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Are you looking for FaceTime alternatives for Android? FaceTime is an Apple exclusive app that makes it easier for you to conduct video calls. You can use a Cellular or Wi-Fi network to call each other conveniently. It is high data-saving while maintaining remarkable (HD) quality.

FaceTime For Android

These aspects make it quite an enticing selection that even Android users want to get their hands on it. That’s not all! FaceTime brings you options to use emojis and other creative stickers to add zest to each call! It’s truly a fun way to have a video call.

However, there isn’t a FaceTime app available for Android. It is Apple exclusive, and you can’t use it on Android. Furthermore, as an android user, you can’t ‘FaceTime’ an Apple user either, but there are some methods you can use. You read it correctly! Here are some ways that enable you to get a ‘FaceTime-like’  experience on Android.

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Android Video Call:

Similar to FaceTime, you have an android video call option available on your android phones. You might need to get a supporting cellular service that comes with most of the latest tariffs. However, you can use it to call other people on the Android platform. You can’t use it to contact people on your iPhone. So, there are some limitations there. Apart from that, it works very similarly to Apple’s video call.

FaceTime for Android – Best Alternatives

1. Google Duos

Of course, Google is a credible and trustworthy service provider. You have Google duos that brings you an option to have high-quality video calls with each other. It is so convenient that you can use the number or email id of the person to contact them.

Google Duos

These aspects also enable you to save contact and transfer them with your ID as you move to a new phone. Google Duos is undoubtedly convenient, and one of the best alternatives. What’s more? It is available on iPhone for you to use. This will enable you to have cross-platform communications.

2. Facebook Video Calling

If you don’t want to use Google for any specific reason, the next best option might be social media. It will require you to have the other person added as a friend. However, you can conveniently video call them. Instagram and Facebook offer these options in their messengers.


Much like FaceTime, you can use emojis, stickers, and much more. Both Facebook and Instagram also allow group calls for you to add multiple people. Of course, you can add up to four people on Instagram right now, while Facebook is more flexible.

Either way, these also use your internet data (or wifi). You also need other friends to be online to call them. So it is not exactly like ‘video calling’ them on the phone, which FaceTime brings you.

3. Skype

Skype has been a pioneer in communication before these apps. It’s a little unfair to put it this far off in the list, but that’s because it is a Microsoft product. Skype enables you to connect by using your phone numbers and email ID. It is one of the best alternatives to FaceTime that brings you higher convenience. However, Skype has become a paid app over time and would require credit calls to numbers and whatnot. So that’s a little inconvenient there.


The best thing about Skype is its multiple people connectivity, group and video options, and straightforward communication. If you’re into that, skype is your best bet. You can contact the person on their phone if you have the credits. There’s no need to wait for them to be online.

4. WhatsApp And Other Communication Apps

Whatsapp is gradually becoming popular across the globe, and then there’s Telegram. Both of these are similar, while Telegram offers you to share files, links, or upload them as it keeps them on the server for sharing. Meanwhile, both of these use your number to register.

WhatsApp User Compatibility

If you want something similar to FaceTime but uses Wifi or Data, these two would be the best options available. You can have multiple group calls, especially on Whatsapp. Whatsapp also has end-to-end encryption for added security. Of course, it is owned by Facebook now.

5. Discord – The Rising Star

If you want to enjoy a gaming night with friends, Discord is more suitable. It brings you an option to create servers and use voice or video calls. Sure, the layout is a little complex and takes time to get used to. It is not a straightforward communication app, either.


You can use Discord because it enables you to communicate with each other while using other apps. This means you can play games or watch shows while conversing with each other. It comes with many enticing features like screen sharing, fun bot add-ons, and much more to be a fun place for everyone.

Discord is becoming popular due to low system requirements and impeccable connection. It also has a gaming store you can use to buy and play games. Thus, it is excellent for gamers who are looking for a FaceTime alternative.

What About Facetime for Android in PlayStore?

If any apps claim to be FaceTime for androids, please refrain from using them. They are most likely third-party and non-authentic apps. You could enjoy some features, but these are not premium or creditable service providers. Thus, it could lead you to security risks and whatnot. Don’t use or download anything that isn’t well-known for its qualitative services.


There isn’t any exact ‘FaceTime for Android’ from Apple. However, there are countless alternatives you can use. All of these are premium-grade and credible options. They all come with a wide range of features and advantages, which makes them a fun addition. FaceTime isn’t as exclusive, and if you want to converse as an Android and iPhone user with each other, the above-given options will meet your requirements.

Hopefully, you found this article informative and helpful. Keep yourself secure, and don’t trust third-party links or advertisements from unauthorized websites. With that, enjoy video calling with friends by choosing any of these apps! Have fun!

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