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While things like PCR tests and face masks have become a part of normal life, nearly two years on, Best10Dating looks at how the pandemic has transformed the world of threesome dating – for better and for worse.

Let’s explore eight ways COVID has impacted romance in 2021 and how the ramifications will have long-term effects on the way we date, flirt and connect.

1. The Importance of Common Relationship Values

A couple of years ago, talking about your vaccination status would have been unheard of on the dating sites Calgary or ourtime dating site UK.

Now, it’s typical for singles to make a comment or add a badge to their dating profiles, and it’s about a lot more than whether or not you’ve had your booster jab.

Coronavirus has been uniquely polarising, highlighting:

  • Competing opinions about whether to opt into vaccine programmes.
  • Differing opinions about the safety and security of meeting in public spaces.
  • Personal responsibilities such as social distancing and mask-wearing.

It’s pretty impossible to forge a new relationship with someone who strongly opposes your opinions, so we’ve seen many online dating interactions start with some discussion about the pandemic to ensure both matches are on the same page.

2. Increases in Digital Dating

As the world locked down, borders closed, and offices shut their doors, people turned to their mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers in droves.

Online communications proved to be a significant source of socialising, particularly in countries where strict restrictions remain in place months later.

Digital dating has been on the rise for a considerable time. 

Users often cite elements such as ID verification as a contributing reason since there are far fewer risks associated with meeting someone you’ve already vetted online.

When the pandemic – eventually – leaves us, it seems very likely that online dating will remain the most popular way to meet singles, taking over from dating colleagues from work or meeting people through mutual friends.

3. Higher Volumes of Video Chats

In some cases, dating in person has been impossible due to limitations on travel. 

So, more singles have decided to rely on video chats and live stream messaging as an alternative to connecting in real life.

Video chats are an excellent way to form a bond and relieve some of the boredom that’s inevitable when spending 99% of our time stuck in our four walls.

4. Anxiety and Concerns About Real-Life Dates

Whether you’ve met someone amazing on the threesome sites or have chanced across a perfect match on your dating app, the logical next step is to arrange a date.

Post-pandemic, more and more couples hold off meeting and spend a lot more time getting to know each other to weigh up the risks.

Attitudes vary substantially. 

Some adults feel it’s essential they get out there to avoid feeling locked into their homes. 

Others have a greater risk of infection or serious illness and therefore want to know there’s a great change of the relationship going somewhere before they commit to a meeting.

5. Safer Contact

Safe contact has always been an issue, particularly in niche dating sectors and with younger adults.

With a huge amount of publicity around viral transmissions, hand washing and social distancing, today’s new dating generation have a far higher respect for their health.

6. Prioritising Friendships and Connection

Another interesting impact of the pandemic is that, while many singles are keen to find a special someone, countless more focus on platonic relationships.

That doesn’t just mean couples of different genders meeting people in a non-intimate context, but:

  • Professionals are networking through online social platforms.
  • Single parents and divorcees are finding like-minded adults to chat with.
  • There is an increased use of forums and chat rooms.

Loneliness is a big deal (more on that shortly!). 

The accessibility and ease of online networking mean that many more people are turning to online dating platforms searching for companionship and friendship – not just romantic relationships.

7. The Pressure to Couple Up

Being single and alone in a big city feels a bit like the world is rushing on around you, and yet life is standing still.

Typically, people settle down and start families later than at any point in history, contributed to by factors such as greater career focus and the cost of buying a first home together.

However, the pandemic may have turned that around, with mature singles less likely to be content to remain single.

Part of that may be the lack of contact with friends and the need to feel that, if another lockdown happens, they won’t be isolated at home without anyone to talk to.

8. Using Online Chats to Combat Loneliness

There’s no doubt that millions of people have turned to dating sites Boston or other apps in prominent cities to deal with the impact of isolation, quarantine, and lockdowns.

Being stuck at home with no social contact and needing to work remotely have had enormous effects on mental health. 

Singles living alone often only see real people once or twice a week when running vital errands such as grocery shopping.

One of the big benefits of online chats is that you feel less alone and have the refreshing excitement of flirting with a stranger, or chatting in forums, even when the world feels less hospitable.

It seems as the pandemic rumbles on that online messaging will continue to be the most popular way to connect with new people – and for many, it’s an invaluable lifeline to the real world.