Powerful Gojek is far-sighted and highly intuitive in its core functioning. That is why it launched and incorporated several Covid-19 Safety Measures as special additional features to assure their Users a rock-hard foundation that they have built to fight this lethal virus. Apps like Gojek have earned a lot of credibility and concrete trust of both the Users and the Service Providers for their seamless User-Friendly Interface and the steps that had been taken during the catastrophic times of the Pandemic to ensure safety for both.

Why Entrepreneurs worldwide are going bananas over this Gojek Clone App 

They are going crackers because of their profit-centric business models. If you choose a Commission-based business model then you stand to earn a certain percentage of the revenue generated from each Service Provider per order. And the App Owner charges different Commission Rates from Service Providers based on the genre of the Service offered.


If you choose the other business model – The Subscription Plans, you are in for a sweet ride! The App Owner designs and curates Subscription Pans with certain period validity that comes with a specific expiry date for Service Providers to choose from. The Service Provider then buys the Subscription Plan by making a one-time payment. Subscription Plans are for a period of one month, two months, quarterly, half-yearly, and even yearly. Once the Plan is active, the Service Provider has to no longer pay any Commission to the App Owner and can render countless services as per one’s convenience.

But if the Service Provider doesn’t renew the Subscription Plan before the expiry date, then one can no longer accept Service Requests.

Then how to lay one’s hands on an App like Gojek?

 Are you standing at a crossroads and scratching your head over which direction to go? Don’t worry; I’m here to solve your dilemma. One path is that you buy a pre-built Fully-Functional App from a reputed White-Labelling Firm like Gojek Clone App Development Company and save yourself at least a quarter of a million dollars or the second path is that you build this App from scratch!

Choose Path Number Two only if you have the audacity to take that big a risk!

If you are a Coder yourself then forget about getting married for next 10 years because that’s how long it is going to take for you to create the prototype because it is next to impossible to design and curate a flawless and Fully-Functional App in the first attempt itself. Add to this timeline all the years you’ll need afterward to perfect this App and get it Beta-Tested. This is the scenario wherein you are the one-man Army!

Since you are smart-witted, you choose to hire a team of Professionals!

Who would you hire?

Android Developers, an iOS Developer, a PHP Expert, a Systems Analyst, a Database Analyst, a Content Writer, a Quality Assessment Expert, and a Project Manager. They’ll be required to develop core components of the App.

Now, what are these core components that I just talked about?

User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App, Website, and Admin Panel. Even with an entire brigade of highly-skilled professionals, you as an Entrepreneur will still need 5-6 years before you get it Perfect. Beta-Testing will take additional six months followed by Market Testing of the App that should easily eat up one additional year!

We haven’t yet talked about the expenses?

Your team of professionals will draw in six-figure salaries every single month. Add to this the infrastructural costs of setting up and running an Office premise alongside the Subscription Costs of the software that your team will need to develop this app.

Everything put together, building this App from group up is going to cost you dearly as if a burglar has robbed you in broad daylight the day you got your first pay-check!

And the first noble path is to buy a ready-made Gojek Clone App 

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Gojek Clone App has left a lasting imprint on the young minds of Entrepreneurs who want to do something meaningful in life and contribute back to society. If you aspire to run a successful business and want to go live with the App in just under a weeks’ time, then buy Gojek Clone Script! They have exceptional after-sales support and have once delivered a complete White-Labelled App in record four days’ time!