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Are you looking for Disney plus free trial? With our step by step guide, you can easily claim Disney plus free trial. Since the pandemic hit, streaming has been one of the most favorite things to do for anyone. Many people have started getting addicted to the entertainment industry, and the need for more streaming platforms has risen. Disney plus has been offering great free trials for users who love the streaming platform and their shows. There has been a significant doubt among users worldwide on how they can avail of Disney+ trial.

Disney Plus Free Trial For 7 Days

Does Disney Plus Offer 7 day Free Trial?

We all love free trials, don’t we? Disney offers extraordinary free trials for its users; however, they stopped the same in June 2020. But you need not worry, and we have got a fantastic alternative for you. Instead of 30 days Disney+ free trial, they start offering 7 days Disney+ free trial.

Disney Plus Offers

With our help, you can quickly get Disney+ seven-day free trial. So let’s dive in.

How to Avail Disney Plus Free Trial (Step by Step)

Claiming Disney Plus Free trial is very easy with our step by step guide.

Step 1: Visit Official Website

Visit Official Website

The very first step is to visit the official site of Disney plus. Now it’s time to choose a plan you want to go ahead with. We would highly suggest using the Disney Plus subscription that costs $13, which includes Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu.

Step 2: Complete Payment

Complete Your Payment

Enter your card details and complete payment to enjoy the plan for a week.

Step 3: Cancellation

Cancelling The Subscription

Cancellation is the easiest of all. To claim the free trial without paying a single dime, make sure to cancel the subscription before the 7 days trial ends. Sign in from your account and go to billing details, user profile and click cancel the subscription; your refund will soon be credited to your account then.

So this is how you can easily claim the Disney+ Free Trial.

What Can You Watch with the Disney Plus Free trial?

Free trials are fantastic, they are for attracting subscribers, and free trials give you the ultimate access to whatever a platform offers. With the Disney+ free trial, you can watch whatever you like, from Marvel to Star Wars and Disney and Pixar’s. It is an all in one package for you.

Where is the Disney Plus Free Trial Available?

One thing you must know about the Disney+ free trial is that it is region-specific. You will not find a Disney+ trial in countries where Disney+ had been launched and existed for years. In countries like the U.K. and the USA, where the platform is well established, the free trial won’t be available, whereas countries like Japan, where Disney+ has recently launched, are giving out free trials for up to one month users.

Who Can Get Disney Plus Free Trial?

Many platforms collaborate with Disney+ to offer excellent free services and services at a reduced price for users. We have mentioned a few below for you.

1. Verizon wireless and internet customers

Verizon Wireless offers multiple ways in which its users can claim free Disney+. If you choose their start unlimited plan or do more unlimited plan, you can get the Disney+ Free for six months.

They also play a more unlimited plan and get a more unlimited plan, giving you free access to Disney+ and Espn Plus, and Hulu. This is a lifetime thing, and there is no expiry on it.

2. U.S. mobile customers

The U.S. mobile wireless service offers its customers complete lines per account; you get a Disney+ with Hulu and Espn plus bundle that costs about $13 free. It requires you to have three complete lines for your account, and then you can choose yourself among various streaming services they offer.

3. Chromebook buyers

Did you know that new Chromebook buyers can claim three months of free Disney Plus? While you are setting up your Chromebook, you go to the Chromebook Offers Webpage and get the Disney+ promotional code.

Then download Disney+ from the play store, enter your promotional code, and get started with three months of free Disney+.

4. Disney Park Employees get free Disney Plus

If you are a Disney park Employee working in any Disney park like Disneyland or Disneyworld, you can claim a free Disney plus free trial.

However, the employees will have to choose between Disney park gate passes for their families or Disney+ Subscription.

5. Delta SkyMiles member offer

Applicable only for new members, Delta Skymiles members who currently don’t have Disney+ can avail of a two week trial instead of the one-week trial available to all.

You have to go to the official website of Disney+ and enter the code for the trial. You can also avail of flight viewing of Disney+ on specific routes.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Disney Plus have a 30 days free trial?

No, Disney Plus doesn’t offer 30 days free trial from June 2020, but instead, it gives 7 days free trial.


How do I get Disney + free trial?

To get Disney plus free trial, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Official Website
  2. Complete the payment
  3. Cancellation


Is Disney plus free for Verizon customers

Yes, Disney plus offers Verizon customers a free year of Disney streaming service; this offer is available for both new and existing Verizon customers.


Is Disney+ free with Hulu?

Yes, you can get Hulu No Ads; you need to select your Hulu plan while subscribing to Disney plus, then you will be able to get Hulu no Ads.


Does Disney Plus offer a free trial?

Disney plus offers a free trial in only countries where it has recently launched, like Japan, and for other countries like the U.S. and U.K. Follow our step by step guide to claim the Disney Plus free trial with ease.


How much does Disney Plus cost?

A combination of Disney plus, ESPN plus, and Hulu will cost you only $12.99 per month.


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Final Thought:

Disney+ is an excellent platform to meet all your streaming needs. They have great shows for their users at a fantastic price. You can check out their free trial, which helps you check out what shows are available on their platform. You can access the top shows on Disney and get access to your favorite sports shows on ESPN plus, and some fun shows on Hulu.