As a digital firm, it’s fairly obvious which side we’re on, and we’re about to explain why working with an agency is a better option for your web design, development, and marketing needs than working with a freelancer. Companies frequently face the dilemma of agency vs. freelancer. Working with a freelancer may seem like a better option in the early phases of your business because your needs are likely to be small, but as your firm expands, a nagging feeling of which way to take is likely to come up more frequently, and for good reason. Working with a single person limits you to that person’s knowledge.

An agency provides an experienced staff with a wealth of combined knowledge. That is a total experience of more than 50 years in branding, design, and development for our modest agency. With a team on hand, agencies can add to your services as needed, saving you the trouble of adding or changing providers. Digital marketing companies like ‘JanBask Digital Design’ may assist businesses in increasing their consumer base, sales, and brand loyalty.

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is a collection of marketers who can work full-time or as independent contractors to carry out marketing tasks for clients. Social media marketing, email marketing, content writing, graphic design, marketing and business consultancy, and many other projects are available.

What is a freelancer?

A freelancer is an independent marketing consultant who has previously worked for a large company but now offers their skills on their own. They are exclusively responsible for obtaining clients, completing client tasks, and obtaining recurring freelancing work. A virtual assistant, writer, marketing consultant, strategist, or email marketer are all examples of freelancers.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. Freelancers

Both have numerous costs and benefits, but a decision must be taken. Here are some pros and cons for freelancers versus a digital marketing agency.


Marketing Agency

‍Pros: A digital agency will provide you with a team of skilled marketers with a diverse set of abilities. You won’t have to repeat your vision, and they’ll all be on the same page about what works best for your company.

Cons: You will not be able to choose whom you work with. The digital agency assigns a marketer to your company, who is normally chosen at random based on the size of your company. If your company is larger, you may be able to hire an experienced marketer. A smaller company, on the other hand, will most likely be paired with a marketing novice.


Pros: Most freelancers are well-rounded professionals. Most freelancers do not start their own and have often worked in a few different firms before opting to become a freelancer. This provides them with a broader perspective on marketing and how they view the corporate environment. When choosing a freelancer, look for someone who excels in meeting your specific goals, whether it’s website development, SEO, or social media. You might also choose someone with relevant experience in your industry.

Cons: It will be difficult to find a freelancer with a broad range of focused abilities; therefore you may need to hunt for more than one freelancer. It can be time-consuming to explain your concept again and to work with more than one freelancer.


Marketing Agency

Pros: A digital agency employs more than one person who specializes in a specific role. If you don’t like a deliverable, they can have it redone by someone else.

Cons: The agency may charge you a premium for providing specialized or customized services. This is especially important if you have specific criteria.


Pros: Specialists can dependably produce high-quality results. They will collaborate with you to guarantee that the services you require are provided.

Cons: It isn’t much you can do if you don’t like a freelancer’s work. You can request that they redo it, but the number of reworks is frequently limited. You will need to engage another freelancer if you want it done differently.


Marketing Agency

Pros: Expert digital marketing agencies are results-driven, and ‘JanBask Digital Design takes pride in providing clients with measurable results, such as their digital marketing services. We provide frequent analytics reports on all of our marketing initiatives as a full-service agency, so customers know exactly what we have accomplished for them.

Cons: The disadvantages of being a performance-based business affect the agency more than the customer, in that the agency is solely compensated depending on the results it can achieve.


Pros: It’s also in an independent contractor’s best interests to deliver results for his customer if he wants to create a clientele and a reputation.

Cons: Most freelancers are highly specialized individuals who are rarely “one-man armies.” If you engaged a web designer to help you market your clinic, the chances of that designer also being knowledgeable about analytics are small.


Marketing Agency

Pros: To keep starting costs low, cost of digital marketing agencies can provide bundled services or a subscription model. It is not difficult for them to add another account to an already-established procedure.

Cons: Because different responsibilities are assigned to people in digital agencies, you will need to attend multiple meetings.


Pros: Freelancers can offer you competitive pricing and the talks are faster because they make their judgments. Assume a freelancer is adept in a variety of marketing responsibilities. In that instance, you may be able to negotiate a lower charge because it is easier for them to manage all chores for one account.

Cons: Freelancers may not be able to meet all of your specifications. For example, somebody may thrive in campaigns but struggle with SEO. Hiring extra freelancers will increase your costs and increase your trouble if you have unique requirements.


Much is dependent on what you require from your digital marketing function. A digital agency is frequently the best option for expanding organizations that require the marketing engine to run continuously and consistently. A digital agency is a group of professionals who collaborate on diverse projects while using their unique skill sets.

A full-stack digital marketing company that has successfully worked with start-ups, is more likely to understand the needs of a developing business. We bring our experience dealing with enterprise-level international clients and consistently deliver on time. ‍