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Are you looking for a method to activate Wi-Fi calling on your Android phone? Wifi calling is a convenient connectivity option that can save the day! If you’re not receiving good cellular network coverage, you can rely on the compatibility with your Wi-Fi network to make the call. In emergency or dire situations where you have to make a call, it is a life-saver. Don’t know how to use the service?

Here’s everything you need to know about the feature and how to use it with your Android  phone:

What is WiFi Calling?

A wifi device generally has a better network coverage, especially if you’re using a wifi device with optic cables. As a result, the network supply is always better than your wireless devices, like smartphones. When you visit any place, you can connect with it to browse the internet if they offer Wi-Fi. Usually, the service is free, but the charges or conditions may vary from place to place.

How To Enable WiFi Calling on Android

The reason for Wi-Fi is to offer you unbreakable and high-speed connectivity for the internet. With Wi-Fi calling, you can use the same network you connect with to call other networks. In simple words, wifi calling uses the most robust network available to boost the connectivity for your cellular network and dial the number.

Thus, if your plan supports voice and video calls, you can make these. The charges will be according to your existing calling plan.

What do you Need to Activate WiFi Calling?

You will need a smartphone or device that supports the option. Almost every latest Android device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and a call option. So, it wouldn’t be that challenging to find. Some older models may benefit by updating to the latest Android  Os. You might have to ensure that the Wi-Fi provider supports or offers the option, as well. However, almost every prominent service provider will provide the option. So, you can be assured of accessing it.

Enable WiFi Calling on Vivo Android Phones

In rare cases, some competitive cellular networks might not provide you the convenience to connect with each other. HD Voice calling or feature is also an essential aspect of calling through Wi-Fi because it requires more clarity. Finally, you will need access to the Wi-Fi network in question. Without accessibility, you can’t use the network or the option to call through Wi-Fi.

How to Use WiFi Calling?

It can depend on the model you’re using and where the option is. Here is a general step by step guide

  • Go to the settings of your phone and find Network options. In mobile networks, there’s an advanced version. You will find Wi-Fi calling there. You can activate it.
    Settings on Android
  • Alternatively, you might find the option for some devices in the Wi-Fi settings.
    wifi calling option
  • Some devices have the option listed separately in the setting. If you can’t find it, check your phone’s settings.
    wifi calling option on android
  • You can access it through the quick icon tray. Slide down or up and check if the feature or button is in your quick-access options.

Are there any Extra Charges for Wifi Calling?

On the surface, it is free. There is no extra or hidden cost of using a Wi-Fi network to make a call. You receive the charges according to your standard cellular calls or the data plan, depending on the service provider. However, you do need access to the wifi network.

Sometimes, some wifi networks would use the internet instead of their network coverage to offer to call. In that case, some data charges could be there, but that would be for the wifi owners. In general, there are no extra charges for using the service.

It would be best to remember that the services and charges may vary from one provider to another. So, it’s always better to confirm once.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Given below are some frequently asked questions that will help you understand the service better.

1Q. Does It Drain Battery?

Ans: It will drain as much battery as using Wi-Fi connectivity. If you want to save battery, you can shut down your cellular network and still use this feature. There wouldn’t be any significant impact on your battery compared to some other extensive apps you might have. If you are having battery-related issues, it would be better to activate a battery saver option.

2Q. Does It Show Your Number?

Ans: Yes. It will show your cellular number to the caller’s phone unless you use a different app for internet calling. But that’s different from this option. It won’t show the number or the network provider. Your SIM card’s number will flash at the caller.

3Q. Can You Receive The Calls?

Ans: Yes, it allows you to receive calls from other people on your cellular network. Think of it as a signal booster for your original network provider. That’s how these services work. It is almost like having cross-platform compatibility with networks. Make sure that you have your lines secured by using the right internet security.

4Q. Is It Available For iOS?

Ans: Yes, it is available for iOS and will require different steps to follow. In settings, go to Phone and Wifi calling. That’s where you can activate the option from. Then you can make calls or receive them from other people. It’s that simple!


You can never go wrong with this brilliant feature. It might seem irrelevant to some, but there are countless benefits to it. If your phone doesn’t support the function, you can try apps that offer internet or wireless fidelity calling to enjoy that. You will be mesmerized with precise quality and uninterruptible services.

The latest updates allow your smartphone to decide which network is more robust (Cellular or Wireless), and it would call by using the most substantial network. Hence, you can keep it active around the clock. It is a beneficial feature, especially if you’re in a shopping mall where you may face a lot of connectivity issues.

Now you know how to activate the function on your Android phone. So enjoy the uninterruptible connectivity and talk with anyone you like!

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