Are you tired of using the same browser for years and need a little change? Perhaps, you are more concerned about your privacy and need the best search engine alternative? DuckDuckGo! It is hands-down one of the famous and highly-functional search engines that boats versatile features. From protecting your privacy to useful in-built tools, DuckDuckGo brings a completely new experience to the users. So let’s dive deep into the DuckDuckGo search engine alternative.

duckduckgo search engine

You must be wondering since DuckDuckGo is a search engine, what makes it stand out from the other browsers? Well, your questions will be cleared as you read the article further. Without any further delay, let us dive straight into its functionality.

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Features Of DuckDuckGo Search Engine:

Let’s throw some spotlight on DuckDuckGo’s unique features that make it stand out from the rest of the search engines.

1. Utmost Privacy

duckduckgo privacy

Privacy on the internet is one of the biggest concerns, mainly since search engines track down everything you do online. Unlike some popular BrowsersDuckDuckGo does not collect data from your phone, be it through search history or anything, which keeps your privacy secure.

2. A Completely Different Experience

duckduckgo Experience

DuckDuckGo differs much in delivering the search experience as it lets you customize the page with your choice of fonts and colors. It also provides endless scroll, which means you don’t need to click the next page 20 times to see other results, and finally, it also lets you turn the ads off ultimately. This is interesting because you can have a personalized yet secure experience at the same time.

3. App Store Search

duckduckgo App Store

DuckDuckGo provides you with alternative apps with similar functionalities. For example, if you are fed-up using WhatsApp, you can type “alternative of WhatsApp,” and alternative chatting apps like Signal, Telegram, pop up.

DuckDuckGo also provides the pricing, link to the store, and a reliable description of the apps, just if you want to buy them. We like this specific feature because you can search for alternative apps and purchase them directly without having to spend hours on research through other search engines.

4. No Personalized Search Results

duckduckgo search results

We all are tired of personalized ads at a certain point. Other search engines track down your history and display advertisements based on that. Although this is good for local business owners, it can also be bothering to see the same thing all over again.

Unlike Google Chrome, DuckDuckGo does not personalize your search results. Here, you do not need to turn on your location services or fill up any personal details suitable for your privacy.

5. Fewer Ads

duckduckgo Ads

While you find multiple advertisements on top of the search results when you look for a particular keyword, DuckDuckGo provides only two ads at the top powered by Microsoft Network. Furthermore, it also blocks “you may like” or “people even ask” ads to better your browsing experience.

6. Search Social Media Profile Without Leaving DuckDuckGo

Another attractive catch to go with DuckduckGo is that it lets you see social media pages of respective searches without leaving the browser. For example, if you typed a username of a particular product, say @nike, it provides you with Nike’s entire profile on the web page, so you do not have to leave the web page and switch to a specific app to get the details.

7. Instant Loan Calculator

Instant Loan Calculator

Duckduckgo comes with an Instant Loan calculator feature that lets you see your monthly installments and much you may need in interest to pay. Although the terms and conditions segment is difficult to understand, as the loan AMOUNT at INTEREST with PERCENT down for DURATION, the words are written in caps lock are something you need to key in.

However, once you understand a loan calculator’s working, managing your finance through the Instant Loan Calculator becomes easier.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is DuckDuckGo reliable?

DuckDuckGo has been around for a long time. It is well-known for the protection of the privacy of users. Unlike other browsers, it does not track your location, search history, and more, so DuckDuckGo is reliable.


Why should we use DuckDuckGo as an alternative to Google?

DuckDuckgo is a reliable alternative to Google because instead of filtering your search results depending on your visitor’s web pages, DuckDuckGo provides all users the same results. DuckDuckGo has a solid point over privacy and ensures that no one tracks your location, search history, and data.



DuckDuckGo comes with a series of key features mentioned above, making it the most desirable Search Engine Alternative. Besides protecting your privacy, it also brings along some cool features, including a clock, Loan calculator, and more to make your search engine experience efficient.

Reasons to pick DuckDuckGo as the best search engine alternative are endless, and what’s better than trying DuckDuckGo yourself before judging it? So, get started with DuckDuckGo right now! We hope you found our article on DuckuckGo -Best Search engine alternative useful. Which reason attracted you to try DuckDuckGo? Let us know in the comment section below.

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