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As in other countries, Disney Plus subscribers in the US are facing tough periods due to error while streaming and app-breaking bugs. For some people, Disney Plus was considered good but its previous subscribers stated a serious problem that condenses the app unfeasible. Disney Plus crew is finding each and every bug from the device and improving it further, and also, we are here with some exclusive guidelines to report various errors on the app.

Disney Plus Error Codes

If you want a 7 days trial for Disney Plus then it will not cost you even a penny, but if you buy any subscription and you don’t get expected services from their side then you can straight away go to Disney’s customer care to refund or adjust the pay.

Before, learning about the different error codes of Disney Plus let’s cover some basic tech troubleshooters. These steps can be used for any error code you receive. If you find it difficult to connect with Disney Plus, then follow the steps below.

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Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Check the downloading speed of the internet from the device which is connected.
  • Refresh your connection by disconnecting your internet first and then reconnect it further after 1 minute.
  • Use another device to try for Disney Plus
  • Sign out for Disney Plus and then again sign in
  • You can also delete the application from the device and then again reinstall it for good results.

How to Check the Status Of Disney Plus?

The best way to know the status of any streaming app is to go through the official website. You can also chat with the live chat support team to know whether Disney Plus is slow only for you or for anyone.

is disney plus down scaled

This is the easiest and quickest way to give a check. Look for a chat option on the screen and ask your question to the technician. They will definitely help you with your problem.

Disney Plus Not Working Errors:

1. Disney Plus Error 83: Device Compatibility Issues

Error 83 is considered to be the major issue for the subscribers. If your Disney Plus is showing you this message then your device is facing a compatibility issue. Basically, your device in which you want to view the content is not cooperating with Disney Plus. This can be irritating for you because you can’t view the Disney Plus content on which you were willing to watch. Though there are some other factors also that affect the compatibility of the device.

disney plus error 83

The first thing that you can try is to turn off your device and then again turn it on. The next thing that you can do Is to check if your device is well suited for Disney+ just for getting sure. If you have already done these steps, then you can update your device that you are using. This won’t happen on new devices. But if you are constantly using the service in the old device i.e. iOS or Android operating system, then it could reject your request. So, make sure that you run the service on a current update system.

If you are willing to watch Disney Plus on devices like smart TV, PlayStation 4, or Xbox 1, you will get software update guidelines on the website. Specifically, Error 83 means the service is having a problem with the system that you are using to view the content, so it is better to switch it to a computer or on your smart TV.

2. Disney Plus Error 42: Issues Connecting with your service

Error 42 indicated that there is a problem in connecting with your service. Whether it could be an error from Disney’s side or it can be your network issue. If this error is arising from the side of Disney Plus then there is a possibility that they are fulfilling the demand of each and every streamer at once. This type of problem generally occurs at the time of high usage of the services.

Disney Plus Error 42

This problem would end soon. Disney will definitely reinforce their services to meet the demands of their customers who are waiting to watch their favorite Star Wars and Marvel but this will take some time. If you are willing to see 4k streaming video and your internet speed is slow then you won’t be able to see your content. 4k video requires high-quality internet services.

There are some troubleshooting solutions for faster internet connections. Let’s have a look at some general pointers of the solution: –

  • Test the internet speed
  • Log out from the device and then log in again
  • Refresh the connection of internet and leave it for 5 minutes and then reconnect
  • Clear all the browser cache
  • Check the updates of your Wi-Fi router.

3. Disney Plus Error 73: Location availability issue

Endorsers report error 73 as location issues. It is a content availability related problem that the content is different from other countries. Like movies might be launched in some countries but not in other countries. You can check out the availability of titles by google search. This will finally show whether the content is available in your country or not.

Disney Plus Error 73

If you see this error then the very first thing you can do is to reconnect your internet connection. You can do this by rebooting the modem and this will refresh your network instantly or if you have connected to the internet from a mobile phone then you can turn your network on airplane mode and then turn it off.

If these tricks also won’t work then you can surf your browser from another VPN app.

Go through these steps to know your location problem:

  • Check whether that particular title is available in your country on Disney  Plus
  • Check your IP address tool from which you are browsing.
  • Check your browser and working applications if VPN Is running then reset the setting of the location.

4. Disney Plus Error 24 and 43: Login or connection issue

Both the errors 24 and 43 are related to login activity and internet connection. To solve these problems firstly check your internet service. You can also refer to the troubleshooting guideline for Wi-Fi connection in the article above.

Disney Plus Error 24 and 43

If it won’t work then sign out and then sign in in Disney Plus. You can go through your bill if these techniques won’t work. Any of these solutions will definitely solve your problem.

5. Disney Plus Error 39: Streaming via Xbox One issue

The error comes for the Xbox one operators. The solution to this problem can simply be solved. You just have to check if you are running the service simultaneously on any other device. So, go through your mobile, laptop, or tablet.

Disney Plus Error 39 scaled

If you have removed Disney Plus from other devices then refresh your Xbox one and it will work. Another minimal solution we can consider is to change the HDMI port on your Tv which can be connected to your Xbox easily.


Disney Plus subscribers will definitely enjoy their subscription when it will become bug-free. There are no charges for a 7-day free trial. You can enjoy this for free. But the subscribers who already paid for the service but are not satisfied can contact DISNEY customer care service.

Some errors may interrupt your amusement like error 83 which is for device compatibility, error 42 will let you know about your internet connectivity, error 73 will be visible if that particular content is not available in your country. Error 24 and 43 is for login and connection issues and at least error 39 when your content will not be shown on Xbox one device. For all these problems some basic solutions are:-

  • Restart your device or reboot the modem
  • Login and logout from the device
  • Check your internet connectivity

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