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Are you looking for an ExpressVPN review? Is ExpressVPN really the best one you can get your hands on? ExpressVPN has quickly risen in the ranks of the best VPN available in the market. NordVPN used to reign over other VPN providers. However, it seems like ExpressVPN is reaching the heights to be number one. Today, it is on par with the best and only has a little left for demand. Let’s see what makes it such a fantastic VPN provider:

 ExpressVPN Review – In a Nutshell

ExpressVPN Reviews

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN service providers available. It surpasses most of the VPNs in speed tests and excels with an easy to use interface. Thus, you can use it for streaming media as it can support up to 4K UHD content, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection.

It doesn’t have any data logging policy and keeps anonymous server data usage. As it originates from the British Virgin Islands, it is away from the reach of the five eyes or fourteen eyes. Furthermore, there are over 3,000 servers and IP Addresses available for any user. It is available in over 94 countries and consistently expanding. You get live support and it is one of the few VPNs that work in China.

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Benefits Of Using ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN has a strong zero-logs policy. They don’t store user data, just bare-minimum information such as which server is in use and how much time did the user spend. However, there’s no exact information like IP address or details of the user.

While it is not the best in terms of security, you get various features like split tunneling which you can’t find in any other app. More importantly, it utilizes AES-256 bit encryption to stay best-in-class.


The maximum speed loss monitored for a connection is 7-10% at best. Thus, making ExpressVPN one of the fastest VPN service providers available for people across the globe. You won’t see much difference for local or international servers.

If you compare it to the competitors, ExpressVPN has a vast collection of servers. It even utilizes virtual servers. Therefore, you gain access to various apps and services that utilize VPN blockers. You can access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and P2P services like Torrents and much more.

ExpressVPN also has a very user-friendly and easy to understand interface for the applications across various servers. The extensive database of the service provider further makes it possible for anyone to learn essential information to set up or use the services.

Drawbacks Or Cons Of ExpressVPN:

Although ExpressVPN has several enticing features and a high-level of performance with security, it lacks in some aspects. For instance, a VPN Kill-Switch has become indispensable for every VPN provider. While ExpressVPN has it, you won’t find it for iOS.

ExpressVPN Overview

Furthermore, it is quiet on the higher-end of the VPN service provider. Thus, it costs more than its competitors. Some apps, like FireTV, haven’t received any latest updates and there is a lack of Linux GUI. If you talk about security, it doesn’t offer anything extra but it does fulfill the most essential purpose of the VPN in terms of security.

However, if you compare it to its benefits, it is quite negligible.

Security Features & Data Logging Policies:

Although it seemingly lacks in features, ExpressVPN pays strong attention to the security of the users. Here is a quick list of every feature and security integration it offers:

  • AES-256 Bit Encryption:
  • Open VPN protocols
  • TrustedServer
  • Split Tunneling
  • Zero-Knowledge DNS Server
  • Network Lock Or VPN Kill Switch
  • Tor Over VPN

Thus, you can see that various additions like OpenVPN UDP with a wide range of security integration make it quite a compelling choice.


It doesn’t have any strict data retention laws. ExpressVPN doesn’t assign dedicated IP addresses to the users either. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about privacy and security. Thus, you can freely use ExpressVPN if you are worried about safety.  All it keeps track of is the amount of data transferred, at best.

ExpressVPN Performance Overview:

According to a speed test, ExpressVPN thrives for streaming services and brings you high download speed. You can connect to a server immediately and it works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and other similar apps. Even those that use VPN blockers to prevent private internet access don’t seem to stop the perfect forward secrecy of ExpressVPN.

With a large number of servers, ExpressVPN maintains quite a high internet speed, especially for international connections. While other VPN services struggle to bring you any tangible internet speed, it thrives with its, as evident from test results. It might be due to the latest light way protocol which makes it faster than any other VPN connection.

ExpressVPN Compatibility Evaluation:

ExpressVPN offers a wide level of compatibility that works for almost every device known. You can use the VPN on Smartphones, SmartTVs, Wi-fi routers, and even Gaming Consoles. Although there isn’t any specific app for the consoles, there is a workaround. You have browser extensions for specific browsers and much more. There are individual VPN apps and mobile apps that work specifically for the operating system or platform like Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on.

Compatiblity ExpressVPN

It has an open-source database for any user to use and learn how to use an ExpressVPN server for their device or connection. You get remarkable customer support and a variety of articles that will help you safeguard your internet browsing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is ExpressVPN Legal?

Yes. ExpressVPN is completely legal. Although, the suspicion is understandable. After all, they maintain strong privacy and anonymity even for their service and workforce. It is to ensure that their personnel and ExpressVPN users remain safe. In other words, their secrecy reinforces your security as nobody can reach their professionals. Many premium service providers, especially companies like HP come with ExpressVPN in their latest system for you to use with a variety of offers. It showcases that it is a trustworthy service.


How Much Does ExpressVPN Cost

ExpressVPN costs more than other providers. However, you can find many offers for the service if you visit the ExpressVPN website. As mentioned, if you can get other people to chip in, you can make it highly affordable, as well. However, it can easily cost double digits per month, unless you get an annual package.


Why ExpressVPN Is The Best?

Apart from all of the above-given features in the review, ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It has robust customer service with live chat. Make sure to check out their monthly plan, as they offer connections with up to five devices with a single subscription. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the price too much if you can get others to chip in with you.



There’s no doubt that ExpressVPN is one of the top-ranking service providers. You get browser extensions and several VPN servers.

ExpressVPN offers you a strong VPN protocol, various server locations, simultaneous connections, and network lock features. We recommend ExpressVPN for anyone looking for a high-speed and uninterruptible connection that is safe from third-party, smart location, DNS leak, or any other problem. Overall, it is worth the expenses and investment.

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