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Can we donate on Twitch? Yes, why not! Lots of gamers and Twitch subscribers are not aware that they can donate by using this platform too. Twitch is a reliable social video platform for gamers, creative artists, video game culture, and many more.

How to Donate on Twitch: Complete Guide

This popular site accepts donations from the streamers, which is often the prime source of income. The Twitch streamers rely on their viewer’s support to continue creating the most compelling content. Besides that, whenever any viewer finds a particular streamer to whom they can enjoy viewing, they can donate to them to continuously stream the content.

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Let’s not be bored here; if you find something entertaining on Twitch and donate a few bucks to support them financially, this article will surely help you. So, continue reading to know how to donate on Twitch.

How to Support the Twitch Streamer with Donations?

If you don’t know how you can donate or support your favorite streamer on Twitch, let’s read here.

1. Subscribe to Your Favorite Streamers – The Easiest Way to Donate

Now, this could be the simplest and most effective way of donating to the streamer on Twitch. In this way, the partnered broadcasters and affiliates can monetize their Twitch account. There are probably three main tiers of the subscriptions that differ on price range, which vary from $4.99-$24.99.

By subscribing to the Twitch subscription, you also get the reward of ad-free content and also participate in the subscriber-only content.

2. Donate Via Twitch Bits

If you still didn’t subscribe to the streamer or don’t have the set-up donation tab, then you can use the Twitch Bits. This is a third-party site that is safe and reliable to donate to your favorite subscriber.

Twitch Bits

The Twitch Bit is the pre-built currency that is set up by Twitch. Being the viewer, you can purchase the Bits directly from the company, and each Twitch Bit is equal to the worth of one US Penny. If you donate one hundred Bits, then it is worth US Dollar $1.40; similarly, if you donate 5000 Bits, it is worth 64.40 dollars.

How Many Bits Can Be Donated at a Time?

How Much Bits Donate at a time

Commonly the people can donate 100 Bits at a time. Donating through the Twitch Bits is often called Cheering. Besides that, a special animated remote also used to donate to the Twitch streamer.

Help Your Favorite Streamer on Twitch by Purchasing the Items Through Affiliate Links:

Many streamers on Twitch set up the Affiliate links, which may vary according to the streamer. If you don’t have the set up to donate or do not have the Twitch bits, you can still help the streamer by purchasing the product through affiliate links.

In return, when you purchase from the Amazon link, you will also get a 10-15% discount, and your favorite streamer will get some bucks back as well. Besides that, if you need to upgrade your gaming equipment, it is still worth browsing the favorite streamer channels.

Bits Different Types

Other than this, you can also support your streamer by purchasing the streamer merchandise, which usually has sweatshirts, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. To top of this, the Twitch streamer can also showcase their merchandise to the potential sponsors to get support from them.

Donate Directly with Third-party App to a Twitch Streamer:

The gamers and viewers can directly donate to the Twitch streamer, too, with third-party apps. The best thing if the direct donation is that your streamer gets 100% of your donation, and Twitch will never claim for the Bit you donate to your favorite streamer.

However, if you wish to donate directly, you need to have a third-party company set-up. The most common example of a third-party app is Streamlabs and PayPal. However, Streamlabs offer more customization than any other app.

Don’t Have Money to Donate to Your Twitch Streamer? Let’s Check These Ways to Make Donations! 

Don’t worry if you don’t have bucks to support your Twitch streamer; you still can donate them in these ways. Let’s check out how?

  • The viewer can join their Discords and remain active to them. By posting relevant memes, inviting your real-life friends, you can still support your streamer.
  • Engage in the live chat with viewers and welcome new visitors. This way, you can add value to your streamer community and help your streamer and viewers both with this interactive session.
  • Reach to your favorite streamers via chat and ask them straightforward if they need help in anything. Besides that, if you are too creative, you can help them by creating various impressive graphics and designs.
  • Promote their streams as much as you can. Share the links of Twitch on a social media platform and let other people know how impressive and engaging is their content and why they can donate to them.

These ways are the simplest ways to support your streamer on Twitch even if you do not have anything in your hands.

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Twitch streamers work hard to create the content, so it takes a while to return their valuable investment. You can do anything to donate them and support them to offer valuable content to improve the channel and broadcast better content in the future. Even if you don’t have bucks still you can donate in the above-mentioned ways.