery after injury and stress. While the next three higher resistance are given to boost forearm muscle strength.

To make it work just you need to hold the ring; then crush with your whole potential. This crushing exercise engages forearm muscles and tendons of the wrist to deliver effective result


It very much depends on your fitness objective; Continue with a specific rep range.

For example, if you want to recover from injury, then go with high repetition and low resistance of practice.

Again, to build strength increase the resistance level and decrease the repetition.

Godlike Rated Grippers

The third most worthwhile grip trainer is Godlike Rated hand gripper. It is a bit expensive and a more advanced tool. It is not considered as an adjustable tool instead it seems a heavy-duty premium hand grip strengthener. Here the lower resistance is pretty difficult to handle for common people. It is good for athletics. The Godlike Gripper range starts from 100 lb and ends at 300lb. 300 lb is the highest resistance level which is very much challenging to handle for common people.  Thus, we don’t recommend it for beginners.

How to do this

  • Just start with spring at the top
  • Stretch one leg and one arm first
  • Then wrap the other leg and finger partially
  • Next start with crushing

Finger Strength Exerciser

It is also a great rehabilitative accessory, also helps users to build enough grip strength as well. The expanding movement with the finger exerciser allows the user to engage wrist muscles and other targeted forearm muscles

How to work with this;

  • Attach the loops over each finger and thumb because it allows a great stretching and range of motion
  • Next, attach the extended hand in an outward direction
  • It comes in three different levels. Finger exercise is great for a hand warm-up routine. Doctors recommend this for injury recovery and strengthening fingers.


10-15 repetitions per hand are enough.

CruSh Grip Trainers

You can work with it by doing hand exercises with your palm and fingers.

It comes in four multiple categories such as 1x adjustable gripper, 2x godlike gripper, 3x grip ring, and 1x star

Star grip trainers

The star-shaped hand gripper is very useful in recovery. Recovery days are equally important as grip strengthening training. Experts consider the grip strengthener as the perfect recovery tool

It comes in three resistance levels with three different colors such

  • Yellow for low resistance
  • Pink for medium resistance
  • Blue for superior resistance.

Choose as your requirement

How to use:

  • Initiate by just placing them in your hand then gradually squeeze. The start hands allow your hands to sit comfortably in between the grooves
  • This grip strength tool is a great option for recovery. For better results use 5 sets of 20 reps for each hand per day.