Well, when it comes to styling and designing so undoubtedly we all want to get something new and unique that makes the product quite different from others. This is important, especially at the time when you are in the market and running your custom packaging business of any product whether it’s about cosmetics, accessories, or anything else. We know that every day a new brand has come up with something new so among the series of hectic competitions it is somehow a tough deal to manage the position and even a hectic situation for those who are new in this business/ marketing field.

So it doesn’t matter if you are new and already running your business, in both ways today I try to highlight custom printed box benefits through which you can make your boxes and product more appealing and demandable. So instead of wasting any moment, let’s get the ball rolling and reveal the secret tricks of custom printed boxes together.

The ribbon styling

The first simple styling through which you can make your custom boxes look more prominent is to utilize the ribbon open packing look. This is the simple but decent look that makes your product boxing more appealing and catchy. The one major benefit of this design is that it instantly uplifts the packing look. It turns the product box into a gift and customers really like such packing.

But it’s important to understand who the target audience for a specific product is. If the product is cosmetic, clotting, etc. then this ribbon styling would work great. Adding ribbon on cosmetic products packs, perfumes packing or other packaging will steal the show 1000%.

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The open window styling look

The next trick through which you can make your printed boxing look more attractive in front of your buyers is to pick the window styling. This one is suitable for those who have cosmetic products business or any jewelry accessories business so in these types of products this window open compact printed box designs look best and make your product more prominent.

Such packaging style is great for gifts, jewelry, and decoration, and bakery items. The yummy treats presetting the whole look of brownie or cake from the window will definitely appeal to the customers. Decoration pieces like candles or vases that need appearance will be best to pack in such a packing box.

Pack logo theme look

Another attractive look through which you can engage your buyers towards your product is to pick the one logo theme design. This is best for the time when you have to ship your product to different cities or states. So for making lasting and durable packaging this style/ design is an ideal deal to consider.

Up the game with a logo theme look. Sometimes a powerful ad clever logo is all a brand just to win the market and customers. If you have a logo in such a shape as rectangular or square or circular, then it will be a great idea to design your packing box in the shape of the logo. When someone will carry the product will look like the logo of the brand I going to. It will of course a big hit.

Contrast styling double look

Another way through which you can turn your custom printed boxes to look unique is to pick the contrast styling double theme look. This is best for the time when you are offering any flat off or gift surprise sale so at that time, just for the sake to highlight your products more you can try this theme look. Plus, this is also best for those who just started their business so for promotion these types of packaging look are simple enough to engage your buyers. On the other hand, you guys can also use this style during the time of gift packing.

Folding carton look

Another trick which you guys can try during the time of selling your product is to pick the folding carton look. This is compact and concise so if you want a decent but concise look then without any asking this one is super reliable and attractive. Additionally, on the other hand, if you pick the folding carton to look so you have a choice to pick the one side printing form or the two sides (inside and outside) printed style. It all depends on the budget and design.

The mailer look

Apart from this, another way through which you can make your box styling and look catchier is to pick the mailer look. This is one of the most demandable and selling boxes. Mostly in fact majority of the seller consider this box-style look as it is simple, decent, small, and spacious too. In this box styling look, you have an option to pick the full color inside and out or just the outside one. You can choose according to the brand color. Sometimes brands designate a product with specific colors. So it can be printed in both ways.


The mentioned-above are the attractive tricks that you guys can implement and try on your custom printed boxes. Despite this, you think this is not enough, or you want to know more tricks related to these boxes or more unique ways through which you can make your box look unique then feel free to ping me in the mentioned-below comment section. I will try my level best to come up with some more unique and easiest effective tricks.

So what else you want? Go and simply pick any above-mentioned tricks and start turning your packaging box look prominent and different from others.

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